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Jul 7, 2011 - Spectacular Scenery...and an explanation

First........It has been brought to my attention that there are some of you who are not familiar with Moose Drool. This is a short coming that should be corrected, so attached is a picture of a bottle of said Moose Drool. It's one of the best brown ale I've ever drunk...I said brown ale not brown ales because brown ales doesn't look right...is it brown ales'? What's the plural of ale anyway? (I'm not sure the aforementioned prI mean oduct really adds to my already lacking writing skils, I mean skills.) Anyway, todasy, I mean today, pre-MD,...

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Jul 7, 2011 - Bozeman, Montana

We have arrived in Bozeman, Montana. We have very slow WiFi connections, so this will be short. We are here to check out the campgrounds in the area around Yellowstone National Park. We will be staying near Yellowstone for about a month starting around the 15th of July. Vickie and Sammy will be joining us on the 17th. We are looking forward to exploring Yellowstone with them. I will add more pictures of the area later when we have better WiFi.

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Jul 7, 2011 - Buying A Cowboy Belt Buckle

Buying a belt buckle is a very manly thing to do, and one that no woman can understand. You should not buy a new buckle if you can avoid it....you need a buckle that has had some experience. Ideally, it should be just mildly worn...not all beat up and worn out, preferably it should have been hocked by a down on his luck rodeo winner. Mine was...and you can't prove otherwise. So here's how I bought mine, an experience you can learn from. I casually wander into a shop in Bozeman that sells new and used western wear. To "throw them off", I'm...

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Jun 29, 2011 - Bound for Bozeman

After a very enjoyable stay in Sheridan, we took to the road again this morning bound for Bozeman, MT. This is truly beautiful countryside, sparsely populated, and rolling green hills. We took a break before Billings and again for lunch after a couple of hours. I took some pictures at the rest area of the snow-capped Crazy Peaks. The Yellowstone River is swelled to the banks and beyond and there’s still lots of snow melt to come. Trains run frequently and the bovines graze away contentedly in the fertile green fields. As we came into...

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Jun 24, 2011 - American Computer Museum

I am spending the next two days with Jane and Jim Simmons - RV friends who invited me to stay at their home in Bozeman before I head up to Glacier N.P. We spent all day catching up on news since we parted ways in Arizona last February. Tonight they took me to Ted's Montana for steak. Can't remember the last time I had prime rib. I arrived in town much earlier than expected so, on the recommendation of MJ and John who were here last week, I ducked into the American Computer Museum . What a great place. The exhibits trace the evolution of the...

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Jun 16, 2011 - Our Trip to Bozeman

So here was the plan we made last night. We had just spent an hour or more making our shopping list...the plan was we would leave between 6 and 7 this morning and get to Bozeman early. At 9:40 we pulled away from the coach, stopped for gas, and started on our way. 90 miles to Bozeman. Great drive...82 miles on 191 through the mountains and alongside the Gallatin River which is loaded with snow melt and really roaring out of the mountains. We stopped to take a couple of pictures and kept our eyes open for wildlife. Halfway through the trip...

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Oct 25, 2010 - Hey, there's snow in them thar hills

Monday, October 25, 2010 Friday was a nice sunny uneventful day to be headin west. Stopped at the Painted Desert wayside overlooking Teddy Roosevelt NP for lunch. Then stopped at Miles City, Montana for the night. Saturday was another nice one. Finally started to get into some mountain feeling country. It’s interesting in Montana because you follow the Yellowstone River, much of the time above and in sight of it, for several hundred miles and cross it many times. We made a stop in Billings at a walk-in clinic as I had an earache the night...

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Oct 10, 2010 - Bozeman MT

Another great day, hunting, 16 pheasant and 3 Huns, in the great MT fall weather, although I experienced a lot of disappointment and rejection, Scruffy fell in love with Anna Bell, a golden retriever/lab mix. I was sad that he chose to stay but I could not stand in the way of romance, plus he did not hunt, spent the entire day following Anna. Stop in Billings to visit them if you are in the area. I do not want a pup from that match. Moved down to Bozeman area to spend a night at Tom’s place, on a ranchette . Steve, Karl, and I are hunting...

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Oct 5, 2010 - Running on fumes

. The 295-mile drive from Story, Wyoming to Bozeman, Montana was mostly without incident today…except for the fact that we nearly ran out of fuel! North through Wyoming and west into Montana on I-90, we were experiencing exceptional fuel mileage of nearly 13 MPG and, with plenty of reserve showing on our fuel gauge, I decided to pass on filling the tank at the last accessible station east of Bozeman. Big mistake. I had forgotten about the high mountain pass that lies just east of Bozeman. The low fuel warning light came on about 2 miles...

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Sep 21, 2010 - Bozeman, MT

Monday and Tuesday, September 20-21 Bozeman KOA, Montana Monday we drove past Missoula (located in an old glacial lakebed) and Butte (historic cooper mining town) and encountered very dramatic skies! Bozeman is the 5th largest city in the state and its fastest growing county. Downtown Bozeman was a film location for “A River Runs through It.” Tuesday we had lunch at ‘Buffalo Bump Pizza’ located in a big red barn. We visited a couple antique stores then took Little Bear to Canine Beach Dog Park at Bozeman Pond. The area was fenced on three...

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Sep 3, 2010 - Day 175 - The Madison River and a dinner in a tree

Today I only visited one "tourist attraction" - Earthquake Lake. But, well, that's not really so, because the town of West Yellowstone caters to tourists big time. My goal was to do a loop that took me to the Madison River where I re-discovered fishing last year, and up and down two highways I had not yet visited. Goal accomplished. I fished the Madison last year and nary got a strike. Ditto this year. But there is something pure and wonderful about fishing the Madison and I released all woes with every cast. The highlight on the river...

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Sep 2, 2010 - Day 174 - Yellowstone...the north loop

I'm so close to Yellowstone I simply had to return. Besides, I've never entered from Gardiner so the trip to thePark is a new one for me. Hunter and I left at nine this morning and did not get home til seven. I was pooped. We didn't put on a huge number of miles... there was just pullout after pullout to pull out pull over and take some pictures. Yellowstone is fascinating in flora, fauna and the incredible thermal earth they dwell upon. I didn't see what some may think is the best part...geysers, mud pots, the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, but...

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