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May 29, 2011 - Busy Weekends

We finally have gotten to the phase where it's real camping. Oliva and Isabel (Gary's granddaughters) visited us last weekend and Delaney (my granddaughter) visited this weekend. The rain finally stopped, we played puttergolf, we cooked on the fire, we rode bikes on the dirt hill trail and we ATE SMORES! Just be careful how big you buy the marshmallows. I do not recommend the EXTRA Large Campfire brand, but love the regualar size of that brand. They fluff bigger and better than any others! (Available at Walmart in Wapakoneta). This weekend...

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May 19, 2011 - Highly classified government secret unveiled!

It has come to my attention that we all better hope that May 21st really is the end of the world, or perhaps we might undergo a worse event when the dandelions decide to make their move to take over the world. Now you might wonder why I feel this way. Well just take a look at my world! I'm knee deep in dandelions in every direction, and it doesn't seem to be stopping! I've got two reasons why it is the dandelions we should be fearing. 1st they've definitely got mutant genes in them, just look at the size of those I secretly (undercover of...

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May 15, 2011 - Official Duties

This week started to get a little exciting on Wednesday. First of all the weather changed, and I was finally able to sit outside and work. Well, almost that easily. My laptop monitor reflects everything behind it almost like a mirror. I know better than to wear a white shirt when I'm outside in the sun because then I can't see anything but the white reflection. So when I sat down at the table (sitting on my two cushions to be high enough to reach the dang keyboard!) I was a little shocked that I couldn't see my screen. My background should...

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May 9, 2011 - The Grill

The weekend was a good one, we took advantage of NO ONE being in our area at the campgrounds to go to St Henry, Ohio to buy wood for the sign business. And Gary had a few other stops in mind, that he didn't tell me, were on the agenda. We always tease about his ABCDEFGHI mentality and my A to B driving. (I go where I'm going and I come straight back. Gary goes where he's going but might make 3 more stops on the way there, and then 5 more on the way back!) Anyway it proved fruitful for this adventure. He got the wood while I slept in the...

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May 1, 2011 - I fought the electric griddle and the griddle won!

Saturday was a beautiful day at the park. We got up ready to tackle breakfast with gusto! We had purchased an electric griddle in anticipation of being able to cook outside all summer long and so far it was a great little appliance. Non-stick surface, reservoir for grease collection, variable temperatures. Perfect pancakes last weekend gave me every confidence that all was well. And to set the scene further, we've got limited space inside the RV to put this large thing, so the spot of choice Saturday was on top of the stove, which we have...

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Apr 28, 2011 - Getting Settled

We arrived Tuesday night hoping that the rain would subside and we could settle in. Wrong! Luckily our site is almost at the top of the park so it's not too wet. Well everywhere except right behind the RV, there's a waterway running strongly in the rear. My first shower was a crazy experience. I waited for the rain to subside, considering whether to take the bike or the car to the shower house. Since we had put a heavily bungeed tarp over the bikes the night before, I decided to take the car and it was a good thing I did. The campgrounds is...

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Jul 19, 2008 - Russells Point, OH

I guess no matter how I plan my trip, I always find my way to Russells Point, OH. Home of my best friend Dave and just a great place for me to relax! Look at the shots of my day at the sponsored by the Russells Point Chamber of Commerce. Yesterday, I dropped the boys off at their grandmother's in New London, OH for a couple of days without grandpa. Grandma Peg flew into Dayton today so they'll rejoin us for Tuesday in Detroit. Uncle Rob will bring them to Detroit of I'll pick them up Monday night after our Cleveland dialysis visit.

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