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Jul 17, 2010 - Day Trip To Isle Royale, MI

Today the trip to Isle Royale National Park sails. It is a two and a half hour trip to the island. We have three hours on the island. Everyone is talking about how rough Lake Superior was yesterday but today it is calm. The Isle Royale National Park is in Michigan. If you sail from Michigan, it is a much longer trip. You have to look at a map to understand why this island is in Michigan. If you draw a straight line from northeast Minnesota to northwest Michigan, the Island ends up in Michigan even though it is closer to Minnesota. As we...

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Jul 4, 2008 - Fri. - Isle Royale NP

(We take a boat trip to Isle Royale NP - Drive just a few miles around Grand Portage, MN) 06:00 AM The alarm goes off and Jo Ann Makes JD get up and turn it off. It is still so quiet around here and it is quite cool in the cabin. We have to catch the boat for Isle Royale at 9:30 so we get up and get dressed. We go downstairs and find Betty already up and the coffee made. We then cook our breakfast. We have bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, juice and coffee. 07:15 AM JD gets in the shower while Jo Ann and Betty clean up the kitchen. Jo Ann is...

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