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Mar 24, 2010 - What Are We Missing??

Ok.....we keep seeing cars, trucks, trucks pulling campers and trucks pulling 4 wheelers heading farther down the road. What is so great that all these people are driving at least 20 miles off a main road to see??? Most have 4 wheelers or dune buggies in tow, so, I guess it is all about just flying down dirt roads (or sand in this case) in the middle of nowhere?? We watch them for a day then I can’t stand it anymore.....have to see what is so interesting. I just know we stopped short and all the kool stuff is just another few miles up the...

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Mar 23, 2010 - Desert Living??

Whitney Pockets We head south the way the Ranger said and all his directions were perfect….it is just that when you are driving this big ol’ rig on semi-paved roads (1/4 mile smooth – 1 mile bumpy as hell)....with all the creaking, bumping, squeaking, thumping and occasional smash that you can’t identify.... and a little scared too…..the trip seems too be very very very long (we have timed our selves going off road before – going in feels like an hour – coming back is actually 10 min). We forgot to ask the mileage of the road so we weren’t...

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