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Aug 20, 2006 - Day 1

After many months of planning, our journey to see the USA is underway. It would be wonderful if all our family and friends were able to be here with us, but since that isn't possible, we hope you will enjoy sharing our experiences through our travel log. We left late in the day with plans to stay in Wells, Nevada. That broke up the travel the next day into a manageable number of hours. The day was uneventful except for a thunder shower near Elko. The lighting was striking with full force and we saw three separate fires start. I snapped...

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Aug 6, 2006 - Reno Nevada & Discovery Bay California

Reno Nevada and Discovery Bay, Aug 3rd - 6th Driving from Boise to Reno took us through the High Desert and 100+ temperatures. If you like rolling hills of dry land you would like this drive. Once in Reno we camped at the Silver Sage RV Park which is located directly across the street from the Peppermill Hotel/Casino. The Park provided full hook-up but was pretty much a paved parking lot with showers, laundry, restrooms. Yet it was the most expensive RV Park we stayed at so far ($69.00 per night). Being a convenient walk to the Peppermill...

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Jul 16, 2006 - The Adventure Begins

This is the first entry for our Travel Blog. Currently our home is up for sale. Today an Open House is being conducted by our Realtor, Joan Graham. Though the Home has been listed since Apri 1 the market hasn't been as robust as the last several years. So we expect to have to wait, we are patient and may have to activate "Plan B", that's OK. We have mostly moved out, having put many of our keepable possessions in storage other stuff has been given away, sold, or thrown out. Dave only has 107 Working days (begins Nov 1)and 199 Total days...

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Jun 25, 2006 - Reno, NV (Bordertown)

Hi Everybody, Well I guess if you've been reading and keeping track of us, you already know by now that our life is NEVER dull, there is always something, some kind of "happening", and last night was no different. We arrived in Bordertown, NV, about 15 miles north of Reno. At first we were thinking, boy, I don't know, maybe we don't want to be this far out. I had already called maybe 6 or 8 resorts and all of them were very expensive, at least in my book, between $37 and $47 a night. I know that doesn't sound like much when you easily have...

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May 8, 2006 - Headed for Reno

Travelled from Salem via Hwy 20 towards Bend Oregon. Beautiful country and I must say that Oregon has everthing from beautiful beaches, mountains and desert. Going towards Bend we did run into some snow. I hate to admit it but we came close to running out of gas again. When we came to a gas station I had 1/2 a tank and figured no problem.

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Feb 14, 2006 - San Fransisco - Reno via Sierra Nevada

Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and headed for the Sierra Nevada. The weather is hot and sunny, temp 71o and hadn't expected what was to follow ??? On reaching the state line of Nevada, the temperature started to drop, outside a cold wind and temp of 35o. The scenery became mountainous and with snow capped mountains and signs warning us of the need to carry snow chains/snow tyres we may need to change our plans of heading onto back roads. Signs were not good as we climbed into forest areas as the snow became thicker and more picturesque. The...

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Feb 1, 2006 - Birthdays, blackjack and powder

So this week, there was no climbing through windows, on top of tables or marriage proposals. To liven things up, we went to the casino's in North Lake Tahoe, with our remnant change from the cottage we had moved out of. We started with Jill winning at the slots, then slowly we both gave it back. Tom made a bad bet on a basketball game and then it was time for blackjack. Remembering the guidelines from a booklet we had bought the previous year, and won with, Jill sat at the table awaiting cards. Tom offered (unsolicited) advice on how much...

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Jan 14, 2006 - Truckee after 10 days

If the rest of the trip goes as fast as the first 10 days, we'll be back in town before you know it!! And before you ask "where are the photo's"? Technical difficulties have been encountered that may not be resolved while we are here, but we are working on it. For those of you familiar with the Lake Tahoe area, Truckee is another quaint town and a central hub of activity. Ours mainly being snowboarding (Jill), snowshoeing, cross country skiing (Tom) and frequent visits to the bar of america for live music and a few refreshments. Thanks...

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Aug 22, 2005 - Day 17 - The turn toward home

Day 17 Monday, Aug 22 Left Grant's Pass about 7:00. The first thing I did was go through the Mountains to Klamath Falls on which trip the elevation brought the temperature down further than I anticipated. Once I got on 139 South and then 395 South it began to warm up and by the time I got around Reno it was a comfortable 93. The Northern California landscape is more brown and barren than I would have thought (see pictures). The Nevada landscape reminded me of Montana only taller hills and more rugged terrain. I'm sure the photos don't due...

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Aug 9, 2005 - Reno to Tupelo MISSISSIPPI!

After a loooong flight to Birmingham Ala, we got into our rental car and drove up to Tupelo, we did manage to stop at my favorite BBQ place right ouside of Birmingham and get some BBQ, baked beans and cole slaw..and I did not forget a large glass of SWEET tea...whew!! It's amazing how much we missed the beauty and green of the south! We had rented a cabin at Tombigbee State Park which is not too far from where Bill grew up. We got in so late we had to call the rangers to let us into the cabin as always they were so nice and welcoming to...

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Jul 24, 2005 - Carson City

We are now in Carson City, Nevada. Not too far from where we were in Tahoe, but Lloyd wasn't in a driving frame of mind when we left on the 22nd and even the short drive was tough. It was a lot of downhill and the brakes didn't seem to be working properly. Turns out a couple of wires weren't hooked up on the trailer brakes so the truck was doing all the work. We had the truck brakes worked on and now we'll be ready to go tomorrow, probably. Never know for sure! There are casinos everywhere - Raley's has a little gambling room. The 7-11 has...

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Dec 31, 2004 - 140 in. of powder at Heavenly, and our snow chains don't fit

The most memorable New Years Eve in years... At the stroke of midnight, Tom and I were romantically pushing our car out of the snow in a blizzard, trying to follow an old couple who had offered us their basement bedroom for the night... With a 140 inch base at Heavenly, Tom and I were eager to hit the "epic powder of the decade"... but after trying 3 different routes (multiple times on each) from I-80 to South Lake Tahoe and finding the roads unbearable and our snow chains unusable, we returned to Truckee to find that all motels and inns...

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