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Aug 8, 2009 - Grease

We went to the Park County fair this morning. They had four animal barns of chickens, rabbits, cows, horses, sheep, goats & pigs. They also had a couple of exhibits building. Not much of a carnival area though. It was larger and nicer than Madera, plus it was free. Tonight we went to the Firehouse 5 theatre to see the play Grease. The play was very good even though we had seen it before, we just don't remember when, ah the joys of getting old.

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Aug 7, 2009 - Mother of all Cloud Bursts

Rained most of the night last night. A laid back day, spent most of the morning working on the computer. Mary baked a cake then cooked bar-b-qued spare ribs for lunch using the convection oven, she has become a real fan of the convection oven. Watched Sprint Cup qualifying the headed to Manhattan to play bingo at the American Legion Hall. What a rip off it cost us $20 each to play, I had to split a bingo received $13, but there was one table of ladies cheating big time, they won 3 or 4 games. On the way home we were hit by the heaviest...

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Aug 6, 2009 - Hail!!!

House cleaning day today, it is truly amazing how much dirty laundry 2 people can generate. To day was a beautiful day temperature was in the mid 80's but this afternoon the temperature dropped, the wind came up then it started to hail. The hail storm only lasted a few minutes but long enough to turn the ground white. Some of the hail stones were almost as large as a golf ball. Then the rain came down in buckets for a few more minutes, after that we were back to our beautiful day. This evening we met Lonnie, Becky & the grand kids at The...

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Aug 5, 2009 - Old Faithful

This morning Mary & I took Jr., Sissy & Marcus to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful. A beautiful 50 mile drive up the canyon to Gardiner the entrance to Yellowstone where we had breakfast. A pleasant surprise when we got to the gate to pay instead of having to pay $25 I purchased a lifetime senior pass for $10. After we got into the park the road became very twisting so Mary got behind the wheel. We didn't get to Old Faithful until 1PM after seeing a few Elk & some Moutain Goats, we had to wait around until 2:20 for the next eruption. The...

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Aug 4, 2009 - Top of the Mountain

This morning we went to Natural Bridge Falls Sate Park, about 25 miles south of Big Timber. Along the way we had a discussion/argument about winding roads, car sickneness & whether or not being the driver helps. A beautiful drive up the Boulder River valley to the Gallatin National Forest. We were the only people at the falls. During spring high water run off there is a 100 foot water fall. As run off lessens the water goes under ground though caverns it has carved out of the limestone rock coming shooting out at the bottom of the falls. We...

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Aug 3, 2009 - Broadway in Manhatten

We were at Lonnie's shop before 8:00 to get the air in the tires checked. Drove directly to the Misouri Headwaters State Park to meet with the camp hosts to discuss what is involved in camp hosting there. We felt we had a good meeting & they said they would talk to Ken to recomend us for the job. We then went to Manhatten & had lunch at a cafe on Broadway, saw a sign that the Moose club plays Bingo on Friday night, we plan on coming back for that. Sent Caremark an e-mail letting them know that the prescriptions showed up & worked on...

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Aug 2, 2009 - Prescriptions Found

Kick back day, waiting for the rain to stop so they could get the race in at Pocono under way. About 3PM I decided to wash the car, about 4PM it decided to rain. The kids came over about 4:30 but because it was raining we went over to the Pop Stand & Grille for dinner & ice cream. They brought over our box of prescritions that UPS delivered to the wrong address & our mail which included the Streets & Trips program I ordered.

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Aug 1, 2009 - Fiddlin Around

Slept in this morning, Mary washed some more clothes, never realized how much laundry two people created. I worked on our route we plan to take on our trip to Texas. Watched the Nationwide race, glad to see Kesoloski take one from Kyle Bush. Went back down to the 34th annual Fiddler's picnic again tonight, thoughly enjoyed ourselves. We were supposed to go up to Bob & Janice's house for a picnic but Lonnie called saying Bob was sick so we will go at a later date. Lonnie and family are coming over tommorrow for a picnic here.

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Jul 28, 2009 - Park Host Candidates?

8AM we were on the freeway headed for Three Forks. First stop was Missouri Headwaters State Park. Met with Ken Heagney & Anne Ore the manager & asst managers of the park also introduced us to Ken Meyers one of the camp hosts. Neither of their camp hosts will be returning next year. Went into Three Forks for lunch at the Three Forks Cafe. Toured the Three Forks Historic Museum a extremely well done local museum that operates on donations. Next we went onto Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park where we met with Karen discussed camp hosting &...

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Jul 27, 2009 - Little C checkup

Had an 8AM appointment to take the Cobalt into Headwater where Lonnie is a mechanic. Lonnie checked the recall on the shift lever, turned the rear brake drums, resurfaced the brake shoes & had an extra key made. Lonnie brought the car back about 11AM, the bill came to $69. We drove to Bozeman to go to Wal-Mart & the Dollar store. Got lost looking for the the Dollar store, Had lunch at Famous Dave's first time for both of us. I had the St Louis Ribs, Mary had soup & salad. I thought mine was very good Mary didn't much like hers. Has been...

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Jul 25, 2009 - Breaking in the Coleman

Went into town to pick up some supplies for this afternoons bar-b-que. For the first time in the last month we got to watch some Nascar. Lonnie, Becky, the kids & Bob & Janice came over for a bar-b-que, finally got a chance to break in the Coleman that I got for Christmas. Once again at about 6:30 the wind went from 5mph to 50 mph in a matter of a few minutes, no rain.

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Jul 24, 2009 - Britta from Germany

Didn't do to much today. About 5:30 the wind went from 5 mph to 50 mph in a matter of a few minutes then started to rain. A young gal across the way from us was trying to keep her tent from blowing away. I went over to help her take it down & stuff it in the back seat of her car. Then invited her over to our coach to wait out the storm. Her name was Britta I would guess her to be in her early twenties. Turns out she is from Hamburg Germany has been in the US since February working for the conservation corps in Flagstaff then Santa Cruz. A...

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