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Sep 26, 2017 - Part 1, Clarksville, Missouri

Traveling across Eastern Colorado and western Kansas on I-70 is quite boring. It really is as flat as you imagine it to be. But we can see the little towns in the distance and almost all of them have one or more impressive church spires standing high above the surrounding corn fields. For our first night out of Colorado Springs, we landed in Ellis, Kansas, about a third of the way across the state. We stayed in the Ellis Lakeside City Campground, with a view across the narrow lake to a beautiful stone church. The sunset was amazing; the...

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Aug 7, 2013 - Budweiser Clydesdales!

We're getting back to civilization and less rural life. But the Missouri humidity is following us. We had a beautiful ride through farmland on the first part of our drive today. We even went through Mexico…. As in Mexico, Missouri, not the country Mexico. Then we hit I-70. We're traveling west in between St. Louis and Kansas City, so we're definitely back to civilization. The one thing I will be grateful for is a good Internet connection and good cell service. We were in the center of a town yesterday and I could barely get one bar on my...

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Aug 3, 2013 - More on the Mississippi

Early Saturday afternoon, we headed into Clarksville for the chili contest. They have this contest every year but had to delay it due to the flooding of the Mississippi. We bought our $3 tickets to get in and then 50 cents per tasting. We tried quite a few tastings and some were pretty traditional and some had some interesting ingredients. We were surprised how far some of the people came from to enter the contest. And we were also surprise to see a sign saying that the contest was sanctioned by the International Chili Society. Who...

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Jul 31, 2013 - Clarksville, Missouri

We woke up to another drizzly day. Since we only had a 3 hour drive to our next destination, we decided to take it easy this morning and go out to breakfast. We drove up to Atlanta through some back farm roads with beautiful views. We planned on going to a recommended restaurant but found it to be closed. On our way back to the freeway for the return trip we saw a small café and decided to just stop there. It turned out they had great food and we had breakfast including coffee for under $10 . Duke enjoyed going with us in the car. I hope he...

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Sep 23, 2010 - Severe Weather

We have spent the last 7 days pretty much holed up in the RV due to one thunderstorm after another. We are at Tievoli Hills Resort in Clarksville and unbeknown to us I had backed into a site that had a teeny tiny creek behind us. Our second night here we had to evacuate quickly at 4 am due to the "NOW River" that was about to go over the banks. As it was, when I stepped out into the rain I had water up above my ankles. As I attempted to unhook the utilities I landed right on my back side in the water and mud. I'm having fun now!! On day 4...

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