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Jul 23, 2020 - Portland & Columbia River Gorge

July 5 – 9 Mary Anne’s Pre-Birthday Party. July 5th, we took the motorhome to Jantzen Beach RV Park in Portland. After setting it up and unhooking the car, we went to Chris & Kima’s place. Kima was on the front steps of their house. She directed us through the gate alongside the garage. Leo and Sadie excitedly lead Nana. When she lifted the blanket into the back yard, she discovered “Happy Birthday” decorations, James & Christina, and saw that she was getting a surprise “pre-birthday” party! I knew about it ahead of time, so it was a...

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Trip Journal

2020 Trip Journal

Jun 6, 2018 - Columbia River Gorge and Portland, OR - June 1-6, 2018

We didn’t have a lot of miles to drive but it was going to be 6 hours because we would be off the interstates and drving on a couple of scenic highways. The Mount Hood Scenic Byway was quite the drive. We were so close to Mt. Hood that it felt like we were looking straight up at it when we got to the road summit. There are not many miles between the summit and the river (at sea level) so going down was pretty steep. The Hood River was beautiful and as we got out of the trees we were staring at Mt St Helen’s across the river in...

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Jul 28, 2016 - August a couple days early

I slept well in my teensy tent but once I woke, was ready to leave the campground. I wanted to have my oil changed while near Portland. I also planned to buy groceries on the way home (without having a late arrival back at Crater Lake) and I wanted the day to feel leisurely. I decided the best way to do that was with breakfast out. Just three miles up the road to Multnomah Falls for breakfast in the historic inn / restaurant. Eggs benedict Florentine, with lots of good coffee. MMmmm! And I could watch the waterfall from my seat in the...

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Jul 27, 2016 - Hike to Tunnel Falls

Hiking day! and hike, I did. My trail was supposed to be 12 miles long but I parked at a visitor center ½ mile before the trailhead (adding one mile to the round trip) and went an additional ½ mile upstream after Tunnel Falls so I could picnic while soaking my feet (adding a second mile to round trip). I have hiked 14 miles before but not with this much elevation change, so sort of a new milestone for me. I was surprised to meet MANY backpackers and finally asked someone about it; turns out that today’s hike is an alternate route for the...

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Jul 26, 2016 - Waterfall day

I woke early and after I remembered where I was, went back to sleep. The next time I woke I decided my shower was long overdue. I got cleaned up, made some coffee, and headed out to explore the area. The Columbia River Gorge is beautiful but even with the many tall waterfalls I think it is not as striking as the New River Gorge. That is not to say I am disappointed at all, just surprised. I have heard of this gorge for years and assumed it would be even deeper than the one closer to home. I don’t know the comparative depths but this one is...

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Jul 25, 2016 - Late Night

I knew on Monday morning it would be a long day…. I just didn’t know how long. My boat schedule called for a morning tour followed by the afternoon Wizard Island tour. That meant we should have been the last boat in, docking at 5:45. If my 27 minute pace to the top held true and there were no hold ups, earliest departure time looked like 6:15. Estimated travel time with no stops was 5 hours so I was pretty optimistic I would be in the campground before midnight. WRONG! The first sign of trouble started while we were loading the boat for the...

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Jul 31, 2013 - Columbia River Waterfalls (Ainsworth SP Campground)

Found this little campground to stay the night. It was quite packed with tight spaces. The one we got was not level at all. But for one night you can do anything. Even sleep while you feel like you are rolling down a hill. Today we toured several of the many waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge. Being the Wahkeena, Latourell, Ainsworth and Multnomah Falls. They were all quite beautiful. Mileage: 30,240.9 ending 30,365.6

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Aug 1, 2012 - St. Peter’s, OR (The Columbia River Gorge)

We saw the most amazing waterfalls while visiting The Gorge! The Columbia River really puts on a show here with lush green landscape with waterfalls to the west and arid desert to the east. We saw lots of windsurfers and kite boarders at Hood River where we stopped for lunch at Full Sail Brewery and Pub. We enjoyed fish and chips; the fish was coho salmon! After lunch we drove the Fruit Loop to see Mount Hood along with many fruit (mostly pear) and hazelnut trees. This area supplies the Harry and David store with its pears! On the return...

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Jun 6, 2010 - Portland (Ainsworth State Park), Oregon

We arrived here at the park in steady down pour of rain. Our plan to stop at Crabtree (Nancy's Grandmother Barnes was Mable Agnes Crabtree whose ancestors settled here from Virginia - first child born here was a Crabtree) , Oregon was canceled due to too much rain. The hills and mountains are so green and the flowers along the roadside are bright yellow from all the rain. Did I say RAIN? It has rained all but 3 days since May 24Th. We will see whether we stay the 5 nights here or not, and did I mention there is a railroad track somewhere...

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Aug 17, 2008 - Ainsworth State Park, OR

We traveled 143 miles from August 17th to August 19th We were so enamored of Oregon State Parks that we did some research while in Castle Rock and discovered three parks with campgrounds along the Columbia River Gorge that did not require advance reservations: Ainsworth State Park, Viento State Park and Memaloose State Park. We decided to try our luck at each to determine how many miles we would travel today. Two other things contributed to our decision to return to the Oregon side of the river. Washington State had a burn ban in effect –...

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