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Sep 19, 2013 - Day 10 - Bozeman, MT

We spent the day today in Bozeman, MT. Bozeman is a beautiful city, surrounded by beautiful mountains. Bozeman was named for John Bozeman, who brought the first wagon train of pioneers to settle the Gallatin Valley. The trail he blazed became not only a highway for settlers and miners but also a flashpoint between the Native Americans and the settlers. Three years after bringing settlers to the valley, Bozeman was killed by the Sioux, and his trail remained unused for 9 years because of repeated attacks upon settlers. The valley that...

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Sep 18, 2013 - Day 9 - Great Falls, MT to Bozeman, MT

Great Falls, MT was a fairly large city. I actually ventured out on my own for a little while and did a little shopping, leaving Mike at the campground to do whatever it is he does. :-) I am sure he was glad to be on his own for a bit as was I. We went Southeast from Great Falls headed for Bozeman. We left behind the Big Open spaces and the Central Heartland and started to get into the first real mountains called the Little Belt Mountains. Spectacular is all I can say. Pictures just don't do justice to any of this. Montana is broken down...

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Sep 8, 2013 - The Plan

The four of us will leave Saturday morning, September 21, 2013. Cinda is coming from North Carolina and Lin, Ed, and Karen from New York. If all goes as planned, we will meet in Denver where we will take the same plane to Bozeman, Montana, to begin our adventure. Thanks for joining us!

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Aug 8, 2013 - Pioneer mtns

We got back on I90 and headed toward Butte and saw the Pioneer Mt Scenic Byway. We are always looking for the dotted lines on highway maps that show great roads. This one took us to Wise mt and then down a road where we stopped and hiked into Coolidge which was an old mining town. We looked around and even Yukon walked the mile round trip. Camped off a forest service road where a deer walked up to the back of the camper.

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Aug 7, 2013 - Bozeman montana

We headed to Bozeman to resupply and then went down 191 towards Big Sky to find a campsite. Found a little pay site and decided to stay since it was getting late. Had thought we would do the 191 loop but figured it would be crowded with Yellowstone tourists.

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Jul 20, 2013 - Bozeman County Fair

Another beautiful day in Montana! Lisa and the Burr's crew decided to check out the county fair, while George headed over to visit one of his utility business associates. George is getting pretty impressed by the amount of land folks own here in Montana, their spectacular homes and views. He is starting to ask about real estate costs and taxes, Uh-Oh! The rest of the crew checked out the local fair. It was a bit warm, close to 100 degrees, but under the tents was a wee cooler. The livestock barns had big fans and sprinkler systems, which...

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Jul 19, 2013 - A day of rest

Lisa's cousin, Thad Burr and family arrived last night around 9:00ish and were able to reserve the site right behind us. They were coming in from spending a few days camping and exploring Yellowstone National Park. It was great to see them and we spent the day, relaxing, enjoying the campground (mini- golfing, swimming, and playing games). Thad & Claudia headed out to turn in their rental camper for a rental car. It was pretty warm, but under our tree there was a nice breeze and we were comfortable in the shade. In the afternoon, we decided...

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Jul 18, 2013 - Returning to Bozeman

We woke to a clear beautiful morning, boy the air is clear up on the Church ranch. The snow topped Beartooth Mountain Range was spectacular this morning, after watching storms move across the mountains last evening it was nice to see them clearly this morning. Steve's hospitality continued with blueberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast. To bring a touch of Connecticut to the meal, we contributed some maple syrup from my parent's property. After our farewells and promises to visit each other again, maybe in New Hampshire next time, we...

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Jun 30, 2013 - Travel day - Deer Lodge, MT to Bozeman, MT

We didn't have to unhook the car to enjoy some interesting things. As you can see in the pictures we saw a horse and a cowgirl plus a beautiful rainbow. The storm clouds moved overhead but didn't do anything until it went further east, but we did get to enjoy the most brilliant rainbow. This morning while we was getting ourselves ready and having breakfast a storm came thru going from south to north, but it was finished before we were ready to get the coach ready. How lucky was that? And also it wasn't moving east, the direction we was...

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Trip Journal

2013 - Here we come

Jun 26, 2013 - BOZEMAN, MT

Today we headed on west towards Bozeman, MT. What a neat town! It's a college town, seems very "new" and so clean. Very "yuppy", the Main Street downtown area is lots of neat shops. And people walking around with their "yuppie puppies" in and out of the shops. First on the list of things to do was find a barber shop, Jim was in desperate need of a hair cut. The one the GPS took us too was on the Main Street. So got to walk around and check out some of the neat shops. Then on to the American Computer and Robotics Museum. Not only is Bozeman...

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Jun 23, 2013 - Settled in Bozeman

We are back at Sunrise RV Campground. We will be here for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3?, maybe 4? We will be spending time with Eden and Family, Son Matt will also be moving here, arriving on 3 July. Looking forward to seeing that part of the family again ... We will be taking some day trips and start planning for a loooooong trip home, after all, that's what we wanted to do when we started full timing ... Stay tuned

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Jun 16, 2013 - Yellowstone NP and Bozeman, MT

Well today, Sun we drove from Cody WY to Bozeman, MT. After 5 days without TV and very sporadic (usually none) internet and phone service, we are happy to be back in touch with the world. Fortunately I jotted down my thoughts. Thurs. June 13, 2003 Got up at 6AM to get an early start into Yellowstone. Saw 2 Bison just next to the Ranger check in station. First area we saw was Yellowstone Lake. It is the largest high altitude lake in North America. It is 14 mi wide and 20 mi long with 110 mi of shoreline, 136 sq miles average depth 139 ft and...

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