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Jul 12, 2011 - traveling through north dakota

Greetings, We passed numerous farms and corn fields as we drove through Nebraska. Visiting “Boys Town” was our highlight. It is so amazing what one man can do to make such a difference. Father Flanagan came from Ireland to begin his work in Omaha in the early 20’s. He opened a small house to homeless and juvenile boys. After buying a farm in the outskirts of town, he was able to expand to the present day campus. His philosophy: “Our young people are our greatest wealth. Give them a chance and they will give a good account of themselves. No...

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Jul 11, 2011 - On The Road To ND

We got on the road just after 8AM, I drove from Three Forks into Miles City, Mt. where we stopped for lunch. After lunch Mary got behind the wheel and drove to Beach, ND from there Shane drove the rest of the way into A Prairie Breeze RV Park in Menoken. We got in just before 7PM, Kathie and Ajay came out a short time later to pick up Shane because he will be staying at Ajay's.

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Jul 4, 2011 - Lazy Last Day in Bismarck

Happy 4th of July. The plan was for us to go over to Mandan for the parade this morning, but we decided we didn't really feel like sitting for a few hours with the sun beating down on us...so we stayed home. Larry got called in to work and then he was going to take Shay to the rodeo. We are not rodeo fans...of course, we've never been to one either...but sitting in the sun just isn't our cup of tea. I decided to go down and do some laundry. When I went back to throw the clothes into the dryer, there were two other folks there. One was an...

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Jul 3, 2011 - Small Town America

As we're leaving our site, we see a class C waiting to register. They're from California. All of a sudden, we seem to be seeing more of them. Started out our day by meeting our friends for breakfast and discussion of what we all wanted to do. Decided after breakfast, we go to the Mandan's (just across the Missouri River from Bismarck) Art in the Park. Basically a street fair with over 100 arts and crafts vendor and 26 food vendors. It was in the high 70's when we got there. It took quite some time to find parking because I do believe...

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Jul 2, 2011 - Where the Deer, Antelope, Bison, Wild Turkey, and Pheasants Roam

We decide since we're having a touristy day, that we'd like to take a drive to the International Peace Garden. Sam gets out the paper map and I get out Streets and Trips and we plot...and plot...and plot....I then compare our route with the North Dakota DOT site to see road conditions. Well, we can get through Minot, no problem...but roads leading off there are closed because of flooding. There are roads that have just warnings because of water near the roadway (been there, done that). We try all different ways and it appears we'd have to...

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Jul 1, 2011 - State Capitol and State Parks

Woke up in the middle of the night to the rain just being thrown down--not good for this area with all of it's flooding. I'll just say that the rain that falls on the plains and those night shades were the reason I slept in (again) until 7:55! Decide afte a cup of coffee, that I would get the laundry under way while the hubs was still sleeping. Not one of the biggest laundries we've used, but with five washers/dryers, I did okay. Typically, I use three machines when I do the weekly laundry. Laundry done-husband up. What to do for the...

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Jun 30, 2011 - Bismarck, North Dakota

Although the KOA on-line for Bismarck was showing no availability, I decided to give them a call. Well, he had one site for one night and potentially another site for two nights, but there was a hold on that one. He would wander down to their campsite in a bit and see if they were staying or not and get back to me. We had decided if all we could get was one night, we would stay at the Elks and we'll stay in Bismarck through the holiday weekend. Don't want to be on the road looking for a room at the inn! When we left the 4H campground at the...

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Apr 27, 2011 - Want A Job?

What a contrast from listening to the national news and then listening to the local North Dakota News, here the state budget has a surplus, unemployment is under 2%, and housing values are on the rise. I'm sure most of it is a result of energy related projects, ND has 1 hydro electric power plant, 8 coal fired power plants, 1 ethanol production plant, 447 large electric generating windmills and they recently discovered another large new oil field on the North Dakota Montana border.

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Apr 26, 2011 - A Rowdy Bunch

This morning Lenny, Patti, Gerry my aunt Ellen, Mary and I all met up at the Homestead cafe out on he bypass for breakfast. I was surprised they didn't ask up to keep it down a bit because we were having quite a time laughing and carrying on. When we got back to Bismarck AJ and Kathie left for Valley City so Mary stayed to take her mom to bingo tonight while I headed for home.

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Apr 25, 2011 - A Trip Too Minot

Minot is only 105 miles north of Bismarck, it seems like they have a lot more snow and most of the ponds are still frozen over including Lake Audubon and Lake Sacajawea. After stopping by Gerry's work to let him know we were in town we met my aunt Ellen for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet the China Star. Then went over for a short visit with our friend Diane before meeting up with my brother Gerry and Ellen again at Manor Care for a visit with Ellen's husband Harris. Even though Harris suffered a stroke a few years back he is still in...

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Apr 24, 2011 - Bad Day To Start A Diet

After getting up early and getting our house cleaning chores caught up we left for Ajay's about 11AM. Catie's mom Lori came down from Riverdale to join us for Easter dinner because her husband Bill had to work. For our Easter dinner we had a huge ham that they cooked in the crock pot along with all the fixings plus a sinful amount of deserts. I ate so much I felt really uncomfortable after dinner so much so that it took two good long walks before I felt better.

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Apr 23, 2011 - What's A Shrinky Dinky

I drove over to Center to see my cousin Jim & his wife Janet, both of their kids Michael and Holly were home with their families for the Easter holiday. After lunch most everybody was decorating Easter cookies and doing a Shrinky Dink. If you hang out around little kids you'll know what a Shrinky Dink is, if not look it up on the web. I got back into Bismarck in time to go to bingo with Mary and Kathie, no luck.

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