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Jun 6, 2014 - Getting closer but it is never a dull day!

We didn't leave Tucumcari today until around 08:45 AM because we didn't have so far to go this day, only 370 miles. The trip went uneventful but the wind was horrible and caused really poor MPG mileage. I didn't calculate but we burned about 50 gallons in that 370 miles so using those numbers that is only 7.4 MPG....our worse so far! But....we can't have a day without some problems. At one of our stops we noticed that two holding tank drain valves were damaged....either by me hitting a curb or some debris, like a chunck of tire tread,...

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May 27, 2014 - Home Again

With all the family arrangements tidied up, it was time for me to come home so I booked my return trip. My flights were uneventful and only 2 hours late getting into Oklahoma City, thanks to bad weather in Chicago. Joe & Foxy were delighted to see me. It's been a long couple of weeks but we are all ready to move on. Mom would want it that way. Life goes on for the living.

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May 13, 2014 - Oklahoma City

Today we drove straight east from Amarillo to Oklahoma City. The further we came, the more bits of green we saw. When we drove out to supper (ethnic German) we almost felt like we could have been at home- as long as we didn't look out to the endless horizon! We've been trying to figure out a place to stay tomorrow and places that we can fit just aren't in the right place! Finally found one, only to be told upon calling that they were full. So it's going to be a longer day as we head for Little Rock. Sounds like you folks in the east had...

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May 9, 2014 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This morning started out late so it was almost 1100 before Ross & Marge left the motorhome and headed back into Downtown Oklahoma City to visit the Memorial and Museum which honor the memories of the 168 adults and children that were inside the building and died plus the five who were not in the building and were killed in the terrorist explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. There is no way this writer will be able to convey the emotions that were stirred during this visit. The third floor of the museum...

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May 8, 2014 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

May 7 The weather yesterday evening was worrisome because of severe weather warnings and the forecast included damaging winds and possible tornados. The storms form in the early to late afternoon and then begin to raze hell after the sun goes down. Beginning around 10 PM the rain started and the wind picked up with hail occurring after mid-night. There were large parts of Oklahoma City without power as a result of the overnight storms. The campground was not included in those areas. May 8 Today the weather has been windy and warm and the...

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May 6, 2014 - Oklahoma City

Yesterday we came to Twin Fountain RV Park in Oklahoma City to visit my cousin Vicki and her husband, Terry Roberston. Now that we are here, we are finding that there are several attractions that merit a return trip. Vicki and Terry have built a nice home on a plot of land that affords them a terrific view of the Oklahoma countryside. They also have a home in Salida, CO that has a great view of the mountains. We enjoyed visiting with Vicki and Terry and Annie had a great time visiting their two dogs, Molly and Jake. Once again I was slow...

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May 6, 2014 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Today started as a nice day as Ross went for his usual morning walk with very mild temperatures and clear skies and a bright sun. The only down side was the wind. The wind never really abated overnight and it got steadily stronger as the day progressed and the Hill's moved eastward on I 40. The days traveling started with our refueling at a nearby Flying J and taking on 65 gallons of diesel at $3.76 per gallon before they headed east with their final destination being Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a distance of 245 miles. They stopped at the...

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Apr 28, 2014 - Preparations to Go

The severe storms that passed through drenched us with some heavy rains and some high winds. But, luckily, no damage in this area. Regions east of us weren't so lucky as tornadoes touched down and there were deaths, injuries and property damage reported. Welcome to Tornado Alley in the spring. Joe got the coach all secured. We notified the office of where we would be and how long we'd be gone. I got the packing done and discarded anything in the refrigerator that wouldn't keep while we're away. We always leave the Jeep and take the Airport...

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Apr 17, 2014 - Oklahoma City for a Spell

Pretty strong winds were on the menu for weather so we hit the road early. We have an hour time change too as we get into Central Time. We weren't too far east of Tucumcari when the Tire Pressure Monitor was beeping a low tire on the Jeep. We pulled off at a truck stop; they had no air, but Joe can use the air from the motor home and he topped off the tire. We made a few stops and had lunch and rolled into Flying J with 40 gallons of fuel to spare. We always like to top up before going into the RV park, especially when the coach is going to...

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Apr 9, 2014 - Oklahoma City, OK

Our week in Georgetown, Texas just flew by as usual. We had a fun time with Roy and his family. Obviously the highlight of this trip was meeting his new granddaughter, Aurora Rhea Lucy. She's a beautiful little girl who's bringing lots of joy to our family already! One day while Roy and Margie were working we drove over to Marble Falls to meet Mike and Mary Ella. As always, we had a great time catching up with them. Once full-time RVers like us, they had settled down in Kingsland but now they've purchased another RV and will be hitting the...

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Mar 30, 2014 - Oklahoma City, OK

We are in Oklahoma City for the night. We've decided to skip Wichita tomorrow, and head for Salina, which is another full day's drive. We will have at least one more night on the road after Salina. With the bad weather predicted for Denver on Thursday, we are going to make sure we get home before it hits. This OKC campground makes fresh pizzas, so I get this evening off from cooking. Woohoo! The wind here is pretty strong today. The guy in the rig that checked into this campground right before us says that he lost his awning and vent covers...

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Mar 20, 2014 - Back to OKC

We drove Grant back to OKC today. Robert is having minor surgery on Friday at the VA hospital, so it made sense to drive rather fly Grant back. We met Brad and Trisha at Olive Garden for dinner. Grant was working, so he talked to his manager… we got our entire meal paid for! Yeah for Grant! It was so good to see how hard he was working. He seemed so grown up and responsible. It made me very proud. We got a room at the La Quinta, since they accept dogs. The only room they had available was a suite. It was bigger than our entire RV. The dogs...

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