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Oct 1, 2014 - Minot, ND - Norsk Høstfest

(Ron Writing) We spent the entire day at Norsk Høstfest. The general admission each day includes a variety of entertainment venues that are going on almost continually and often more than one at the same time. Each evening there is a featured concert in the huge main auditorium, which requires the purchase of a separate ticket. But, if you purchase a ticket for the featured concert it includes general admission for the day. So we purchased tickets for the Gaither Vocal Band’s evening show and spent the whole day attending other...

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Sep 30, 2014 - Minot, ND - Norsk Høstfest 2014

(Ron Writing) We’ve been having a lot of cloudy, rainy, windy weather the past few days and today was no different. After breakfast and taking care of a few chores we drove over to the State Fairgrounds in Minot to attend the annual Norsk Høstfest. Norsk (pronounced like it is spelled) means Norwegian, høstfest (pronounced more like hestfest) means Autumn festival. We’ve been wanting to attend this festival ever since we first heard about it from a couple, also full time RVers, that we camped next to at the Fish Food & Fun Festival in...

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Sep 29, 2014 - Minot, ND - North Dakota's Boom Town

(Ron Writing) Yesterday we spent a quiet day in Drake. We had a little slack in our schedule and it was rainy so we spent most of the day relaxing and doing some planning for our next adventure. When we left Drake this morning it was pretty cold, windy, and still raining a little intermittently. We drove a short distance northwest to Minot, ND. We had to make a stop at the post office, do some shopping and take care of some other chores. In recent years large oil fields have been discovered and developed in this area leading to quite a...

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Aug 28, 2014 - Minot ND

Well we are making our way across the northern U.S. using US Highway 2 instead of the interstates. US 2 runs east through northern Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We will pick up I-75 in Michigan and take it to Sandusky Ohio. Right now we are in Minot ND for an overnight stay after an overnight in Havre MT. What a difference in weather. In Glacier National Park we had to run our little electric heater at night to keep the temperature comfortable. Here we had to run the air conditioner to...

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Jun 25, 2014 - Day 8 Getting closer

Not much to write about in this entry. A very boring drive up Rt. 52 in N.Dakota and we didn't even get our camera out, although I kinda wish we'd had it running when the guy pulling the 5th wheel tried to pass us on a country road and came very close to causing a head-on with the small car coming the other way. I guess you just can't fix stupid. Speaking of that, I forgot to write about the motorcyclist on I-94 yesterday pulling a small trailer behind the bike with a bumper sticker that said that very thing - you just can't fix stupid. He...

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May 31, 2014 - Minot, ND - May 2014

We spend the last month in Rapid City seeing doctors and all those annual necessities. I have finally got some resolution on my TMJ that has been plaguing me since January. It is on the mend. Thank you Dr. Jeri! JC has a clean bill of health for his cancer. This means the start of a 3rd year clean. In preparation for Alaska, we had the car & rig washed and washed. The extra wax job is what we wanted. We had new shocks installed on the motorhome. A well spent $900. We did not realize how bad they were until we took a test drive. Lubed all...

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Oct 6, 2013 - Day Twenty Seven - Farewell Dinner

Getting to the end of our trip.... 7:00 wake up 7:30 bags out, and 8:30 depart. Continental breakfast included, yum, my favourite, boiled eggs... :) The day started out dull, but turned out beautiful. I had a bit of a nap this morning and when I woke up we were in Grand Forks, North Dakota for coffee break. I found a pumpkin spice coffee and an ice cream at the store and we were off once again. Riding along, laughing...what a fun bunch of people we have on our trip...and guess what Mike, no BINGO...LOL. The landscape is from gentle rolling...

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Sep 22, 2013 - Day 7 Minot, N Dakota

Drove from Medora to Minot,North Dakota. Stopped at Louis and Clark Interpretive Center. Very nice. It was the grand opening. Beautiful drive. Stayed at Roughriders Campground. Pretty rustic but ok. Went to Walmart. Probably the worst Walmart I have been to:). Thunder and lightening storm. Matt turned in.

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Journey 2013

Sep 20, 2013 - The Plains

After leaving Whitefish and its unsettling panorama of two Americas, the extent of the northern plains becomes more evident. The low, rolling hills stretch as far as the eye can see and you could just imagine what it must have seemed like to the horseback traveler of days gone by. We, on the Empire Builder were moving through those fields at speeds of up to 82 miles per hour and the time and distance slipped away as we rolled on eastward. Our trip took us through these plains under a wonderful sunlight and dry environment but it wasn't very...

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Aug 30, 2013 - From Minnesota to North Dakota

Today we went from Bemidji, MN to Minot, ND. It was a long drive, but finally without rain. Actually it was a beautiful day. The road was straight, mostly two lanes going both directions and hardly any traffic. I've put a couple of pictures out of today's drive, the landscape in North Dakota, a field of sunflowers and the notice as we approached Rugby, MN that it is the Geometric Center of North America. (Includes Canada and Mexico) I would like to mention one thing that caught our attention. In UP Michigan, most of the landscape...

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May 6, 2012 - Ashby, MN to Minot, ND

May 6 Ashby, MN/Minot, ND Departed at 8:19 AM in 53 degrees. This is such flat land with nothing but an occasional oasis with a house, barm, grass and some trees; a tiny little postage stamp in the middle of a “gazillion” acres. The wind has blown fiercely all day and nearly knocked Richard over while refueling somewhere in ND. He describes ND as miles and miles of black earth, blacker than charcoal. And I say the view on either side is unremarkable with breaks of boredom! Found the Roughrider Campground in Minot inhabited mainly by oil...

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Jun 20, 2011 - Minot/Bismarck, ND

Leaving Hart Ranch was difficult. Nearly the perfect RV park. In caravan with Liz and Moe, we moved North to visit cousins Jim and Caroline in Kenmare, North of Minot. We had been listening to reports of flooding along the Missouri River, and now hear that the Mouse River is in danger of flooding in Minot. The Mouse starts in Canada where it is called the Souris. With new rains up North, we decided to camp in Bismarck to see what would happen. Jim and Caroline came down to stay with us and visit. After one night, we were watching the news...

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