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Mar 30, 2018 - Prairie Oasis in Nebraska

We had a good night and woke up with 32 degrees outside. The fairgrounds in Winfield is a good place to overnight. We had electricity and a quite place except for the trains that seemed to run all night long. We have stayed here before but didn't remember the trains being so loud. I guess the cooler temps made the sound travel farther. I don't know. We got up this morning and got back on the road. The weather was cool and partly cloudy. It made a good day to be traveling. We made it thru Wichita, As we were going thru Wichita we noticed a...

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Sep 28, 2017 - Prairie Oasis Campground

Tomorrow is our last day here at Prairie Oasis Campground. This is a small campground with roughly 40 spaces. However, the owners, Todd Peterson and Patty Christopher, really know how to run a campground. This place is immaculate, extremely well taken care of, and the "little things" they do to make you feel welcome, like free firewood, and delivering delicious baked goods to your door, is above and beyond anything we've ever experienced. That is why Prairie Oasis is now one of our top five favorite places we've visited. The free wifi with...

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Aug 18, 2016 - Chicken fried steak

We traveled through northwest Nebraska today. Acres and acres of irrigated hay fields and wildflowers. And it got hot today, nearly 100. Lots of windmills through this area too. We stopped at a little town named Hyannis,Nebraska for lunch. I had the chicken fried steak and Karen had chicken wings, imagine that. It was good. My mashed potatoes came breaded and deep fried!...

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Jun 18, 2016 - Prairie Oasis Rv Park

Yesterday we travelled west to Davenport, Iowa. The weather was great. I still haven't caught up on my sleep, since rushing to get my work done before our get-a-way. Today we drove about 400 miles to get to Henderson, Nebraska. It was a lot of driving for a tired guy. Our plans tomorrow are for a small day ( 200-250 miles) and end up 1 day closer to Cody, Wyoming, a spot where we plan to spend a few days resting and exploring.We have been having a wonderful visit with Dennis and Ellen.Lots of great food as well. The Prairie Oasis RV Park is...

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Apr 6, 2015 - Henderson, Nebraska for the night

Today is day 3 of the journey and we have crossed Kansas and are now in Nebraska. This morning was a little damp with a fine mist and low clouds. We headed out again around 10:00 and finally started seeing a little sun north of Wichita. Another good day of traveling and we saw alot of open fields and farmers starting to get their crops ready. I guess ever since we have passed thru Oklahoma City on our way North that the trees have not budded out like they have in Texas. Last night it was down in the 40's. There is still a coolness in the...

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Apr 8, 2014 - Made it to Henderson, Nebraska

Another good day on the road. We pulled out of Winfield, Kansas and headed north across Kansas. All day we had a head wind of 15 to 20 mph. The truck on a good day pulling the trailer gets 11 to 13 mpg. Well as soon as we got on the road you could watch the fuel mileage start to drop. At the end of the move we were getting 9 mpg. Maybe tomorrow it won't be as strong. When we left Winfield we went North on hwy 15 thru the country side. Then we got to Wichita, Kansas and got on Hwy 81 all the way to I80 in Nebraska. The we turned west for 10...

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Sep 13, 2013 - Leg One - Prarie Oasis

Today the dream began. It’s been 11 years in the planning. Suzi retired last week, Terry retired from Woodmen today. Woodmen released him in the morning. Suzi picked me up and we headed for the RV park where we had the RV. Bluffs Run in Council Bluffs, IA. We hooked up the Scion to the tow bar and disaster struck. The brake lights and turn signals on the car would not work. That’s a fast trip to a ticket. We checked the cable that hooks the RV system into the Scion. It appeared to be pinched, which could explain why it wasn’t working. Or a...

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Sep 25, 2011 - Across Nebraska

Date: September 25, 2011 Tonight’s Location: Henderson, NE Mileage: End - 87182 Start - 86791 Total Miles for the day: 391 Weather: bright sunshine Temperature: start 53º High 71º Wildlife count: Pronghorn, Meadowlark, Red-tailed Hawk We left Cheyenne at 7:17 am and had an easy day of flat roads with a little construction – lots of corn, beans and wheat. We followed the Platte River along I-80. Our evening stop was the Prairie Oasis Campground, and it is lovely – right off of the interstate and we are situated overlooking a beautiful...

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Jul 5, 2011 - Travel Day - Henderson, Nebraska

We didn't do an updated while we was in Ogallala for a couple of nights because we didn't do anything except on the 4th when we went to Safeway for some grocery shopping and then back to the park to enjoy. The night came and we walked down to the road (alot of the RVers was doing the same thing) so we could watch the fireworks from the town. That is when we saw the gorgeous sunset. Travel day from Ogallala, Nebraska (Country View Campground) to Henderson, Nebraska (Prairie Oasis RV Park and Campground). This was 222 miles and along the way...

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May 30, 2011 - Stress? What Stress??

2011-05-30 I believe the start of every trip has some degree of stress associated with it. This morning started off well. We woke without the alarm at 6:05. I got my shower, shaved and sat down to a bowl of cereal. We had just a few things to put in the truck besides the frozen food and refrigerated items. Got that all done and said goodbye to Ron & Gloria and drove to the RV Storage lot. While we were packing those items into the Eagle Linda starts asking me if I had George’s medicine and his health certificate (yes & yes). Then she went...

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Sep 29, 2010 - Cheyenne to Henderson,NE

We drove 420 miles today from Cheyenne to Henderson,Nebraska. Fields upon fields of harvested corn or other crops. Farmers busy with their harvesters, trucks loaded with corn were all the scene in the heartland of America. It is a peaceful and romantic sight. We bedded at Prairie Oasis RV Park in the midst of corn fields. We had a fabulous dinner of Nebraska prime rib at Chances R in York,NE. Homemade apple pie for dessert. It does not get any better.

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Jul 6, 2010 - Henderson, NE

We plan to be making some miles the next few days. Tomorrow we head across Iowa toward Davenport. When we left the Cabela Campground (Sydney, NE) this morning, we saw a huge flock of Canada Geese gathered around the campground lake. I don't think we have ever seen that many of those birds at one place before. We saw huge fields of amber waves of grain (wheat) rippling in the wind. We drove all day through fields that were lush and green. There has been plenty of rain here. At 12:15, the time became 1:15 Central Time, so we are only an hour...

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