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Mar 15, 2010 - About Me

Olivia Jackson has always had a passion for jewelry. Current trends in fashion are what really excite her, though she also has an obsession for the history of design so is equally excited about vintage jewelry as well. She is fond of collect wedding rings , anniversary rings , engagement rings and tacori rings . No matter which muse is speaking to her, the result is always stylish.

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Journey To Life

Aug 10, 2009 - OH, PA and NY

Today we left Shipshewana and new friends. We were just over into Ohio and stopped at a little intersection to use the camper for a "rest" time. We were locking up the camper when "BAM". Two big trucks had a wreck right in front of us! We were able to get out of there before the traffic got tied up by making a block around the intersection. Then on to Cleveland OH. We went straight though the middle of it. I don't do big towns well. I am a nervous wreck by this time, Freddy is cool taking it all in stride. Then on to PA, and along the south...

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Jul 29, 2009 - Go West Young Man !

We are on our way for a third year of adventure. We left Morrisville Monday morning, arriving at the dealership in Lockport a few hours later. This is the place where we purchased our home on wheels last year and we wanted them to check it over for us before heading west. After unhooking, we checked into our motel and then headed to North Collins where my niece Angela and her family lives. On February 28th, Angela had a baby boy, Matthew, whom I had not met yet. It had also been over a year since I had seen the other children. Oh yes, it...

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May 20, 2009 - Hamburg, NY - Drive Along Lake Erie

(Ron Writing) This morning we left Ashtabula, OH and continued our route east along the south side of Lake Erie. We took OH-531 and US-20 to Pennsylvania. We continued on PA-5 right along the Lake and then crossed into New York. In NY we followed NY-5 which is marked as a scenic route right along the lake. We had beautiful weather and the drive was very enjoyable. We drove through many small towns and were often in sight of the lake. We are parked for the night at a Wal*Mart in Hamburg, NY just south of Buffalo at the east tip of Lake Erie.

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Sep 24, 2008 - Off To Buffalo, Dc And Miami

9/24 We departed Bath, NY at 2:00 AM for the Buffalo, NY International Airport-- a one hundred fifty mile jaunt-- for our trip to Brazil. Our oldest son took us to the airport. Since he is a working man--needing to be at work by 6:00 AM, we headed out extra early for the 10:am flight-- first leg to Washington, DC. The second leg would be from DC to Miami. United Airlines was on time and the flights were routine-- no problems. Miami was a different story. No one seemed to know were the Tam Airline terminal was located.

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Aug 2, 2008 - Welcome to New York!

We did it! We're finally in Buffalo, NY and already loving it! We are currently staying with a friend of mine who I met through my graduate program. She rocks! We're hoping to find an apartment in the next few days so we can finally move into our own place again. We spend the evening last night looking at a few, speaking to some landlords and making some good progress already. Ryan is really excited for another thing: They have Original Pancake House! Yay! Ryan wanted to just pitch a tent and live on their lawn but I opted for something a...

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Jul 25, 2008 - Making my way...

Seriously??? I left Toronto at 2pm and now they are paging "would passenger Bourdeau please report to gate 26. Final boarding call for passenger Bourdeau...gate 26! This picture is probably not surprising to most, but I actually tried to leave early and avoid this very situation!! My flight was at 7:00pm from Buffalo and now I am running to catch it! Traffic was insane and then of course I get lost (shocker) and end up going to Hamilton! I thought "ok...go south" but when I sas signs for Port Dover...I called Jen! Help! Google me out of...

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Jul 17, 2008 - Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls, NY

After my treatment at the Buffalo Davita Dialysis Center, we closed up the coach and took off to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls was beautiful and the boys were amazed at the amount of water. We spent about 2 hours just walking around on Goat Island enjoying the nice summer day. When we got down by the falls the mist from the falls really cooled us off! Enjoyed some Dippin Dots check these out, they're really good! The highlights for me this week was meeting the folks at NxStage. It's difficult to describe the momment I was standing before...

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Jul 8, 2008 - Ontario via the US briefly

We left Vancouver at 6:35 am and arrive in Buffalo at 4:20 pm. Our flight goes through Chicago. All went really well once we got on the plane. Flying time to Chicago is only 3 hours and then a 1.5 hour layover till our 1 hour flight to Buffalo. Bev was there waiting for us and scoot we were out of Buffalo and back in Canada! That was seriously easy - other than the 4 am rise. The girls are so excited. Maren is scoping out Grandmas house and all of them are deciding on sleeping arrangements. It is cloudy but muggy (what else is it in...

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Jun 24, 2008 - maine to niagra falls

We decided to leave Maine 1 day early. I think we both agree that the Oregon coast is just as scenic and offers the same great ocean scenery, seafood and short day trips its just much less crowded and not as touristy. (if that’s a word). Overall, I’m a little disappointed with what we experienced in Maine. I will say that with all the plush, thick foliage, the east coast fall colors would be a sight to see. I was pretty unsure of the route to take to our next destination of Niagara Falls. Garmin lady told us to take the same road back...

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Jun 1, 2008 - Buffalo, NY

Ok, onto PA and Buffalo, NY; we travelled from Cleveland through the NW corner of Pennslyvania and then onto Buffalo, NY where we stayed on Grand Island. We explored the downtown area which was quite old, struggling somewhat yet so grand and beautiful in its own right. Many older brick buildings with a very active government sector and some financial and many local businesses. We were able to visit the one and only Niagara Falls, NY which also defintely lived up to its hype. The awesome raw power of these Falls is undescribable. Even though...

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May 22, 2008 - Buffalo, New York

We woke up the next morning and as the story always goes started packing up the car to go to the Niagra Falls and when we were just about packed up I looked just in time to see Sarah step off the curb (just to note it was an overly tall curb) and fall...spraining her ankle in the process. After getting her back into the room and icing it we made the quick decision to stay another night and see how her ankle was after it was elevated after a day. So it was a quiet day and to get out for a bit we got in buffalo wings (since they originated in...

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