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Jun 16, 2008 - We are still in the desert! And it is hot!

We celebrated Chuck's birthday with Dale and Shirley Prater, our friends from San Diego, and Shirley's mother and step-father. Our river view table at the Riverside Casino Resturant was great, the food was so-so. No one out here cooks like we southern cooks do. In fact, I have not been able to buy white self-rising corn meal mix. I was told at the grocery store, that no one cooks out here, it is too hot, you either eat salad, or eat out. I think we should eat out tonight too! Our air conditioner is rattling. It works, but something is...

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Mar 18, 2008 - Avi Casino - Laughlin, NV

This stay at the KOA next to the Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV, was memorable for the teal blue of the Colorado River and the friendliness of the Canadian couples next to us in the park. We had a great time exploring, the highlight being the trip to Christmas Tree Pass through the mountains and back around to Laughlin. First, we wondered about the "Christmas Tree" designation, because there are NO noble firs around here. But near the very top of the pass, the juniper trees, if you squinted your eyes, began to look a little like Christmas trees...

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Mar 11, 2008 - AVI Casino, Laughlin, Nevada

We broke up our trip to Las Vegas from Verde Valley by spending the night dry camping (without hookups) in Laughlin, Nevada at the AVI Casino. Many casinos encourage RVers to stay free if you sign up for one of their cards. It was a nice casino on the Colorado River and the temperature was very comfortable so we wouldn't need to run our generaters much at all. Lynne, Jane and Pam went to check out an outdoor market they had on the casino grounds made up of vendors mostly from Quartzsite, Az, which is a huge gathering of RVs in the middle of...

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Mar 2, 2008 - Chandler - Laughlin, Nevada

We have to move on; to our surprise we have really enjoyed these 2 weeks of dry camping! It was clean, we were close to the places we wanted to go and the dumping issue was non-existent with the RV dealer being across the highway. In the time we have been here, fuel has gone up around 30 cents a gallon, and by the sounds of it will go up some more. After much deliberation, we have decided not to go to the Grand Canyon. The weather has been bad there and lots of snow has fallen. Connor & Evan are disappointed, because they were really...

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Feb 22, 2008 - Laughlin

We went to Laughlin on Thursday and met my brother Dennis and his fiancee Heather there. We stayed at the River Palms. We checked out a few casinos and walked the River Walk. Dennis and Heather got married on Friday, we witnessed the marriage. We congratulate them both.

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Jan 6, 2008 - Grapevine Canyon, Laughlin, Nevada

Carved into the rocky walls of the canyon mouth, these enigmatic looping, geometric and curvy lithic inscriptions are akin to the sacred frescoes found in cathedrals. Grapevine Canyon's petroglyphs are to be seen only. Even the slightest contact with human hands is incrediblly destructive to these carvings. During spring and summer, wild grapevines fill the canyon's stream bed. Small waterfalls can be found in wetter months, too. The rocky mountain peak above Grapevine Canyon is known as Spirit Mountain and is sacred, like the canyon, to...

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Dec 27, 2007 - Almost "home"

We arrived back in Laughlin, Nevada on December 27, 2007 from our Colorado Christmas. We spent the night at the Colorado Belle Casino and Hotel before going to pick up Howhee on the 28th and heading for Quartzsite. We got a really good deal. Casino are always offering deals, we booked a regular room for less than $20.00. When we got there, we found that the room we were assigned was not cleaned and the phone was not in working order. So, we were upgraded to a suite for the night at no additional charge. Pretty great, huh?

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Dec 3, 2007 - Laughlin, Nevada

We spent two weeks in Laughlin, Nevada, December 3-17, 2007. Laughlin is situated on the Colorado River, right on the Nevada-Arizona state line. Across the river is Bullhead City, Arizona. Laughlin is a gambling town and that's all it is. There is a small outlet mall, but other than that there are only convenience stores and casinos. Not much to take photos of in the area. We're not big gamblers, so we managed to lose only about $10.00 in the two weeks we were there. If you go to Laughlin, be sure to check out the classic car collection at...

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Nov 21, 2007 - Laughin, Nevada

We left the mining camp on Monday, the 19th and drove to Laughlin, Nevada for the night. Yes, we had an awesome buffet dinner at Don Laughlin's Riverside buffet and I insisted we go back for breakfast buffet. I haven't had a breakfast buffet in 8 years!!!! I discovered I can't eat enough to make it worthwhile any more!!!!! I gambled $5.00 and lost it all........... We stayed at the Davis Camp RV camp. It's an Arizona county campground -- really nice.

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May 20, 2007 - Laughlin, Nevada

Traveling I-40 we arrived in Laughlin around 1:00 pm. It took us several days to fully load our motorhome for this trip, as we won't be home for several months. We stayed at the Riverside RV Park and enjoyed the buffets. It was quite warm there and extremely windy. We spent 3 nights, leaving Wednesday for Flagstaff, Arizona. Really looking forward to the cooler temps as Flagstaff is over 6,900 ft.

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Mar 27, 2007 - Laughlin, Nevada

We are attending the Desert Southwest Aplenlite Rally at the AVI Resort in Laughlin from March 26-30th. The RV park has nice facilities and we are using a nice air conditioned meeting room inside the hotel for our functions. It gets pretty windy in the afternoon and when we return from a meeting, we go hunting for our belongings that have blown away. We went for a drive to the Laughlin Mall, and found the Piercing Pagoda kiosk that we went to with Jack & Barb Wells last year. Larry was finally ready to pierce his ear.

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Jan 29, 2006 - Laughlin/Bullhead

We left Quartzsite and headed to Laughlin, Nevada across the Colorado River from Bullhead, Arizona. Gambling casinos on the Nevada side and everything else on the Arizona side. We are attending our Alpenlite Travel Club campout. The weather is warm, the comraderie is great and we pot luck, take walks, visit casinos and sit around a campfire.

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