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Jul 10, 2018 - Day Trip: Yaak, Montana

It is our last day in Libby. What to do? Let’s drive to Yaak. Everyone tells us that this is a nice drive. I asked our fishing guide if there was a great deal of elevation change. “Oh, no” He probably thought we would be using the 60 mph main highway. From Route 37, we turn onto route 567. We love it immediately. The speed limit is 45 mph. It is a beautiful ride through the forest. We can see the ski area ahead. How do they get there? This road. We see a sign: 15 miles of turning narrow road. I think that is how it was worded. We climb...

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Jun 17, 2017 - YOLO in Yaak

We decided to stay an extra day at Woodland RV Park in Libby. When I went to the office to extend our stay, I saw a poster for the Yaak Sasquatch Festival that was taking place this weekend. The lady in the office said it was supposed to be fun and that she was going later in the afternoon. It was about 35 miles away on MT508 or over 50 miles on US2 and MT508. We decided to take the short route. MT 508 started out a fairly nice 2-lane state highway, but about 10 miles in we came to a "Narrow Road" warning sign and the road became a one and...

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