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Aug 1, 2011 - Part Two: Iron Range Explorations

The weather continued to defy the predictions, so we continued our discovery of the local area and proceeded to “The Iron Ore Capital of the World” – Hibbing, the largest Iron Range city. Frank Hibbing founded his town in 1893 on the spot where he discovered iron ore, but with money and people pouring into nearby Virginia, Hibbing got off to a very slow start. However, with more mines found in the area, Hibbing had 20,000 people by 1915 with a thriving downtown with the only problem being the mines were thriving and expanding and eating...

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Jul 9, 2010 - Second day on the Mesabi

I forgot to mention that because I got sick, we stayed a third night at the Mitchell-Tappan B&B, but since our room was booked, we were given the third floor accommodations. This was also a beautifully decorated floor which, I think, is meant for a family with kids. Pam took some pictures of it which I will attach. After our wonderful breakfast today at the B&B, we packed our bags and put them into the Durango. Then we mounted our bikes again and headed back to the trail head in Hibbing. Today we rode from Hibbing to Grand Rapids, a total...

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Jul 8, 2010 - Back on track

When I woke up this morning, I felt amazingly human again. We went downstairs and had our breakfast that. Pam, our hostess, had prepared--mini waffles, fruit, and bacon. We then packed up our day travel gear on our bikes. Since the sky was blue and the weather forecaster had said very little chance of rain today, we decided to leave the rain gear behind. We rode our bikes to the Mesabi Trail trailhead next to the Greyhound bus museum here in Hibbing and purchased our two-day passes (to ride this trail a person is supposed to buy a pass for...

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Jul 7, 2010 - SICK!

John Steinbeck once wrote "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry" (okay, he wasn't the first to write it, but he use the quote in the title of one of his books). Today's plans were to ride bikes on a local trail, but as I got up and felt the illness welling up in me, I knew that wasn't going to happen. I won't get into details or share any photos (because I don't have any), but now that I have time to reflect, I believe I had a 24+ hour stomach virus. We had to postpone or plans until tomorrow.

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Jul 6, 2010 - Heading to Hibbing

We spent most of the morning and early afternoon traveling up through Wisconsin and northeastern Minnesota. We arrived at our Bed & Breakfast in Hibbing. It is called the Mitchell-Tappan House. Hibbing is a very historical mining town. This three-story structure was the home of the first superintendent of the mining company in the town. An interesting fact about this town is that it had to be moved two miles because iron ore was found right underneath the town, and this very house was the first residence to be moved. We highly recommend...

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Jul 13, 2007 - Northern Minnesota

The northern part of this state is known for its beautiful lakes and fishing. It was also a watery highway for the Voyagers to carry supplies and furs to and from trappers in the Canadian Northwest to markets in the east for nearly two centuries. The famous Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Voyageurs National Park highlight a chain of lakes and rivers adjourning Canada; today they are a wondrous place for canoeing adventures. Northern Minnesota is also famous for its huge deposits of iron ore and open pit mines. The Mesabi Range...

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Jul 20, 2006 - Grand Rapids, MN- Bunte and Celeste's awesome campground

We are finally out of Duluth and on the road again. (Notice that I spelled "Duluth" correctly this time, thanks to all my friendly spell-checkers out there! I have since corrected it on the previous journal entries.) We are now camping out at our friends, Bunte and Celeste, in Grand Rapids, MN. Bunte and Celeste were nieghbors of Gail's in Bethel, AK for years before moving to their beautiful land on a wild and scenic river in this part of Minnesota. They have built a wonderful home with most of the finishing touches personnally done...

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