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Mar 2, 2015 - Oklahoma City, OK

Sunday we wanted to find a church to go and worship our Lord but when we got to the local Baptist church we found it to be closed due to the weather. The roads looked clean but wet and the traffic was moving well so we set out for Oklahoma City where we now are. The most exciting things we saw along the Interstate were cars and several tractor trailers off the road still left overs from the day and night before. The weather this morning is clear but still cold with temperatures well below freezing.

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Escaping Freeseland

Feb 11, 2015 - Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum

Today we went to the museum honoring the victims,survivors, rescuers and families of The Oklahoma Bombing of April 19, 1995. It was a truly moving experience. One of the best museums I have been in. Afterwards we went to The Bricktown area for lunch at The Rib Palace. It was across the street from the baseball stadium where they had a life-size stature of Johnny Bench. Today the weather is cooling-40's. Tomorrow heading to Little Rock Area.

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Nov 8, 2014 - Joplin, MO to Oklahoma City, OK

11-8-14 Joplin, MO to Oklahoma City, OK Got up late and was ready to get coffee by 7:30AM. Julie wasn't up for going out, so I went to Panera Bread in Joplin and plotted options for the trip before we head to Colorado for Thanksgiving. I got back to the RV in time for breakfast Julie had made (potatoes, onions, and sweet potatoes topped with cheese) and toast. It was good. We had to get some things at Walmart and fuel up. By the time we were rolling out ot Joplin, it was 11:55AM. Good thing we are only going to Oklahoma City today. Was...

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Nov 4, 2014 - Beginning New Journal

We spent the month of October in Oklahoma City at the Roadrunner RV Park. Highlights of the visit included time with Cory and Rhonda, lunch with the Personnel Services retirees, and visiting with Jack and Joyce; Judy and Charlie; Fred and Lou; Jerry and Kathleen; and Lois. We also checked out the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum and Affair of the Heart and managed all our medical checkups. As usual our time flew by way too fast.

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Oct 2, 2014 - Journal's End--Oklahoma City

We arrived in Oklahoma City on September 30. We'll be here for the month of October. This will be my last entry in this journal. I need to start another one to simplify having it saved to DVD annually by the company! Since our journey continues, we need to create a stopping point and a new beginning... Cory came by today with their wedding CD. It has over 230 photos taken by the professional photographer. I've included just a small sample in this entry. It was a memorable event for all of us, and the photographer did a good job of capturing...

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Sep 27, 2014 - Oklahoma City, OK

Continuing west on I-40, we finally got to Oklahoma. We passed the town where Carrie Underwood, the country singer, is from, but missed taking a picture of the huge sign about her. We also passed Indiain casino, after casino, after casino, after casino, after casino…. Well, you get the point. We did stop at one briefly to get fuel which was a fabulously low price for diesel. Then before we knew it, we were going north a few miles on I-35, our hometown freeway, to arrive at Twin Fountains RV Park. We found a beautiful park full of million...

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Sep 11, 2014 - Home Sweet Home

Wonderful to be home and our own bed sure was welcome. We were both up early and I started tackling the laundry while Joe made some breakfast. Then, we went to bail Foxy out of doggy jail. Was she ever happy to see us; but, she was none the worse for wear. They take such great care of her at this kennel. It's like her home away from home and she's used to the staff since they don't have a lot of turnover in the help. Mail pick-up was next on the agenda and, fortunately, there was nothing pressing there. When we got home, I checked with...

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Sep 9, 2014 - September 9, 2014 -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September 9, 2014 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Today, I tried the Science Museum again and had good luck. They had their power back. This was a good day to be there as there were very few people. I opted to see the IMAX movie about the pandas and the work which is being done in China to save the wild pandas and to introduce captivity born pandas to the wild. There were only 4 of us at this showing. Later in the day, I saw the planetarium show. Again there were only 4 of us at the showing. In between I visited the various exhibits. There were...

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Sep 8, 2014 - September 8, 2014 -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September 8, 2014 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Today, I headed to Oklahoma City to visit the Science Museum. Unfortunately, when I got there the Museum had lost power and none of their exhibits, the planetarium or the IMAX theater were working. So, I decided to go to the Oklahoma History Center. By far, the most interesting display was a special exhibit of Chiricahua Apache-American artist Allan Houser. He was born Allan Capron Haozous. His parents were supporters of Geronimo and were incarcerated with him at Fort Sill in 1886. They were...

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Sep 6, 2014 - September 6, 2014 -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

September 6, 2014 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma This was another day which started in an interesting way. I took Connie to the airport to catch a flight as she was going home to Iowa for a couple of months to be with her mother who is in a nursing home. It had rained hard most of the night, but it was letting up as we got to the airport – enough so that her flight shouldn’t be delayed. Since it was raining I had intended to go to the Oklahoma History Center. When I got there, they were having some kind of festival in spite of the rain. The...

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Aug 30, 2014 - California to Oklahoma - USA

Our last edition of the journal concluded on Friday 22nd August when we were in Mariposa near Yosemite National Park. We had a well earned rest day and prepared for our road trip across the country. The following day we got an early start and headed over to Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks. This is where there are Giant Sequoia trees named after two generals - The General Grant tree and the General Sherman tree. The latter being the largest (not tallest) living tree in the world, by volume. This is because of its nearly conical trunk...

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Aug 24, 2014 - Oklahoma City, OK

TINKER AFB, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—8/24-8/27 Had a good trip over- roads a bit rough- It is always so nice to pull into a military base FAM CAMP- it’s like returning home- We lived in base housing most of Ned’s career -The Air Force was good to us. It is HOT here too- plan is to stay in today and then start some sightseeing tomorrow—supposedly temperature is supposed to start going down—Heat index above 100 degrees day after day is not fun. I told Ned today this is the last time I want to travel to the Southwest. By the time we get home this...

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