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Jun 29, 2017 - Day 3 - Chaco Canyon N.P. Cuba to Bluewater Lake State Park, Pruett

Heading to Chaco Canyon. The road is dirty and bumpy. The chihuahuas are terrified. Daisy is 2 years old and inexperienced. She ran out of the RV when we bumped over a cattle guard. Ran around a while until she was tired and let Mom pick her up. It's 9am and in the 70's. In Chaco Canyon. We're checking out Anasazi ruins. Chetro Ketl and Pueblo Bonito were beautiful. A mile+ round trip around both. 12:30 in the mid to upper 90's. Casa Rinconada was beautiful too.

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Jun 3, 2009 - El Malpais National Monument

On a cool, cloudy morning we headed for El Malpais (the badlands). This is a spectacular volcanic area, featuring a huge lava field (60 X 35 miles) with cinder cones, a 17 mile-long lava tube system, Ice Caves, where the temperature never rises above 31F degrees, a Natural Arch, and the Narrows, a mile long gap with sandstone cliffs on one side and the lava field on the other. El Malpais is rich in ancient Pueblo and Navajo Indian history, and features diverse ecosystems. Along the gravel road to the Sandstone Bluffs is the preserved...

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Jun 2, 2009 - New Mexico - Neither NEW nor MEXICO

We exited the Painted Desert at the north end and onto the 40 freeway. Heading east we entered New Mexico with vistas of mesas, their colors glowing under cloud-laden skies. We spent a week in Bluewater Lake State Park, enjoying the coolness at 7,300 ft elevation. Here rolling hills are studded with pinon and juniper trees which encircle the lake. The park is host to many fine feathered friends as well as wild horses and other fauna which can be seen along the several trails that lace the park and canyon.

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Jun 1, 2009 - We're Off!

Greetings – News and Views from Trippin' with Pearl – 2009 Susan, Mamie, Burnie, Barnabus and PMS all boarded Pearl for another adventure across the Lover 48 and to Alaska. We have a new member of our team: Avery. The old adage is true again – you can't have but one “first time.” So we are enjoying the differences of this second trip. We departed BMT May 20 and headed west on I-40. Our newsy updates will be a bit shorter this time, so we hope you enjoy the views – of scenery, people, animals, plants, etc. – we especially enjoyed along the...

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May 26, 2009 - Bluewater State Park

As we travelled west the landscape became more interesting. We see the Mesas in the distance and the different levels of the earth, each a different color, which are beautiful. I loved western movies when I was a kid and I can image the Indian’s on the mesas and the wagon train circling below. We are in Bluewater State Park somewhere east of Gallup. It was 35 degrees this morning...burrr......The weather changes every 5 minutes. Windy, rainy, sunny and more wind. The fire’s warmth is blown away before it can reach us. Beautiful mountains,...

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