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Aug 23, 2019 - It's the Economy, Stupid! Or is it?

You Win Some and You Lose...Or Do You? ---- ALSO, THE ECONOMY HAS POWER. We are the economy: When Resources Are Scarce, Where Do You Spend Your Money?

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Aug 17, 2019 - More Bang For Your Buck

From Climate Forward NYT 8-14-19: Tyler Varsell; Shutterstock By Susan Shain You bring your canvas bags to the grocery store. You walk to work. You’ve cut back on the hamburgers (and the cheese plates, too). But you want to do more to fight climate change. Specifically, you want to do more with your money. You could purchase carbon offsets. Or, you could support politicians who believe in climate change. Or, you could just donate to your favorite green nonprofit. But what makes the most sense? Though giving is highly personal and there’s no...

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Aug 13, 2019 - Jay Inslee

UPDATE : JAY INSLEE DROPS OUT OF THE RACE ----- Following is a reprint from Resilience: "Maybe a climate czar? Presidential hopeful Jay Inslee promised today he would prioritize environmental justice at the highest levels of government, including dedicating a White House office to it. The Washington governor laid out his plans to confront disproportionate impacts of climate change and pollution on minority communities this morning, including redirecting a White House office’s mission to the task and implementing an “equity screen” meant to...

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Aug 11, 2019 - What to Believe?!

The following is from opinion page of POLITICO Playbook 8-10-19: Politics Epstein death brings birth of mainstream conspiracy theories Once at the margins of American politics, his case has been thrust to the center of it. Jeffrey Epstein — his perversions, and the perversions of justice swirling around his case — has lived for years on the margins of politics because of his association with two presidents, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, among others in a long roster of people with respectable titles who spent time in his disreputable...

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Aug 8, 2019 - An Idea Long Overdue

Here is the YouTube link for Something In The Water Check Out This Video! www.consciousinsight.com kateanders@me.com May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder. ~John O'Donohue

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Jul 27, 2019 - We Must Now Call IT a Crisis

"I'm not a climate change guy, but...": Farmers reckon with new reality in the heartland Watch the CBSN Originals documentary, "A Climate Reckoning in the Heartland," in the video player above. The full hour special premieres on CBSN Sunday, July 28, at 8 p.m., 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. ET. Walking over soggy lifeless crops, Brett Adams, a fifth generation Nebraska farmer, paused to catch his breath. Under the dark grey clouds of the Midwestern spring, he was forced to come to terms with an alarming reality: 80% of his farmland was under freezing...

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Jul 27, 2019 - Coumadin - Long Term Affects

I have been taking this med since October 2015 and am now experiencing some of the side affects which led me to explore what the long term consequences might be. The following web information was most helpful informing me of what I might expect and what I might possibly do to mitigate some of the consequences. Thinking there may be others who are also taking this med I am posting this: This Was Very Helpful for Understanding the Long Term Affects of Taking This Blood Thinner

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Jul 26, 2019 - In Summary - Uncertain Future

Responding to Collapse: Uncertain Future Forum Wrap-Up By Asher Miller, originally published by Resilience.org July 26, 2019 This essay by Asher Miller, Post Carbon Institute’s Executive Director, concludes our July 2019 Uncertain Future Forum on the topic: “If collapse is imminent, how do we respond?” We invite you to comment below, and to read the other essays here. When we invited Dahr Jamail, Meghan Kallman, Taylor Brorby, and Winona LaDuke to answer the admittedly difficult and emotionally charged question that is this forum’s topic,...

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Jul 25, 2019 - Life and Living - A Future?!

This essay is part of our July 2019 Uncertain Future Forum on the topic: “If collapse is imminent, how do we respond?” We invite you to comment below, and to read the other essays here. Taylor Brorby Each day I contemplate how I might die. Will today be the day I go into a coma? Might I have a seizure? Will my blood sugar slip low enough while I drive, render my fine motor skills just that much slower, and cause catastrophe? My own mortality is not some abstract future; it is as real to me as the clothes I wear. For the past twenty-six...

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Jul 23, 2019 - HOMESOCIETY

HOMESOCIETY Turning Toward Each Other By Meghan Kallman, originally published by Resilience.org July 16, 2019 This essay is part of our July 2019 Uncertain Future Forum on the topic: “If collapse is imminent, how do we respond?” We invite you to comment below, and to read the other essays here. Down from the green farmlands and from their loved ones Marched husbands and brothers and fathers and sons. There’s a fine roll of honour where the maypole once stood, And the ladies go dancing at Whitsun. — Austin John Marshall, melody traditional,...

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Jul 18, 2019 - Resilience - Part IIB

I am a decade shy of the age at which my mother died, less than a year after my grandfather’s suicide. One day my ashes will be scattered in the eroding mountains, and our civilization, like that of Ozymandias, crumble, and the Earth be swallowed by our dying red star. This is no cause for despair; it is a reminder to be meaningful, to be makers instead of takers, to be of service to something — beauty, justice, loved ones, strangers, lilacs, worms. This is what Jeffers, the poet laureate of the ecocide, has to teach us. He points the way,...

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Jul 18, 2019 - Resilience - Part IIA

REPRINTED FROM HCN: So what if we’re doomed? Climate chaos, mass extinction, the collapse of civilization: A guide to facing the ecocide. Brian Calvert Image credit: Elena Dorfman ESSAY July 24, 2017 From the print edition In the winter of 2013, I drove up California’s Central Valley to Stockton, to interview Cambodian parents who’d lost children in one of the nation’s many mass school shootings. A local man named Patrick Purdy had parked his station wagon behind an elementary school, set it on fire with a Molotov cocktail, and, as curious...

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