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Aug 15, 2010 - Rocky Mountain High and Beyond

It was late (well, technically early in the morning) when we arrived in Denver. The temperature was below 50 degrees, which was a pleasant surprise, especially given some of the high temps we'd experienced thus far. After a good night's sleep at yet another Doubletree, we got up and got some breakfast. Tommy and Kat ran out to Einstein Bagels and Karen and Bree ate at the hotel. As part of his Hilton Honors membership, Tommy was entitled to two breakfast coupons per night's stay. We used them for the breakfast buffet and started the day...

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Aug 14, 2010 - Where in the world are those Nasti's?

Left PA on Friday morning of August 13th. Headed to Ohio. Had lunch at Cracker Barrel and took some photos with Brutus the bulldog. We made many gas and bathroom stops. We can't find state stickers but have had some luck with state magnets. We've been taking turns driving and sleeping and we crossed over into Central Standard Time around South Bend, Indiana. Got into Chicago around 7:45pm and hit a little rain along the way. We stayed in a beautiful hotel room at the Double Tree on the Magnificent Mile and they had free cookies! Really good...

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Aug 14, 2010 - Middle America

We woke up in Chicago after a wonderful night at the Doubletree. Tommy and Kat went for a run on Lake Shore Drive, which borders Lake Michigan. Kat logged a lot of miles, while Tommy just ran for a bit and returned to the hotel. The next stop for them was Whole Foods while Karen and Bree took a walk to "The Bean". The actual name for "The Bean" is Cloud Gate, however it is more commonly referred to as "The Bean" because it looks like a legume. (A kidney bean.) This sculpture is located in Millenium Park and is gorgeous. Our walk was a bit...

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Aug 12, 2010 - Off to PA: First Leg of the Journey

Bree and Mom are heading to PA. Traffic and tunes...no tension. Excited about what's ahead.It's raining and we're moving slow, but shouldn't have a problem getting there in time for Mom's birthday "surprise." Bree knows what it is but isn't allowed to spill the beans. Car feels heavier with the carrier on top. We are prepared for anything!

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Aug 31, 2007 - San Diego to JFK

San Diego to JFK: Our last day in California :(. We woke up and checked out Balboa Park, which actually happened to be our favorite park in the whole trip. We didn't even get to see all of it, especially the part with the wild animals (the san diego zoo). Then we went to Hash-House-a-go-go, upon Gerard's recommendation. Thanks Gerard!! it was probably the best breakfast I've ever had. The "plates" are more like troughs and the food was amazing. Then we dropped off the car with a Grand total of one thousand and fifty eight miles!!!!!! what a...

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Aug 21, 2007 - JFK Airport

JFK Airport: So we're sitting in the Jet Blue area of JFK, and it's stifling hot inside. Outside is crappy, cold and wet, so it looks like we picked a good day to leave New York. This morning we were notified that our hotel in Chico for tomorrow night was screwed up, so we added a night in San Fran. This way, we'll get to see Napa/Sonoma and the redwoods. Signing off.... -SC P.S. I may not make it back alive, according to Tracy.

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Aug 12, 2007 - Afternoon with Mets at Shea

Of course we took public transportation to get out to Shea - the 7 train to Flushing Meadows. We thought we had left plenty of time to get there but the train was really slow. We got to the game with only minutes to spare and so we did not have a lot of time to take in the neighborhood but then again maybe there is not much to check out in Queens. And every person going into Shea was wanded by security - what does that tell us? Shea today is a very big, cold stadium without much character. We can totally understand why they are building a...

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