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May 28, 2011 - New Jersey Vintage Grand Prix & Millville Air Show

I like vintage (50's, 60's, and early 70's) sports cars. Many of you know I have had a '59 Austin Healey in my garage for 4 or 5 years awaiting the right time to get started on the rebuild. I think the time has come after seeing the restored Healey's at the race and car show. I took a lot of pictures of the Healeys so I have some models. The strangest thing happened while I was looking at a '58 Austin Healey just like the one I have and what I hope mine will eventually look like. I was talking to the owner and he said he had some extra...

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2011 Memorial Day

May 11, 2009 - Heading to New Jersey

Leaving beautiful western Virginia heading to Vineland ,NJ. This trip will take us other picturesque like Harpers Ferry,West Virginia.We also went thru Delaware, and Maryland.In Maryland we got on a toll section that cost $23-wow? Then a toll in Delaware which only cost $7. We crossed the Delware memorial bridge - a BIG suspension bridge. We found Vineland, NJ in a country setting. Upon arriving at our final destination- The Somers we parked in nice lot next to their home and set up camp with the help of help our host;Ed and hostess;Renee. Th

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Jul 6, 2006 - Soggy in New Jersey and a Ride on the Ferry

We had an easy hook-up in Lake Pocomoke, and a fairly uneventful ride to Lewes, Delaware to catch the ferry to Cape May. The only thing we encountered was a little bit of unexpected traffic on Hwy 113 just before the turnoff on Hwy 24 to head east to Lewes. I'll admit to a slight feeling of apprehension as I anticipated the ride on the ferry. I've been on a ferry a couple of times, but never with a vehicle like our big rig. Here's a picture of the ferry. I took this picture as the ferry was arriving from Cape May. I wish there could have...

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Oct 21, 2004 - Philadelphia

Yes, I picked up another car this morning and headed down to Philly to check it out and Nick's place. I can now say I've driven through New York. Suprisingly it's not so bad. LA is one place not to drive... So I get to Philly. Nice town I guess but it seems such a let down after all that time in NY. I had a look at Nick's place and the area. Had lunch nearby and drove around looking for touristy stuff. I checked out a few things and decided to move on. So off to I go to a suprise destination, not originally on my itinerary!

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