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Oct 29, 2014 - Moving on to Fallon, NV...

Today's post covers our 3 hour trip from the Susanville, California area to Fallon, Nevada. We traveled CA 36 for a bit through pretty scenery to US 395 for the rest of today's drive. It was a lovely day & traffic was light which is always a good thing. We probably would have driven a bit further today but there weren't any good options for camping once we left Fallon, traveling US Route 50, dubbed the Loneliest Road in America. After checking with http://rvparkreviews.com we decided that the Bonanza Inn & Casino sounded like an affordable...

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Dec 4, 2013 - Auburn, CA to Fallon, NV

Auburn, CA to Fallon, NV 12-4-13 Up early and on the road to Sacramento International Airport by 7:30AM. Julie needs to catch a flight at 10AM and we wanted to make sure we got there on time. Julie will be traveling to Denver then up to Glen Haven to visit her dad, Bill. Traffic was heavy in places but still got to the airport by 8:30AM. I dropped off Julie then headed back up the hill to Auburn to get the RV ready to roll before the 11:00AM check out time. I made good time and arrived by 9:30AM, I had time to make a call, get on line, and...

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Oct 22, 2013 - Starting the Loneliess Road in America/Sand Mountain

Today we will start on the Loneliest Road in America" on US 50 through Nevada. Also known as the Lincoln Highway. US 50 is a transcontinental highway in the United States, stretches from Sacramento, California, in the west to Ocean City, Maryland, on the east. You can pick up the free Loneliest Road survival kits at Chambers of Commerce, museums, restaurants, motels, and gas stations along US 50. The kit contains a state road map, the Loneliest Road Survival Guidebook showing some things to see and a line map of the road. You then stop in...

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Oct 21, 2013 - Virginia City--First Catholic Church

This evening we will be spending the night at the Elk Lodge 2484 located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Nice place to spend the night (for our RV Friends). They have water and electric. After getting set up for the camping part we took the Jeep and visited Virginia City, NV home of the first Catholic Church in Nevada. Mileage: 31,430.5 ending 31,618.0

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Nov 14, 2012 - Traveling Through Nevada

We left Henderson on Wednesday, Nov 14, heading north up the west side of NV. We were pleasantly surprised to see some colorful hills along the way. Most of the few small towns we passed through had certainly seen better days, like during the silver mining days of the early 20th century. However, a few spots deserve mention: 1) Millers Rest Stop, on the site of an abandoned town along the railroad line during the silver boom of the early 1900s. The ONLY full facilities rest stop listed on our NV map (except along interstates), it appears in...

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Jun 14, 2012 - Fallon, NV - A Very High Tech RV Dump Station

(Ron Writing) Yesterday I forgot to mention where we had lunch with our friends Judie and Mark. They selected a wonderful bakery/restaurant called Paul Schat’s Bakery. They have great sandwiches and also sell many kinds of breads, cakes, and all sorts of pastries. We enjoyed a slice of “blackout cake” with our lunch and after lunch we purchased some Seven Grain Bread and a sampling of pastries. While we were shopping it dawned on me that this is a Dutch bakery – no wonder we liked it so much – remember all the stuff we bought at the Dutch...

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Mar 24, 2012 - The wind blew us all the way to Fallon today!

Yes, it was one of the windy-est days we have encountered while travelling. The dust storm around us was huge and practically obliterated the surroundings. There was a warning on the digital road sign saying 'travel is not recommended' but we saw big rigs coming out of the storm so we plunged in. It all worked out for the best because we had a tail wind which made our fuel mileage increase! Nice at the price of fuel. Emily, you asked me how much fuel our truck takes at a time, I think the answer is around 30 gallons upon which we travel...

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Trip Journal

On The Road Again!

Sep 11, 2011 - Fallon Nevada

9/11/11 Fallon RV PK, Fallon, NV On the road again -- Rt 50, "The Loneliest Road in America", also known as the Lincoln Highway. Fallon is where the US Navy Top Gun program is run. Tenth anniversary of 9/11, Respect and Remember. This part of the country is doing many group activities to help the less fortunate since this part of the country did not suffer the human loss that we in the east did. We travel Rt. 50 around S. Lake Tahoe. There is a bike race (72 miles) around the lake, hundreds of participants. Lake Tahoe has sparkling...

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Sep 5, 2011 - Mendocino Coast KOA in Westport Beach Day 3 Labor Day

N. Mendocino Coast KOA in Westport Beach Day 3 Labor Day Woke during the night to a starry sky but by morning more mist and fog. Campers busy leaving, we have another day. Visit Mendocino Botanical Gardens 47 acres overlooking the Pacific. Many sections to include a vegetable patch that has donated 1200#'s to the local food bank so far this year. Their Dahlia Garden is beautiful and succulents are very unusual. We go back to CG, only a handful of campers left. At 8PM there is a power outage and never goes back on till 4AM. No reason.

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Sep 4, 2011 - N. Mendocino Coast KOA in Westport Beach Day 2

N. Mendocino Coast KOA in Westport Beach Day 2 Head south on Rt. 1 overlooking the coast, stop at Jug Handle State Reserve. Some narrow paths thru the grasses to a view of the ocean and cliffs. Some vegetation, the kelp/seaweed in this part of the coast is a bobbing seed pod on the surface w/a tubular stem that can extend 20 ft to the roots that attach to the ocean floor. Not very pretty when it washes ashore. The woods are a mixture of cedar, fur and eucalyptus trees. The pink flower that seems to be wild as well as in peoples yard is...

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Aug 13, 2011 - Roadside Stop

We spent the night at a wide spot along side the road, 25 mile or so east of Fallon, Nevada. We drove through Fallon looking for an RV park, didn't see one, kept on going on Highway 50. We drove about 25 miles east, found this abandoned place of business (that had burned), with a big parking lot. We pulled into here, turned on the generator and air conditioner, and prepared supper. It was a very quiet night, getting ready to head east on Highway 50 toward Ely, Nevada. Highway 50 is a scenic route with few communities between here and Ely....

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May 23, 2011 - Day 20 to Fallon NV

our day 20 we finished the loneliest road in the US, rt50 today with some sadness because it was such a nice quiet road/people/towns few cars/trucks and awesome scenery... we are now camped just outside to of the town of fernley and the desert rose camp where we have camped many times before as we travelled in this are going north going back south...passing Thru Fallon NV took pixs there but the town is too big so we went to the end of the official loneliest road, fernley NV, will see that town tomorrow our photos from austin camp to...

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