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Apr 18, 2018 - Billy the Kid

Leaving Sumner Lake State Park continuing north west towards Mesa Verde this morning. Our campspot overlooked Sumner lake, Pecos River and the dam. New Mexico weather is crazy ..windy hot days so we run the air conditioner and cold evenings so we run the heat. Visited Billy the Kid's grave yesterday and actually found it to be interesting. What hit me was that while it is a tourist attraction it is also a true grave yard. Several graves were simply marked by a piece of rock to show someone is buried there. I find that sad. Visitors have...

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Oct 13, 2013 - Fort Sumner, NM - Sumner Lake State Park

It was a pleasant, short 179 mile trip from Lake Cochiti COE to Lake Sumner State Park, NM. The scenery was much of the same high desert scenery we have been driving through since we left Carson City, NV so there were not many pictures of the trip. We are staying at Lake Sumner State Park which is about 17 miles northwest of Fort Sumner, NM. We have 30 amps and water with a dump on the way out. We have 4G Verizon and a clear shot to the satellite. We came mostly because Doris wanted to feed the deer again. When we were here two years ago...

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Apr 15, 2006 - Paradise on the Pecos

Well you probably know by now that we did get that RV. Bigger, faster, cheaper to drive. I won't go into details, but we sure do like it and it does everything we want it to do and a little more. We missed Joshua Tree National Park and the Sulton Sea. It had to do with taking possession of the RV outside of California to avoid sales tax. So we went directly to Yuma. We spent a week or so there. It may not be the "snowbird" capitol of the world, but it's got to be in the rankings. Many, many RV's of all types and "park models". From there we...

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