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Aug 31, 2014 - Glacier National Park, Aug

To follow up from last entry, as I said in a note, the problem with the motorhome turned out to be, as I suspected and hoped, the diesel filter. Once the new one was installed, the engine purred like a kitten... or should I say like a Cat-erpiller (which is the engine I have). As we drove west we could see the results of 6 inches of rain in the past couple days. The radio was saying that ALL county roads were closed and as you can see in the pictures, even US Hwy 2 had water over the highway in one place. We saw many fields under water and...

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Jun 8, 2014 - Cut Bank, MT

A looooong day of travel. Montana is a wide state. It was mostly prairie, some rolling hills, a lot of small lakes beside the road, and towards the west there are wind farms with a lot of windmills, the kind with 50 foot long blades. As we got closer to Glacier, we could see the mountains in the distance. But it will take us almost a day to get there. Those were some pretty high mountains. There is a definite difference in the types of big trucks. (This is noticed mostly by Larry.) In Wisconsin, they had so many more axles, like 6 or 7. The...

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Sep 1, 2013 - Oh, so close to Glacier... Cut Bank, MT

We traveled a lot over the last 5 days and when we leave here (Cut Bank) tomorrow, we'll only have about an hour before we get to the campground in East Glacier. 1st thing, washing clothes. We just checked and I only have one more pair of underwear, Bill, two! (We did wash once, already) From Glasgow, the landscape changed. More rolling hills, but still an abundance of farming, this time mostly wheat. Farmhouses and, what I would call complexes were about 2-5 miles apart, but surrounded with acres upon acres of land. Some of them had silos...

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Sep 12, 2012 - Guided Tour of Havre, MT Underground City

In 1904 four blocks of the downtown area burned so these businesses remained open by conducting their business in their basements and cellars. The businesses waited 3 years to build above ground because the brick factory didn't open until then. Tour included a step back in time as much as 100 years ago into the Sporting Eagle Saloon. A lot of the displays were from the 1900's to the 1930's. We saw an opium den, one of three known to exist in the early days, Chinese laundry, an ethnic restaurant, a 28 crib bordello, along with a mortuary,...

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Aug 19, 2012 - Cut Bank and on into Glacier National Park

We went to Cut Bank and stopped to do our laundry. Also this is the place where Jim's dad was born and grew up. We were only 15 or so miles from the Canadian border which seemed crazy. To be so far north after being so far south. We then made our way to Glacier National Park. I will tell more tomorrow but just so you know we are staying two more days. We love it here. I could spend the whole summer in these mountains. Yesterday we went hiking to see St. Mary's Falls but on the way back took a right turn rather than a left because the sign...

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Aug 19, 2012 - Camp Disappointment

Leaving Belt we traveled along Belt Creek for a while and then we parted ways and headed for Fort Benton. Historically, Fort Benton was known as the upper most point on the Missouri that steamboats could travel. They were key in supplying the Montana gold fields before the railroad was built. And these were special boats with a very shallow draft and a system to deploy poles and hop over sand bars. In fact, they were called “grasshoppers”. Today, Fort Benton’s claim to fame is that is the upper point of Missouri Breaks National Monument....

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Jul 24, 2012 - Cut Bank, MT

Our plan was to start heading southeast but our neighbor in Sandpoint suggested we keep on Route 2 because as one travels south, it gets really warm. He did however suggest we don’t try to find camping between Glasgow MT and Williston ND because oil workers have all the campsites. So we heeded his advice and headed to Cut Bank MT. We crossed the Continental Divide at Marias Pass, 5280 feet. The new bridge construction just passed East Glacier caused us to sit 20 minutes. A water truck hosed down the dirt we had to drive on when allowed to...

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Jul 4, 2011 - Fireworks every night! (at no extra charge)

What a place! Owners of this (one & only) RV park say the weather is mild here in the summer - rarely goes over mid 80's which is hard to believe by looking around at the dry grass covered hills. We were told by the visitor's bureau that there would be no Fourth of July celebration, but someone did not tell the Indians. The closest town towards the east entrance to Glacier Park is Browning-a typical Indian town (Blackfoot tribe). The fireworks start at dusk which is 10:00PM. Poor Tommie is having a terrible time with the sound of the...

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Jul 10, 2008 - Cut Bank, Montana

We are staying at an RV park in the Badlands of Montana somewhere along the Lewis and Clark trail. There is not much here except for a river which the dogs are loving. After having too be confined for the past couple of weeks they finally get to play in the river and run around free. They are very happy dogs now. The winds are horrible today blowing at about 40mph. The trailer is just rocking.

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