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Jun 24, 2012 - Robbinston, ME

Hi All, Landed here in a place called Robbinston, ME, the reason we selected here is it is close to the Canadian border. We elected to not take the MH into Canada. We drove around here and the next day we drove to New Brunswick, Canada. The weather really sucked and it rained like hell, so needless to say no pictures were taken, On the way back to the US we found a pub in Canada and had some conversation with the bartender hoping for the rain to stop some but no such luck. From what we have been told this is not normal weather for this time...

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Jun 17, 2011 - Robbinston, Maine

Went touring today to the St Croix Isand. It is the site where the French landed a settlement in 1604. So it was the second settlement in the new world (after St Augustine, Fl). It was a pretty small island. The French did it there because it was easily defended. Trouble started in the winter when the water froze and they could get to the mainland. The tides make the ice break into pieces that can even tip. Of the 70, 35 died in the winter, probably of scurvy. They did not know about lemons in fruit in those days.

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Jun 16, 2011 - Robbinston, Maine

We had our longest drive the day before yesterday, 110 miles. Yesterday we went touring. We drove to Lubec and Campobello Island (which is in Canada). Lubec is the easterly most town in the US. Later that day we drove to Eastport, which is the easterly most city in the US (see the difference?). We saw antique cars everywhere. It turned out they are in a group taking a two week tour of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. We drove over to Campobello Island to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. It was the summer home that FDR's father...

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Sep 1, 2009 - Exploring New Brunswick, Canada

Since Nancy and Lee had a long day of driving yesterday, we decided to take it easy today (Tuesday). So we took off around 10:30 and headed to St. Andrews, since they hadn’t seen this area yet. We had a nice, easy day visiting the shops, stopping for lunch in the village and visiting the aquarium. When looking at the map, St. Andrews is almost directly across from Robbinston, Maine where we’re staying. Unfortunately, it requires a drive north to Calais, then a border crossing and then a drive south, as there’s no direct path across the St....

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Aug 31, 2009 - Campobello Island

We started out mid-morning with Duke joining our adventure to Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada. We drove south to the town of Lubec to take the bridge to the island. Lubec’s claim to fame is that it is the furthest east town in the U.S. However, on the way home, we drove by Eastport, which also claims the same. Going through the border crossing was once again very easy and they even let Duke in. He’s been to Canada before in 2006, so he’s quite the seasoned traveler, not even barking at the border crossing guard…. Thank...

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Aug 30, 2009 - We arrived in northern Maine

We left Bangor in the late morning and continued north to Robbinston, ME which is on the St. Croix River. Right across the river is the province of New Brunswick in Canada. In fact, we’re so close that our cell phones are roaming into Canada, so there won’t be any cell calls from here. After the 2 ½ hour drive mostly on Maine’s State Road 9 and then southeast on US 1, we arrived at our campground and settled in. Since it was only around 1:30, we decided to take a drive across the river into Canada. So we packed our passports and off we...

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Aug 7, 2008 - St. Croix Island, ME

I slept in late this morning, since I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I was keyed up from driving at night on unfamiliar roads, sore from kayaking in the wind, and excited about the boat ride to see the puffins the next morning. Once I got to Robbinston, I kept moving by setting up for the week, cooking supper, walking around the campground, and dealing with Verizon because the phone says I am roaming. If I didn’t call to explain that I wasn’t in Canada, I would have had to pay 69 cents a minute for every phone call, no matter if it...

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Jul 11, 2008 - That's Canada, eh!

A last stop before heading into Canada for the summer - Friday, July 11 A view of Canada from the top of the hill - Friday, July 11 From Campobello Island and the Maine town of Lubec it is nearly an hour to Robbinston where we have reservations at the Hilltop Campground for the next two days. We want to hang out and get organized for a day or two before heading into Canada for the rest of the summer. The campground is a funky family place with great views of the water and Canada, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. We checked in and...

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Sep 21, 2007 - Confusing Day

Friday, September 21, 2007. Robbinston, ME Confusing Day Friday was a day spent wondering what to do most of the day. When we arrived in Robbinston Thursday night, Tom confirmed we were on the Canadian towers for the air card. The service seemed OK, so we thought things would be alright. But, Friday morning Tom experienced all kinds of problems with the connection. He was very concerned about going further north into Canada if he couldn't get a reliable connection here. By mid-day, we'd decided to skip Canada and had let the folks at the...

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Sep 20, 2007 - Morning Deliveries Then On The Road

Thursday, September 20, 2007. Moody Beach Campground, Wells, ME Morning Deliveries Then On The Road Well,after staying up late (again), we all slept in this morning. Deb ran a couple errands earlier and brought lunch home. Before leaving, Deb made a phone call about the air bed we had ordered back when we were staying in Illini Park in Marseilles. They weren't able to deliver it to Indiana. They did deliver it to Ohio after we had asked them not to because we would be gone before it got there. We wanted them to deliver it to Maine but it...

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