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Jun 30, 2017 - Small Town America

After we left Bozeman we looked at the map and with no true plan in mind we decided to head into central Montana. After driving on Highway 191 that wound through towns that were miles apart we chose to stop in Lewistown, Montana. Lewistown was once territory of the Blackfoot Indians and it was named after Fort Lewis where Company “F” of the 7th US Infantry was stationed. The fort was established to provide military protection for people traveling on the Carroll Trail between Carroll and Helena, Montana. It was once a thriving town due to...

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Aug 11, 2015 - Moving on

We did a little touring in New Town and found out that it got its name due to a small pox out break that wiped out about 90% of three Indian tribes that lived here in separate villages. They decided to consolidate and called the village New Town. We went up to a look out area that overlooked what used to be the three different settlements. The big industry here is oil. They pump approximately 1 million barrels a day...and so far the price of gas is higher here than we have seen so far at $2.79/gal. Hmmmmm and our gas prices are going up...

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Sep 15, 2014 - Museum and Fisherdog

Today we visited the Central Mountain Museum despite it being closed for the season. When we saw the sign on the door we stepped next door and visited the Chamber of Commerce. To our surprise the nice lady there happily unlocked the museum and let us roam through on our own. After our history lesson we drove to Brewery Flats for a walk with Annie. Shortly after starting our walk we came across a woman with her dog. The dog was fishing! Seriously, he was staring at the water waiting to spot a fish. His owner said that he would stay there for...

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Sep 12, 2014 - Great Falls to Lewistown

Clear skies and warmer temperatures greeted us this morning as we prepared to depart Great Falls. Dick’s RV Park and Great Falls have made it onto our “return there” list. There is direct access from the RV Park to a paved bicycle trail that connects to a trail system on the Missouri River. I managed a relatively short run before we left, but would love to have explored more of the trails. It was a short 110 mile drive along route 87 from Great Falls to Lewistown. The road rolled up and down through the hills of western Montana with...

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Jun 11, 2013 - Lewistown, Montana

JUNE 8 -11 LEWISTOWN, MONTANA Saturday the 8th was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. An interesting travel along Highway 87 north from Billings. A short trip it was to have been into Great Falls, Montana where we had planned our last regrouping before hitting the Canadian border. Halfway to our destination the flat tire. Fortunately, we were able to pull off ranch driveway. Got the changed and back on the road. OOPS! About 50 yards we pulled off as far as possible. Not much on a no shoulder road. But, dead in the water we were. And all the...

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May 17, 2013 - Duct Tape

We are now in Lewistown, Montana which is considered the geographical center of Montana. It is also the county seat and largest city in the county (population 5,000). When I saw the billboard and signs as we entered the city, I knew I would have to break out the duct tape to apply to Art’s mouth. Some of the signs were: “Welcome to Lewistown from the Republican Tea Party;” “No God, No Peace; Know God, Know Peace.” “Abortion stops a beating heart.” “Sierra Club Sucks.” Aren’t those signs welcoming? At least we didn’t see the Ten Commandments...

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May 14, 2012 - Gillette, WY to Lewistown, MT

Monday, May 14, 2012 Gillette, Wyoming to Lewistown, MT 360 miles TRAVEL QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.” – Charles Kuralt No offense, Charles, but you got it wrong…..maybe where we come from there’s nothing much to see as you drive the interstates but trees, but out West…..wow, do they ever have scenery! I-90 West has been wondrous… Not a bad night last night at all; it was my first time ever actually sleeping in a...

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Oct 8, 2010 - Lewistown, MT

Finally arrived at Lewistown, MT, pheasant country, as well as white tail deer, mule deer,and elk, just in time for dinner plans with the hunting party. We have a total of eight hunters, and 7 dogs, actually 8 dogs counting Scruffy. I am not sure he will be able to keep up with the long legged labs and German Shorthair pointers. I hope he can swim as we will be crossing the streams, plus I am not sure how he will socialize with the big dogs. We may spend the entire day breaking up fights if Scruffy is anything like my last terrier. Just so...

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Apr 8, 2009 - Lewistown

Left Billings and headed for the truck and RV wash to get the dirt off. So it will look nice when we head into the rain that's on it's way! Man, this weather#$%^! Lovely rolling hill with some white snow still in the shadows but the mountain range in the distance are very white! There is small ranches here and there along the highway. It seems that they ranchers really favor black Angus cows because that's all we have seen. Something I have never seem outside of a zoo is prong honed antelope, they are plentiful in the mornings. We arrived...

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Jun 21, 2008 - Montana Hwy 200

Made our way half-way across Montana on Hwy 200. Road is scenic drive, up-down and good most of the way. Went a little farther than intended to reach Lewistown so we could make church tomorrow. Found St.Paul Lutheran and are spending the night in their lot. Will be the first to church in the morning! If you wonder why some of the pictures appear to be “spotted”, that is what happens when bugs hit a windshield. Next, can you imagine cleaning that windshield every day?

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