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Dec 11, 2016 - Self Sufficiency

How long could you feel calm in an emergency? Lots of people will panic after only a few hours without basic necessities, like electricity and water. Both FEMA and the Red Cross recommend that everyone have supplies on hand to survive for three days after a disaster. Do you? They recommend having a “bug-out” bag prepared in advance in case you need to escape. I keep mine fully stocked with everything I might need, such as a personal hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, Kleenex tissues, etc.), copies of my IDs and prescriptions, a...

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Nov 9, 2016 - Nevada, Poverty Flats

We entered Nevada today. We only drove about 100 miles but that was okay. We found a place to camp called Poverty Flats, or Snowbird Mesa. This is just a few miles beyond Overton NV. It is actually privately owned but the owner allows campers to stay at no charge. I don’t know why anyone would owe this. There is nothing here but a bunch of rocks and some creosote bushes and cacti. There are several other campers here with us. We met a couple from Alberta who told us about this area, and suggested we see the Valley of Fire State Park which...

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Apr 5, 2013 - More Red Rock

A good day all around. Dropped trailer off in the morning and met a couple who previously lived in Maryland but now reside in Vegas. They told us that Double Eagle has the reputation as the best in town. That assurance helped put us at rest as did our conversations with the staff. So we dropped the trailer and headed for Valley of Fire State Park which is on the other side of Lake Mead. It was a mini Sedona and should be added to everyone's bucket list. A multitude of colors, shapes and positions of formations. He is one heck of a...

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The Gypsy Whaylands

Apr 4, 2009 - Back on the road

Holy cow, where have the days gone? But Tucson is gone, finally. We did indeed pull out of Tucson on Friday, 3-27 about 9AM. Felt good to both of us to be on the road and gone from the “junkyard campground.” We didn’t drive real far, just to south of Phoenix and stopped at a small casino near Chandler. We met up with our friends June and Jerry from B.C. on Saturday. They are staying in Mesa just west of Phoenix. We did not want to have to drive right thru Phoenix so we did not want to go to Mesa to see them, but met halfway instead. We...

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Apr 17, 2008 - Desert and Dust Storms

Welcome to Nevada! You are probably familiar with the small green welcome signs that you see on the highway when crossing state lines. However, you’ve entered Nevada not by seeing those non-descript, government-issued, boring signs but by large neon signs mounted high up above the highway that flashes and orders you to EXIT NOW to reach the casinos. After descending Halloran Pass and Mountain Pass on I-15 in California and approaching Nevada, the casino skylines start to appear. It is bizarre and surreal to go from driving for miles and...

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