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Jun 13, 2006 - On the road again

Got the rig back yesterday afternoon, and decided that it was too late to go too far so we went back to Ponderosa for the night. Headed out to go back through Yellowstone on the way to Bozeman, MT. It rained last night, so the construction area was pretty muddy. Needless to say the rig was a mess. The sun was out until we got to canyon and the thunderstrom rolled in. Wow, what rain. At one point we had to pull off the road because we couldn't see because the wipers counldn't keep up with the rain and sleet. We finally got out of the rain...

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Oct 11, 2005 - Bozeman, MT

Looked up some wonderful people in Bozeman, MT (see pics)!! We learned that people who live in Montana.... ....heat with wood ....have large dogs (and consider Maxie a sissy) ....put pictures of wildlife all over their walls and then eat them for dinner ....give hunks of frozen elk as a hospitality gift ....have blue sky every day ....wear blue jeans with 'stylish' hoodies ALL the time ....don't wear jackets unless frost forms on their mustache ....and call drivers who white-knuckle it through the mountains 'flat landers' Off to try to get...

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Sep 14, 2005 - Bozeman, MT

Sept 14 - Bozeman, MT This has to be the nicest evening we'd had so far. We are in south central Montana at 4800 feet near the foothills of Yellowstone National Park. Wide open rolling terrain with another mountain range to the north of us. Clear blue skies with a few light clouds, temp about 70 degrees F and no wind. We're up on a hill at Bear Canyon campground with a nice view back to Bozeman. There is a heated pool (first time we've had this) so the kids had a blast before dinner. The key stop today was the Lewis and Clarke Caverns State...

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Aug 23, 2005 - Circumnavigating Lava Lake watershed

This was my favorite day hike of the summer. July 2nd!!! A circumnavigation of the watershed above a popular lake hike called Lava Lake - instead of stopping at the lake (three miles in), we ventured off to the high country that surrounded the lake. Just 20 minutes out of town, on the east side of the Spanish Peaks. My climbing/cruisin buddy Phil joined me, and it was a solid undertaking for a bunch of 40 somethings. Fifteen miles, 12 hours, elevation gain and lose of about 5,000 feet. After having gotten home to often feel like being here...

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Aug 17, 2005 - an unsolicited testimonial

Today was a mostly driving day - about 425 miles. On such days one's mind turns to the mundane needs of an RV traveler. Needs: reasonably priced fuel, pumps spaced far apart so we can swing around them pulling the trailer, overhang high enough so we don't hit it with our roof AC, clean bathroom facilities, US Today (newspaper) vending machine, place to dump gray water (used for showering and washing dishes) from holding tanks, squeegee with extra long handle so you can reach over the truck's hood and scrape all the bugs off... Whenever we...

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Jul 28, 2005 - Kalispell to The Black Hills

7/28, 29, 30th Kalispell to The Black Hills We decided to take the scenic route from Kalispell to I-90. Getting off the major highways and onto the "Blue Highways" can be a little risky with a rig our size. The choice of 83 South from Big Fork is a great choice. It is a good road with excellent scenery. We stopped in the parking lot of a general store to fix lunch. Later in the day as we approached the Continental Divide on I-90, the winds picked up! There were gusts in excess of 30 knots. We got off the interstate to rest a while and found...

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Jul 6, 2005 - Sheridan to Bozeman

Sheridan to KOA, Bozeman, MT Wednesday left our KOA after chowing down the usual breakfast We are on our way to Bozeman, Mt.; we are staying where we stayed a week ago. Today I got my third mosquito bite, I'm waiting for the West Nile Virus to kick in. This is the one KOA that doesn't have a food offering, we will be eating cherrios in the morning. Tomorrow we head to W. Yellowstone. Nothing else to report from here.

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Jun 28, 2005 - Museum of the Rockies

We left Island Park ID and headed into West Yellowstone. Amanda said West Yellowstone reminded her of Atlantic City - very touristy. We were just passing though into Yellowstone Park again. Entered through the west gate which was much busier than the east gate. We were still hoping to see bears, but no luck. We did enjoy seeing the moose, elk, bison and maybe an eagle again. Our target for the day was Bozeman, MT, home of the Museum of the Rockies. Bozeman looks like a very prosperous town - lots of new construction. The real estate prices...

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Jun 28, 2005 - Missoula to Bozeman

Missoula to KOA, Bozeman, MT Today we had an all you can eat pancake breakfast again at the club house. Once we arrived in Bozeman the rain and coolness disappeared. A freight train passed us with 3 flatbeds of airplanes minus the wings. Sorry, didn't get a picture, but it was unique. After 3 days of traveling up and up the mountains, (sometimes in 2nd gear doing 40 mph) we crossed the continental divide at Homestake pass (elevation 6393 ft.) then started the decent down the grade (back in 2nd gear, 25 mph).

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May 30, 2005 - Montana

My chosen route to Montana from Idaho included following the Salmon River Northeast and then crossing into Montana over Lemhi Pass. Then I would proceed through the Jefferson River Valley and pick up I90 West of Bozeman. This is the same route that Lewis & Clark followewd in reverse on their journey West. It was just before Lemhi Pass, in August 1805, that they finally made contact with the Shoshoni who provided horses, food and guides to take them on to the Bitterroots and the difficult crossing of Lolo Pass. This was facilitated by the...

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Trip Journal

Truckin' 2005

Aug 9, 2004 - Bye Bye Bozeman

Hello All, Even given the two hour difference with the east coast, most of you are fast asleep as I write this - it's 4:09 AM on Monday the 9th. I've been threatening to stay up all night before I left on my trip, and low and behold that is just what I've come close to doing. With an hour or so of things to do before I'm fully ready, I'll get an hour of shut-eye before I head off for airport. This may ultimately help me, as I'll bet I'll sleep much on the plane. And I have lots of time to sleep, as I head from Bozeman to Seattle to Tokyo...

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Jul 28, 2004 - Intro to Tom's Trip

Howdy All, I am working on setting up my trip website, and figured I'd use it as an opportunity to introduce you to my trip, my itinerary, and my website. Let's see how well this works. So, I leave on August 9th for what will be a 6.5 month trip around the world. I have purchased an "around the world" ticket through Northwest/KLM, which allows me to fly to up to 15 places using no more than 40,000 miles of air travel. Based on the itinerary posted on this website, I have used all but 120 miles of my 40,000 mile allotment. For a geographic...

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