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Nov 26, 2014 - Leaving Reno

The day before Thanksgiving we were finally all loaded and ready to leave Reno. The coach was quite a mess before we got ready to take off. . But off we got and arrived in the SF Bay Area around 4PM after picking up the Harley in Sacramento. and the coach looked pretty presentable when we got it set up. . we will be calling Alameda Fairground RV park in Pleasanton home for about a month.

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Oct 1, 2014 - Reno to Klamath Falls

Day 5: Started the morning returning the hire car and then headed to Klamath Falls. It was a nice drive through some areas we didn't except. We arrived in Klamath Falls @ 3.30pm The area surrounding the RV Park was questionable but the park is very nice. We took a small walk this afternoon along the bikeway that ran along a fast flowing creek to the shopping centre were we looked at place to have dinner later. We later returned for pizza then went back to the RV for the night to relax.

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Sep 15, 2014 - Reno, NV

Back home in Reno after a great trip that started May 7 heading to Wisconsin. October 8th we go to Lodi, CA with friends Ginny & Greg and their rig and will visit some wineries during the wine harvest time of the year. We'll be staying at Flag City RV Resort. "Flag City RV Resort is ideally situated to explore 75,000 acres of Lodi vineyards and enjoy the fine wine-tasting opportunities at 50 unique wineries!" We'll come back home on the 13th. Not sure if we'll go out again before heading out in early December for Casa Grand, AZ for the...

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Jul 28, 2014 - Hot August Nights - Reno Nevada

Hot August Nights is another car show event (in Reno, Nevada), but on major levels (it is the largest in the United States)it ran from July 28th thru Aug.2nd this year. The show takes place at several venues up & down Virginia Ave (aka Hwy 395). Pete & I took in only one of the shows but managed to spend about 1 1/2 hours walking around, talk about walking down memory lane ! There is also musical entertainment to enjoy. I would go back & do it again, next time to take in more venues.

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Jul 10, 2014 - pleasant curve ball

Had lunch at buffet as mentioned... I got alert on phone about strong storms.. looked and thought our tent and camp would be in rain So....We are spend ing day in Reno ...Great pool at Pepper mill Casino Looked st radar ...rain hovering in Rby mountains..good call Will leave early

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Jun 24, 2014 - Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV

We usually make the drive between Eugene and Reno a two day drive, but this time we just wanted to get here and have time to relax before Dave has his "basal cell" carcinoma surgery. We both have a few housekeeping items to do. The 440 mile drive was great and uneventful, but it did involve two driver switches. Dave started us out by driving up the mountain hwy 58 and then south to Klamath Falls where Rebecca took over. Dave took over for the last 90 miles, bringing us through drive time traffic and into the casino. A little over 9 hours,...

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Jun 14, 2014 - Reno

Well Jim and Diane arrived Thursday night, after driving 700 miles that day. On Friday we went to see Virginia City, how disappointing Hoss or Little Joe were not there!!!. It is nothing like on the show. It is extremely hilly and up and down, was full of shops and restaurants no western type town. But it was fun to see and the saloon was worth it. On Sat we went to an old manison on Lake Tahoe was interesting to see out the well to do lived in the early 1900's must have been some time of life. Well the next stop is Yosemite, will up date...

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Jun 12, 2014 - Reno NV

Well we have been in Reno for the last two days, first day we took a trip around Lake Tahoe and the second we spent in the city of Reno. The first day here was a beautiful day around the Lake We took a state road out of Reno and climbed to around 7000 feet. Got to Incline Village, a ski resort and started east around the lake. The pictures show various stops along the way. We reached south tahoe, where Neveda and California meet. The Neveda side is full of casinos while the California side is hotels and ski areas. Traffic is a little of a...

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Jun 10, 2014 - Reno NV

Well we made it to Reno NV. Travel thru Neb. which was no big deal, thru WY,UT and almost thur NV. The Salt Lake area was interesting, salt flats that looked like snow, mountains, and a beautiful motorhome park. The traveling and driving part of the trip is now done, we can start sightseeing and having fun. Tomorrow is a trip around Lake Tahoe, we have been told to have lunch down on the Lake at a little tavern called Beacon. This is in California, the lake itself is in NV and CA. Will post some pictures of the lake tomorrow. The trip out...

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May 17, 2014 - Reno, NV 2

Saturday, May 17, 2014 I had breakfast out this morning by myself as no one else wanted to go; and it was a good one. Jim and I went to a local RV parts store to pick up some supplies and the girls went shopping at T.J. Maxx. We then had lunch in our rigs and drove out to the Endemano’s home. After a nice visit with Eddie and Dee, we toured their property including Dee’s raised vegetable garden. They live north of Sparks, NV on an acre of land. It was good to see them. We then drove to downtown Reno (the biggest little city in the world)...

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May 16, 2014 - Reno, NV 1

Friday, May 16, We had a big driving day today. From Elko NV to Reno, NV, 284 miles. It was an easy drive but a bit long and sometimes windy. We will be in Reno for two nights visiting Eddie and Dee Endemano tomorrow afternoon. I worked with Eddie at the fire department for years and see him periodically at our January Fireman’s breakfast. We have been following news reports about major wild land fires in north San Diego County. It sounds like the fires are still going strong.

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Mar 31, 2014 - Back home in Reno

After a nice, but most days windy, stay at Topaz Lake we arrived back in Reno today a little after 1:00pm. Nice to be home for a bit to take care of some personal things normally done in April...we all know about the 15th. Will be nice to visit with friends that we haven't seen since December. Stay tuned as we prepare for our next trip leaving in early May for Wisconsin.

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