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May 9, 2014 - The Apple.

Well a long day from London to Zurich to New York. This was always going to be stressful with only 40 mins changeover in Zurich. Were 25 mins late leaving Heathrow, I wasn't stesssed at all, well not much, well yes quite a bit. All went well and we made the connection. The flight to NY was very good,plane only half full, plenty of room to stretch out. Nice red wine too. Made the 8.5 hours fly..... Landed at 8 got straight through border protection, my they are friendly people, I am sure they must really like their jobs!! Today on the subway...

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Apr 22, 2014 - New York

Back again, on route to Central America. New experience on flight out, girl sat opposite on plane passed out on taxi to runway then vomited all over herself. Her companion said that she'd only had 4 drinks but she was quite obviously wasted. What surprised me was how quickly they turned the plane round back to the gate. Unfortunately it then took 2 hours to offload her and her bags, clean the seat and refuel the plane before we got going again. Interesting that the announcement from the flight deck to the rest of the plane was that a...

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Mar 6, 2014 - The long road home

So my flight left at 22:00 pm friday 28th of february 2014, and landed in Los Angeles at 13:00pm, friday 28th of february 2014. Confused? Not as much as i was! I'd managed to get some sleep on the 11 hour flight, so it felt a little like "groundhog day"! Anyway, after passing surprisingly seamlessley through airport security (i thought the americans would want to know what id been doing for the last 25+ years, but apparently not) i exited the airport to glorious blue sunshine......err no! 15 degrees Celsius and "world ending" rain! "Have a...

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Mar 4, 2014 - New York City - Dan's Birthday

We got up early and headed out into Manhattan for the day - our last and my (Dan's) birthday. The day was noticeably warmer than the previous one. We had come across a large costume shop in the Village the day before but did not have time or energy to explore it then. We decided to go back and have a look today. The shop did not open until 11 AM, so we grabbed a coffee across the street. The costume shop (which had two short steps up to get in) was large and had lots of stock, but it was all 'costumy' - that is cheap looking clothes and...

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Mar 3, 2014 - New York City - BlueMan Show

The Blueman show - this was quite an experience. Linda had no real problems getting in or to her seat (we had to stash the wheelchair and our bags in the lobby and office). It is a good thing that we arrived when we did, because a few minutes later two tour buses full of students arrived and filled the place. It was a surprisingly small theater - only about 15-20 seats wide and maybe 40 rows of seats on the main floor, half that again on the balcony. The front 5-6 rows had a clear plastic poncho laid out on them. These were the poncho rows...

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Mar 3, 2014 - New York City - out in the cold

New York had turned cold while we were away. We spent the day out and about in Manhattan with the temperature about minus 10 C and a cold biting wind. After taking the subway into mid-town, we went to see about getting tickets to the Blueman show that evening. We were told that theater was not very accessible, so I went to have a look as we both really wanted to see the show. We took the subway to Greenwich Village and I left Linda in a warm coffee shop while I walked over to the theater and found that it was in a very small old building...

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Dec 25, 2013 - Final NY photos

Hi again Just some last photos from NY. Central Park was amazing even in the cold. Could you tell it was a bit fresh?? Off to Niagara Falls early in the morning, please let the flight not be delayed or worse cancelled. We have a special day planned for Micky's 50th birthday and it doesn't involve sitting in an airport all day!! Hope you all had a great xmas and are not too hungover today. Love to all XX

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Dec 25, 2013 - Merry Xmas!!

Hi everyone It is finally xmas day here though it's probably over by now in Oz. We all wish you a belated merry christmas and hope you celebrated well. It feels really strange to be on our own and celebrating christmas in NY. The cold weather has hit and we walked around Central Park this morning and it was freezing. It's 24 degrees F which is about -4 degrees C. It's a bit like Cooma but felt so much colder even with our thermals! We've just come back to the lovely warm apartment to thaw out. Just to update you on the last few days, we did...

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Dec 22, 2013 - DAY 2 – NYC

This day was huge and so memorable to us all for different reasons. We saw some great views from the Empire State Building, watched NY Knicks play basketball at Madison Square Gardens and finally saw a Broadway show, Jersey Boys (thanks again Darrell and Sharon X).

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Dec 22, 2013 - NEW YORK CITY – We love it!! – DAY 1

Hi again Just taking advantage of some spare time (and wifi) to catch up. Been in NYC for three days now and we have covered so much stuff. We have walked so much which is the best way to see everything and may go some way towards counteracting the extra eating and drinking we may be doing. The weather has been fantastic considering the freezing weather just prior to our arrival. It started warming up the day we arrived and has been around 25 degrees though a cold change is due in a couple of days. Day one included a downtown Manhattan...

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Dec 17, 2013 - Snow in Central Park - Magic!

17 DEC 13 – New York City, NY, USA. Day 26. This is a dot point teaser! I’ll write the full report very soon. Oliviero’s breakfast Snow Central Park carriage Walk down 5th Ave Donna Bell’s Cake Shop – Paully Perrette/Abby, NCIS Intrepid Museum Buffet diner Hotel Mega millions entry Rockette’s @ Radio City Music Hall

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Dec 17, 2013 - New York

Arrived here via a snowy and magical looking Iceland. The Icelanders have a distinctive sense of humour! Once in New York it took nearly 2 hrs to get through customs quite a queuing experience ! First impressions- although the city is buzzing it is cleaner and less crowded than we expected and everyone very friendly, but the traffic jams are something else! Food portions as big as we were led to believe but rude not to eat it (the New York baked cheesecake especially yummy!) Seem to have walked miles exploring in the bitterly cold weather...

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