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Aug 2, 2018 - Ludington, Michigan

Part 2 On board, I get my seat for Badger BINGO. I win a game. I have a new Badger Notepad! We dock in Ludington, Michigan. The ship backs into the dock. The tractors come off the ship and line up. They wait for their escort across town. The motorcycles, thunderbirds and large RV’s disembark. Finally, we see our rig drive off. It is time to get ourselves off the Badger. It is another great crossing. Fun at the beginning. Fun at the end. BINGO in the middle. Fortunately, our campground is close by. We are now back on Eastern Standard Time....

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Jul 24, 2017 - Ludington, Michigan

The S. S. Badger is only an hour away and doesn’t leave until 2:00. We get an early start. We are not sure how the day will go. We head to the dump station. None of our gauges work. John asks if the 12-volt switch got turned off. “The one under the bed?” I climb under. Yep. I was moving things around this morning. The gauges are back working. Our first stop is Walmart. We buy water and coolant. There is a rest area half-way to Manitowac. The RV seems to be running okay. That’s the problem. We cannot wait for the coolant to get low. We stop...

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Jul 16, 2017 - Ludington, Michigan

We get an early start. A block from the campground, we stop to take pictures of two wood storks. They are pretty far away. It is then back to the interstate. We head north to Lansing and then west to Grand Rapids. Since it is Sunday, there is little traffic. When we reach the coast of Lake Michigan, we see many more RV’s as we head north again to Ludington. Thank goodness we are only doing this for two days. Again, we keep the time in the RV to under three and a half hours. There is nothing to look at on the interstate. We stop for our...

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Oct 4, 2014 - Ludington, MI

We had another amazing day in Michigan, this time in Ludington. It was quite a drive, about ninety miles, but we wanted to make sure to see the lighthouse in the area. We will be leaving this area in a couple of days and driving right by it on the way to Muskegon. You can’t just stop anywhere in a forty foot RV pulling a car, so we made sure we got to see this one before moving. :-) We had hoped to see another one there too, but just as we arrived at the state park the rain started coming down like cats and dogs. It would have been a two...

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Jun 9, 2014 - Ludington, MI

Next, before we stop in Petoskey for a month, is a short stop in Ludington, MI. Not much to report here, but Stephanie is adamant that the map in the blog shows it. While we were here, the folks felt like summer arrived, as the temperature was in the sixties. We felt like it was a grand winter day in AL, GA, or SC. Actually, Ludington is a quaint town on the shores of Lake Michigan and is kind of a summer haven with a grand marina and city park on the lake. A tidbit: the lake is 60 miles wide and the ferry takes 4 hours to cross to Manitowoc,...

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Jun 29, 2013 - Ludington and ready for the cruise

Today we drove west, across country to Ludington, Mi, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Tomorrow morning we are booked on the SS Badger for our cruise across the lake to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Tonight we are at Vacation Station, a very nice resort, with concrete pads and large sites. We have enjoyed a nice walk around the park and are now settling in to watch the NASCAR race in Kentucky, although I think there is a chance of a rain-out. the sun is shining bright tonight, after a cloudy day. A nice change from all the rain yesterday.

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Aug 21, 2012 - Our last day at Ludington and Lake Michigan

Well we spent a week in Ludington, Michigan which is on the west coast of Lake Michigan and the home of the Badger car ferry.....it is 410 feet long and holds 180 vehicles and 600 passengers...it make a daily trip to a town in Wisconsin called Manitowoc....we spent one day going to a town a few miles south called Pentwater...cute place we had a good time checking out the Bitchen Kitchen and having lunch at house of Flavors.....then our last day we went to get our last fix of lake Michigan....sad to say good by to the lake but we will be...

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Jul 22, 2012 - Let's Go to Ludington

Move day today. We probably could have stayed a little longer in Muskegon and found things to do but we decided to move on north to Ludington. It was an easy drive of 49 miles and we even stopped at a rest stop. We were mostly killing time because the RV park we were going to has a 2 o’clock check-in time….way too late for us. When we arrived, the RV’s were lined out along the road waiting to check in. This is a really busy campground and it is huge. Families are out in droves around here for summer vacation. Joe stayed with the rig and I...

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Sep 9, 2011 - Ludington to Wisconsin Dells

Thursday, Sept 8th - Today was a long day of travel. Lost time because of two of our exits being closed due to accidents on the QEW and then missed a turn onto another route. Long lines at the border crossing added to the time loss. In total we loss about an hour, but still arrived at our hotel at 4:20 pm. Dinner in the hotel restaurant and then back to our rooms for some R&R to get ready for an early start tomorrow. Friday, Sept 9th- Had to be at the ferry docks for 8:00 so we met for our continental breakfast in the lobby at 7:00; had...

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Aug 12, 2011 - Getting ready for the Cruise Ship to Wisconsin

Traveled off the beaten trail to Ludington, Michigan. Instead of following the Map-Quest route on the Interstate 75, we worked our way down the coast of Lake Michigan to Ludginton. It was a beautiful day again, stopped couple places along the way for lunch or other types of breaks. Cindy made friends with the "lake" gulls rather quickly after we had lunch in a beautiful city park on the way to Ludington, as you may see in the photos. Also officially affixed the "MI" sticker to the bumper of Lucy. We arrived about 4 PM, and into the heated...

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Nov 18, 2010 - OK, Here we go for another Winter 'On The Road'

Hi All, We left the house on Thursday afternoon the 18th fro New Jersey. We made it to Cabellas in Dundee, MI about dark or so for the night. Day 2 on the road got us well into PA. Day 3 got us to our Son's house in Neptune City, NJ. We will be here through November 28 when we will move 75 miles to South Jersey to visit old neighbors and friends. We are parked in Brad's drive with our coach. We have a big wedding the day after Thanksgiving. Ted Jr. is getting married to a great lady. Terri is her name. We saw our oldest grand son Daniel for...

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Sep 20, 2010 - Ludington, MI

Our first night out we stayed in Ludington, Michigan. We are going to take a car ferry across Lake Michigan to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They loaded a good many big rigs on the boat along with all the passenger cars and pickups. The vehicles are loaded into the belly of the beast. As luck would have it, the wind was blowing a pretty good clip during the 60 mile, 4 hour vogage making the Lake a bit rough. Many people on board were getting sick (Cheryl included). We decided after this ride that perhaps we might not want to take an ocean cruise...

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