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Apr 22, 2007 - Santa Rosa Lake, NM

We venture into NM, and our first slightly inclement weather. Rather than rain we had wind - 20-30 mile an hour gusts from the time we arrived until the next morning. It really wasn't terrible, just hard to sleep without dreaming of waking up in Oz like Dorothy did in her Kansas storm. We really have been sooo blessed with great weather. By morning, the wind had died down, so we hiked around the lake - a rare site in NM, then headed to town to do some much needed laundry. This was really just a stopping over point and we head to Santa Fe...

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Apr 16, 2006 - Santa Rosa, New Mexico

We are in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. We arrived here yesterday. We drove the Toyota yesterday through some of the most beautiful scenic country. We went to the Santa Rosa Lake Park. I was able to climb atop a rock that is the high point for miles and miles. I had a 360 degree, un restricted view that I estimate to be 20 to 50 or more miles. In the rocks atop the rocks I could see where old campfires have been. I felt that this place has been a lookout point through the ages. Sue took pictures of me on top. Later, we were driving on Route 91...

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