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Jul 15, 2017 - Grass Lake, Michigan

It is another great start to the day. We have coffee outside. John continues to work on hummingbird videos. Peggy does her morning chores. It is then time to have breakfast in town. John and Peggy tell us of their plans to sabotage the RV so that we will stay. They sure do make us welcome. We get the RV ready for travel. We say our good-byes. We pull to the end of the driveway. John H. walks up. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, we are taking pictures of the deer across the street.” We often tell people that we are easily distracted. Our goal for...

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Sep 6, 2012 - Family Time in Detroit, Michigan

Last night we spent a wonderful evening with Ronley & Kristi, learning about their recent move to the Detroit area where Ronley is working for Ford. Kristi found the Monroe Street Grill and suggested we meet there for dinner. Afterward, we followed them to their home for relaxation, berry crisp and playtime with their new kitty, Lexie. And also to generally get caught up see last seeing them in Rapid City, South Dakota over a year ago. A neat young couple with love, ambition and courage. This morning we departed Monroe and drove about 75...

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Jun 15, 2012 - Feeling Good Today after injections yesterday morning.

I'm keeping everyone updated here, because it's easier with every one's addresses here on this web site. Had the second round of injections yesterday and had a pretty rough afternoon with anesthesia still in my system and a little nausea. I'm feeling good this morning and have appointments with two doctors this afternoon, then hopefully headed up to Cedarville in the morning. I am becoming very knowledgeable about migraines through all this process and am learning more and more each day. I am also learning a lot about having this chronic...

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Jun 13, 2012 - Back in Jackson, Grass Lake area in Michigan

After three and 1/2 weeks back home in Indiana we are back up in the campground near Chelsea, Michigan where I go tomorrow for my round two of cervical facet blocks on my neck, and visits with my neurologist and psychologist at MHNI in Ann Arbor on Friday. I am making progress because my migraines are less frequent and way less severe. We will be heading on up to Cedarville where we stay for the rest of the summer on Saturday. July 23rd I come back down for another appointment at MHNI. They are really keeping a close watch on me, for which...

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May 23, 2012 - Lunch at the Chocolate Shoppe, and finding Tim Hortons

Yesterday we went downtown Chelsea and ate at a really nice small deli type shop that had lots of really delicious looking chocolates and good sandwiches. We ate lunch there, and across the street was the famous Jiffy Foods Factory. We didn't know It was located in Chelsea. After my visit today with the anesthesiologist, I am scheduled for several injections in my cervical (neck) area under anesthesia tomorrow at 1:30. I have made progress, but am still having migraines. I see my neuro next Tuesday, then a decision will have to be made...

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May 20, 2012 - Taking each day as it comes.

To all my family and friends: Thursday after I went to my neurologist, I was told to stop immediately all my migraine abortive meds and my pain meds. This was a little scary until he laid out their plan called the "Migranal Burst". It is a combination of 5 different meds taken at different times of the day for 3 days. This is to stop the cycle of headaches and hopefully give me different medicine if and when they come back. I definitely was into rebound headaches which is not good. I'm into the evening of the 3rd day, and doing well, feel...

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May 17, 2012 - Slight Detour on Medical Plan for Medicare Patients-Frightening

Well, I will start out with the positive side of our stay so far. We had a great visit with John and Judy yesterday. The campground we are in is really very very nice, quiet,small and friendly,and dog friendly. The bad news has to do with our "wonderful Medicare plan. While we were shopping for groceries yesterday in Jackson, I received a call from my headache institute that because of Medicare stipulations, I cannot be admitted into a hospital for this until I try a series of out-patient services. One-seeing my neurologist again which is...

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May 15, 2012 - Early trip to Michigan for Medical Reasons

As most of you know, I have had an on going problem with migraines which have increased lately to almost daily. I had an all day visit at the Michigan Head/Pain Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, MI Monday, and will go into the hospital in Chelsea, MI next Monday for 7 to 10 days for treatment. We are camped in the Hideaway Campground near Grass Lake, and will be here through the 30th. We headed out Saturday morning and stopped at Noblesville to watch our oldest grandson, Jackson, play in a LaCrosse tournament, then traveled on up to Gas...

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Jun 28, 2010 - A day to relax

Stayed at camp today. Picked up and worked on my genealogy while Jay was out riding his bike. He found a nice park that we will visit tomorrow so he can fish before we head out to explore the Jackson area. We went into the pool for awhile this afternoon, it was refreshing. We are going to try the air mattress tonight. Sure hope it works. Speaking of working Jay switched out our DirecTV box from home with a new standard box that we bought and it works terrific - we get all the stations without messing around.

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Jun 27, 2010 - Rain in Grass Lake

We woke to rain drops on the roof today. It will be one of those days where it rains the sun comes out and then it rains again. Weather is supposed to clear as the front moves south and the Canadian cool dry air moves in. 70s for the high this week... should be lovely with the humidity gone. We are heading to Camping World in a bit to pick up some tye-downs for the awning that are on sale through today. It is about 30 min east of the campground. The week-enders are packing up and getting out of here, should be a quiet week. Tuesday we are...

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Jun 26, 2010 - Great Lakes Wine Fest

What a great day! We attended the inaugural event. As you know I am not a big fan. But, I do enjoy the tasting. We bought our ticket yesterday so we saved $10 each. It was $25 to get in yesterday and $35 today. We received 10 tokens to purchase our wine tastes and a wine glass. We went to sign up for the seminars a little late so we could only attend the 4:30 seminar - the last of the day. In the mean time we visited all the tents and discovered wineries that we never knew existed. We are staying in the middle of the Pioneer Wine trail....

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Jun 25, 2010 - Grass Lake, MI

We drove from Lafayette to Grass Lake today. Instead of looking at the map like we would normally do , I put our location in to our Tom-Tom GPS and we started following "Tomasina's" voice. We drove North on I-65 heading for I-94. We enjoyed the view of all the windmills along the way. Indiana has quite a few along I-65. When we were about 15 miles from I-94 we started seeing the "expect long delays" and then realized we were NOT on I-69. We made a turn east at the next exit and worked our way over and up to I80/90 toll road. I looked at the...

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