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Sep 19, 2017 - Visit to Cape Meares and Munson Creek Waterfalls

September 19 – Visit to Cape Meares and Munson Creek Waterfalls In the rain, we drove north to Cape Meares to look at the sea stacks and then to the tallest waterfalls in Oregon. The Munson Creek Waterfalls are 319’ high and there was plenty of water including the rain that we walked in the 1/4 –mile trail to the falls. I have the best travel companion. She was willing to walk with me in the rain to view the waterfalls in her flip-flops. To warm up and dry off, we went to the local Mexican restaurant for lunch where the hot sauce helped...

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Sep 18, 2017 - Visit Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Blue Herron Cheese Deli

September 18 – Visit Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Blue Herron Cheese Deli Tillamook is noted for their cheese factories and their 26,000 dairy cows. In 1851, the settlers started importing dairy cows. Tranport by ship was used to transport the salted butter but the Tillamook sand bar made the transport dangerous. To solve the problem, in 1894, the dairymen started to convert the milk into cheddar cheese with a long shelf life that enabled it to be transported overland and not spoil during the long transport.

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Sep 17, 2017 - Travel to Cape Lookout near Tillamook, OR in the Rain

September 17 – Travel to Cape Lookout near Tillamook, OR in the Rain We were expecting 3 days of rain and we got it. Our campsite at the Cape Lookout State Park is close to the beach and we can hear the waves crash from our RV. We arrived in time to set up before the deluge and went to Tillamook for dinner at a diner.

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Jul 1, 2017 - Cape Lookout State Park

Portland & Tillamook June 23-18, 2017 Our first stop was for two nights in Portland. Saturday morning, we joined grandson Leo’s parents and sister, as well as Auntie Christina & Uncle James, and two of his other grandparents, at a Portland city park. It was Leo’s “Rising Up” event. It was a fun event for children finishing pre-school and going into kindergarten. There was a pot-luck picnic. Then all the children there joined in on action songs and got beneath a large parachute. Click here for a short video of "the parachute". Finally, all...

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2017 Trip Journal

Sep 9, 2013 - Venturing out to Three Capes Loop

Monday After breakfast took Rubi and headed for the Three Capes scenic loop. First stop was Cape Meares and the lighthouse. It stands 217 feet above the ocean, but has only a 38 feet tower. It is the shortest on the Oregon coast. Then explored the beach at Ocenside. It is know for blue agate but we had no luck finding any. A cool tunnel took us to another side of the beach for more exploring. Next was Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City, where we stopped for picnic lunch and watched the fog clouds roll in and the seedoo wave flipping. Then...

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Sep 8, 2013 - Moving on down south

Sunday. Just down the 101 from Seaside only about 10 miles is Ecola state park. It is set up for day use only. Lots of picnicking and hiking from the forest top to the beach below. At Arcadia beach we saw our first surfers. The waves were not huge but looked like a nice place to learn. Moving on through Tillamook, famous for cheese making, we landed at Cape Lookout state park. Another outstanding find for RVing. We just got set up and ready to enjoy the evening and met a really nice couple from Bookings Ca. They had seen us pull in with...

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May 14, 2011 - Cape Lookout State Park

The morning of May 14th we left Florence and drove 90 miles to Cape Lookout State Park about 13 miles southwest of Tillamook, Oregon where we will spend the next three nights. Our assigned site was back in the forest which you can see in the photos. When we arrived it was dark, cloudy and threatening to rain. The next morning we woke up to rain which let up around 11am. After lunch we drove to Tillamook for some groceries, returned to the park and tried to take Toby for a walk on the beach but it was windy and cold. Our final day there...

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Oct 21, 2010 - Cape Lookout State Park

Left Glacier and drove across the rest of Montana. Headed across the upper part of Idaho then on into Washington. The part we were in looked like desert land. I was really surprised because I thought it would be more lush and green. Tim said we were in the mountain and desert area and that the other side of Washington was very pretty. We stopped for gas out in the middle of nowhere and the gas was $3.49 per gallon. The highest we have paid so far is $3.20. We thought it was too high and we would wait until we got into a larger town then...

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Apr 20, 2007 - 4-20-07 Neskowin, Oregon

4-20-07 Another beautiful morning greeted us as we started up Hwy 101. As soon as the ocean came into view, we knew the ride would be spectacular. I can't remember ever seeing the surf as active as it was today. The waves came into shore stacked 6 rows deep with many over 10 feet high. All this activity produced a mist along the beach giving it a foggy look AND leaving ocean spray on our windshields. Many times we have stopped at the Sea Lion Cave but never spent the money to go down into the cave. Well, today was going to be the day! We...

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