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Sep 25, 2010 - Back in the USA, after a grilling!

We crossed the border back into the US today and had a very stressful encounter with the good people of the US immigration. Now I guess we are not your average tourist visiting for a couple of weeks and the number of passport stamps that we are accumulating obviously ring a few bells with these guys. So for almost 2 hours we were kept waiting while they carried out whatever checks they needed to before finally granting us a 6 month stay. If these people decide, for whatever reason, not to let you in – that’s it - game over. We would be...

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Sep 7, 2010 - Beautiful Northern New York

First Day – Arrived at Fort Drum on Tuesday, Aug. 31. Fort Drum is located near Watertown, NY, right at the east end of Lake Ontario. It’s a beautiful installation, the home of the 10th Mountain Division. Chris and Sumiko are still in temporary quarters, waiting for housing to become available. When we arrived on post, we noticed the fire hydrants have long poles attached, which is a good indication of the amount of snow the area gets in the winter. Second/Third Days -- Our first two days were spent catching up with stuff. Fourth Day --...

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Nov 7, 2009 - Green Dragon Chemical Corps Ball

I was awarded the Chemical Corps' prestigious "Order of the Dragon" during Ft. Drum's Chemical Corps' Ball. The symbol of the United State's Army Chemical Corps is the dragon because it breathes fire and toxic gasses. The ball was a blast and luckily I still fit in my old mess blue uniform (though just barely).

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Jul 27, 2009 - Home, Ft. Drum NY

After 21 days and a year of planning, we completed our cross country trip to Yellowstone National Park. To get back home we drove through Canada. It was a little strange because it was ALMOST like America but not really. I kind of felt like I was driving through Louisiana for the first time again, just felt a little different. I hope you enjoyed my travel blog to Yellowstone. I also hope I might have given you some ideas or inspiration on where to travel or brought back some memories of your trips to these places. Take Care, Todd

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Jul 7, 2009 - Start of our trip

I felt like an eight year old on Christmas Eve because I couldn't sleep with excitement. Woke up at 5 AM and on the road by 6 AM. Starting a trip to Yellowstone National Park that I've been planning for a year. We drove 14 hours to Portage, IN the first night and another 14 hours to Guthensburg, Nebraska the second night. We kept passing a guy in a yellow VW Beetle that drove the entire way across New York on I-90 with his windshield wipers on, even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky. There is always somebody out there that just isn't...

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Jun 29, 2008 - Thousand Islands and Association Island

Thousand Islands This morning our road leads of through some “Oh My Gosh” country. Welcome to the 1,000 Islands region of Ontario and upstate New York. An absolutely gorgeous area surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River. The St Lawrence River flows in from Lake Ontario and becomes , in just a matter of miles, so wide and so full of islands that it is called the :Lake of a thousand islands. I personally call it the land of MANY bridges. As some of you know bridges are not my most favorite thing so I am...

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Apr 29, 2008 - Back in Watertown

Tuesday April 29 A very quiet night at the Lowville Walmart. A little chilly though. We even put the furnace on this morning when we got up. And then we sat and had our coffee and tea and watched the snowflakes come down! Not bad…just enough to say that it snowed. It actually cleared up around noon, and although the rest of the day had a high of around 8C (46F), at least the afternoon was sunny. We drove back to Watertown, and relaxed for the afternoon. Then we went and had all you can eat pasta to support Alex’s baseball team. We watched...

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Apr 18, 2008 - Watertown NY to home/Watertown NY à chez nous

We spent Sunday night April 13 at Walmart in Central Square NY. The trip there was cloudy & cool but dry. We arrived at the border about 10:15 on Monday morning. Unfortunately, a snag developed with the U.S. Border Protection Service Agency that required us to wait 3 days before crossing into Canada with the new motorhome. We returned to Watertown NY and spent 3 days at Walmart there. The weather improved tremendously and we enjoyed sunny and warm days. On Thursday, April 17, we resumed our trip. Everything went well and we got home by...

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Apr 18, 2008 - Watertown, NY

Friday April 18…11:30pm What a great spot we had camped out at the base of the ski hill. Nice and quiet. Forgot to take a picture though. It was another beautiful day. We drove to the Walmart in Oneida and did some grocery shopping. And then to Verona Beach State Park. This park has a huge parking lot for the day use area, so we can imagine that it’s very busy in the summer. Not so much today though. I barbequed hot dogs for lunch, and then we went for a walk in the park. Then we took the backroads to Watertown, but almost wished we were on...

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Sep 20, 2007 - Watertown, New York

We went through Watertown today, noted for being the birthplace of my sister Betty while Mom was at a nearby Army base while my Dad was serving in Italy in WWII in 1943. It's also a good point to put on my map being where we would have run into Lake Ontario had we not turned south. Well, this was my morning!! We decided we could make a late enough start so I could run over and do the bobsled ride. It was great - too bad for Gregg that he doesn't get along well with roller coaster ride type things. I loved it! The drive through more of the...

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Sep 12, 2006 - 9-12-06

9-12-06 Greetings from Woodville, New York! Yesterday we spent the whole day visiting Niagara Falls. We find that we are learning that this Country offers so many things to visit, explore, and see, and we may just scratch the surface on our adventure. Niagara Falls exemplifies the point. We arrived about 10:00 AM and went directly to the Niagara Falls Park visitor center, where we purchased a "PASSPORT to the Falls". Inside were tickets to Cave of the Winds, Maid of the Mist, Observation Tower, Festival Theatre, Scenic Trolley, Discovery...

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Aug 5, 2006 - Birding, Island Camping, Sackets Harbor

August 3 - Thursday with not much going on. We did get our forwarded mail so we got to catch up on news from Cabot as well as a bill or two to pay. Stopped by Jo Ann's Fabrics for Alice Faye to do some shopping for crafts materials. There was a hair salon next door, so she got her hair cut while we were out. I'm beginning to need a haircut too, but think I will put it off for a while. Went to the grocery store and stocked up and then returned to the park. The heat was not quite so unbearable today, and this evening it was cool enough for us...

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