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Aug 3, 2018 - Manistee, Michigan

Part 2 Having entertained ourselves, we now head to Manistee. We stop at the home of John’s friend, Phil. Phil takes us on a tour of Manistee. He grew up here. We see Lake Michigan. We also see deer. Manistee has a large urban deer population. We head to our campground. Phil is going to pick John up at 6:30 and take him fishing. Should be fun.

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Jul 4, 2018 - Happy Independence Day

We hope everyone has enjoyed their Independence Day holiday today, but took a few minutes to consider why we celebrate this holiday. We hope that everyone took a few minutes to remember why we have this holiday. In July of 1776, at the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, 56 men pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to the ideals laid out in the Declaration of Independence. The freedom that was was won by George Washington and his army, and has been defended in the 242 years since by our men and women in...

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Jul 1, 2018 - Little River Band Pow Wow

The Casino where we are staying is owned by the Little River Band Of Ottawa Indians and as part of the Manistee National Forest Festival they hold a Pow Wow or Jiingtamok the native language. It's an opportunity for families and friends of the Ottawa Indians and other tribes to come together to dance and to sing. Saturday morning was not an ideal day for dancing as the temperature was over 95 F before the event and the relative humidity was near 100%. I was uncomfortable sitting in the sun watching the festivities. I can just imagine what...

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Jun 29, 2018 - At the Casino

We left the Traverse City area and headed south to Manistee. We're staying at the Little River Casino RV Park. The Casino is run by the Little River Band of the Ottawa Indians. It a nice RV Park with full hook-ups and cable TV (Sue is happy), an indoor and outdoor pool and access to the Casino and restaurants. We'll be here until July 6. Manistee is the center of the Manistee National Forest Festival held every year over the Independence Day Holiday for the last 80 years. It's 6 days of activities with a big fireworks show on Lake Michigan...

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Aug 3, 2016 - Manistee and Ludington

This morning we drove to Manistee which is about 15 minutes from us. This small city is on Lake Michigan and has a lighthouse, Coast Guard Station and a River Walk along the river that flows into Lake Michigan. We took Penny with us and walked along the river enjoying seeing boats including one similar to the 1973 Ericson sailboat we had from 1980-1998. Some nice salmon caught by fishermen were going to be cleaned and become dinner for some folks around here. In the afternoon we drove to Ludington State Park which is also on Lake...

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Aug 2, 2016 - Manistee

We drove the scenic route yesterday from Traverse City to just north of Manistee, riding on Michigan 22, the highway that goes along the shore of Lake Michigan. Our lunch stop was out of this world. We stopped at a rest area clinging to the highest point on Lake Michigan in western Michigan. It was a a challenging 125 steps up to the very highest point but, oh, what a view. The colors of Lake Michigan are so beautiful. I also enjoy the sensation that I could be on the coast of Maine as much as Michigan. But as they say, "The Great Lakes, no...

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Jul 31, 2014 - Manitee, Michigan

Well, our day didn't start out so well. We were planning on meeting Vicky and her dog, Oliver at the dog park for a quick play date before we left the area and we were greeted with a dead battery in the car. UGH! So Jay hooked up the charger and we called Vicky to see if she could pick the 3 of us up. So while the car battery was charging, Rocky played with Oliver and Abbey, a new dog park friend, at the dog park. When we got back, unfortunately, the battery wouldn't charge. So Vicky gave us a jump start and we headed to a Buick dealer In...

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Oct 1, 2013 - Day 1

Spent the weekend with family and friends. Our goodbyes were bittersweet--lots of tears. Spent last night with Maddie, Lisa, Branden, and Oma. Again alot of tears. Left for Manistee, MI in early AM. The colors were absolutely beautiful on the drive over. We spent the day and evening with Lorraine and Tim. We are going to miss everyone so much but are eager and excited to finally realize our dream of travelling in our Motor Home.

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Aug 18, 2012 - Back At The Michigan Mini Rally

From Little River Casino RV Park – Manistee, MI We have reached the Mini Michigan Rally once again……….sure seems this year just flew by and that we were just here a short time ago. Guess that is what happens in life when you get older and when you are enjoying your life and traveling as we have been doing the last 4 ½ years. But on the other hand the cooler temps have been a long time coming back around……….it went to 45 degrees over night and has been a beautiful Saturday thus far……….no more “heat wave” triple digit complaining! When we...

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Trip Journal

Home Sweet RV - 2012

Aug 18, 2012 - Manistee MI

Not too long a drive to the Little River Casino in Manistee MI. Big Greg and Judy and Stan and Connie were at the office when we pulled up. Besides giving us a discounted rate for the campsite as part of the rally we also got $100 in food coupons and $100 for use in the slots. What a deal! The campsites are very nice with full hookups but not too many trees. And there is a nice pavilion for our pot luck. And it’s a short walk to the casino and hotel. So, all in all, a good deal. Judy and Greg, the organizers, chose well. We went to Mass on...

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Aug 13, 2012 - Casino time

Monday, August 13 Manistee, MI Yesterday, we visited the casino for dinner. While we were there, we registered to play some slot machines. Because it was my birthday this month, I was given a chance to spin the wheel and win some food vouchers or credit on my casino card. I won $10 that I used in the slot machine to win $32. I played no more than 5 minutes and cashed out to take the money home with me.

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Aug 8, 2012 - Arrived at Manistee & then off to Ludington

Arrived in Manistee which is a rest break....then we arrived in Ludington today the 15th and afer we got parked I went for groceries then we went to the Amber Elk Ranch!!! OMG it was fantastic....we rode in a wagon pulled by a John Deere Tractor that I really wanted to drive but the young lady driver did a great job....the elk came running knowing we would feed them...the are definately beautiful creatures...we will go back on Saturday to try Elk burgers....

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