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Sep 6, 2014 - Down the Shore

After making a visit to Camping World in Lakewood, we drove “down the shore” to see if it was cooler than it was inland. It wasn’t. We drove through Belmar, Spring Lake, and Avon-by-the-sea. We hadn’t ever been to this part of the Jersey shore before. Bruce Springsteen is connected to Belmar. They have a giant replica of one of his Fender guitars on the Corner of E Street (the name sake of his band?) and 10th Street (“10th Avenue Freeze Out”?). A DDD also drew me to Belmar, the 10th Street Burrito Restaurant was pretty good. Spring Lake is...

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2014 Cross Country 2

Jul 13, 2010 - Ocean Grove & Spring Lake Heights - Visit w/ Anne Rodger

After several weeks of coordinating busy schedules we finally got the opportunity to spend a day with Anne Rodger, Maggie's cousin on the Linzer side. Actually we promised to visit Anne a year ago while attending a Linzer wedding in Indiana. She suggested we visit nearby boroughs and even offered to bring us grocery shopping so we could stock up on heavy supplies. We opted to tour Ocean Grove just north of our Belmar marina. Ocean Grove was founded in the mid 1800s as an outgrowth of the camp meeting movement in the U.S., when a group of...

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Jul 10, 2010 - Belmar & Avon by the Sea

Our first venture out into the Atlantic (on this trip) for the day's cruise. Light winds and 2 foot seas, chances of rain later in the day. Maggie was uncomfortable (little bit scared) the first hour with all the rocking and rolling. Roger had to be at the helm for the duration and it was very tiring because we had to endure waves and swells from the starboard side (right, easterly) which pitched us side to side all day. We both got more used to Dande's behavior in the open waters as the day wore on, which was very different from the...

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