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Jul 14, 2005 - Here we are again

Hello from the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. We decided that the wives deserved a day of luxury and pampering....sweedish masages included. More on Day seven in the next update. Day 3 turned into a day of more rain in Oregon but we made it to California and expected the weather to improve. No more plastic bags on my feet and Ann did not even wear her rain suit, just her leathers. Are we turning into true 'bikers'? Day 4 was spectular. Great weather. Started on the California coast, then inland through the redwoods, then into the California...

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Jul 14, 2005 - Las Vegas Oasis Campground Site #441

Arrived in Vegas by 12:00. An easy drive for me as Dan did all the driving. This is a lovely campground. A far cry from the National parks we have been staying at. Also the price is four times as much. We set up in no time and then went across the street to the swimming pool. Spent about hour and half talking to a couple from North Carolina. We stayed in the pool the whole time. The temperature here is 113. Ed and Joan Fortin picked us up at 5:30. We went to Harrods to hear Ed sing then onto the Rio for dinner. What a nice change Vegas is...

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Jul 3, 2005 - Las Vegas

After months in Central America to say Vegas was a culture shock is a severe understatement! Vegas - What can you say! It was great to get here and throw out most of the grubby backpacker clothes that we have lived in for months and hit the shops. Just walking around here is an experience, can't say we had any luck at the tables though...

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London the Long Way

Jun 22, 2005 - Gotta love the Vegas!

Crossing the international dateline was a bizarre experience as we arrived in L.A. before we left Fiji, making the day from hell in Nadi airport on Sunday happen all over again effectively! Second time around it was a better day but still involved airports, planes and baggage! We spent about 3 hours at LAX before getting a flight to Vegas late afternoon. We had chosen a hotel so we came straight here to Excalibur on The Strip in a taxi. Check in was a nightmare but eventually we got into our room after over 60 hours in transit! Vegas is...

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Jun 17, 2005 - Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

I had to make a detour to the bright lights of Las Vegas and the majesty of the Grand Canyon! I organised a return flight from Reno to Las Vegas and spent two and a half days in the area. There was so much to do! What I experienced is only a taste of the multitude of things one can do in the region! Las Vegas was amazing - bright lights, plush casinos, slot machines galore! Once again, I stayed at a hostel (USA Hostels) on Fremont Street. And once again, it was in a bit of a dodgy area. I ended up catching a few taxis to avoid walking the...

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Jun 15, 2005 - Las Vegas

Another v short one abot Vegas bby - we gt a surprise limo ride 1st night - it was awesome, was supposed to e 2 hours but the limo driver, brian, had noooooooo lfe anddrove usaround for an extra 3 1/2 hours wen he could have been at home in bed!! he drove s to the hooover dam! yesterday was maiynly recovering from tat night ;) will pdate tehese entris better when i fnd a computer with a keyboard that works Jess xxx

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Jun 15, 2005 - Viva Las Vegas! Change map to California and Nevada.

Away again to Las Vegas to stay overnight. Very interesting drive. Really saw what the desert was like. Nothing for miles and miles around just a long straight 6 line freeway all the way. 80 mile an hour plus and lots of traffic. We would be driving along and up ahead we could see a high rise. As we got closer it was a casino with lots of bright lights and a shop here and there. Then nothing else again. One part of it there I thought I was seeing things. A shopper's delight. Factory Outlets in the middle of nowhere. 100 in fact. See the...

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Jun 11, 2005 - Heading to Las Vegas

Well, once again as we began another day it was raining. We headed out of Bryce Canyon on our way to Las Vegas and the temp. was 45 degrees! The drive ahead was about 290 miles and estimated drive time was 5.5 hours. Somehow I don't think that is enough time to drive out from under this storm cloud that has been following us for 2 weeks now! We would like to offer our services to any state in the nation suffering the effects of a drought. We will just drive to your area and we are certain the rain will come, it hasn't failed yet! As the...

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Jun 10, 2005 - Las Vegas

After the relative disappointment of San Diego and Los Angeles (too noisy, too dirty, too crowded ( it may just be we spent too much time in New Zealand) we were pleasantly surprised by Las Vegas. The hotel Circus Circus on the strip has a RV campsite in its backyard which s surprisingly comfortable and convenient. Considering we are in a prettified car park we have two play parks, a swimming pool, laundry, shop circus, funfair, all you can eat buffets and as much gambling as you can take. The boys (and us too) love Las Vegas. We all have...

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Jun 5, 2005 - Death Valley to Vegas

From Death Valley, we headed to Vegas, where we had booked the Golden Nugget hotel. We stopped off for some food at the Hard Rock Hotel, partly because Karen had seen a food programme that recommended one of the restaurants - Mr Lucky's 24/7 - and partly because she had also heard that it was a celebrity hangout. The food was good, but still no celebs. We checked in late and toured Fremont St. - the old Vegas, where the Golden Nugget is located. Incidentally, the Golden Nugget is across the street from Binion's Horseshoe, where the annual...

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May 30, 2005 - Las Vegas,NV, USA

Vegas was great. We are not into gambling, yet the Vegas is surreal enough to be very entertaining. The exception was the XX Street experience, that was converted from the fun thing that it was about 5 years ago into one of those cheesy, fake patriotic displays that uses nationalistic feelings for commercialism. Not only that, but it was technically poor, too.

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May 6, 2005 - Viva Las Vegas

So today we've arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada after our brief trip through Death Valley, CA. It's wonderful to be somewhat near civilization again.... though it is questionable how civilized Las Vegas really is. Truly a fun town, mom and I walked down the strip enjoying the completely over the top, tourist tacky hotels and casinos. Navigating through one is nearly impossible. We also went to go see the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere - Mom's seen it but we both thought it was spectacular. If only we could go see them all... So tomorrow takes...

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