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Sep 9, 2017 - Presque Isle, Maine

2017-09-09.Presque Isle, Maine We are finally back in the USA! I got so used to saying "Bonjour" and thinking of how to say things in French that it seems strange to be thinking in English again. Here in the northernmost county of Maine, Aroostook, all the signs are still in English and French with many business signs only in French. We are staying in Presque Isle, Maine, the county seat. It is a lovely town with beautiful old homes in the residential area of downtown. The surrounding countryside has a mix of nice farmhouses and not so nice...

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Aug 30, 2013 - Northeastern Maine

Day 176 -179 of The Big Trip On August 27, as I checked E-mail, there was one from Verizon, stating our statement was ready. So, I downloaded it and found that our Canadian roaming charges had actually been more $200.00 and they had refunded only $76.86. As soon as we got to a better phone signal, that entailed a lengthy phone call and all roaming charges were removed and he blocked all of our devices from getting any foreign cell signals. Good service. A normal mid-morning start had us leaving our campground about 10:00am. Soon after we...

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Aug 13, 2008 - Presque Isle

Life doesn’t get much better than this! I saw the Sun and most of the planets today, and then the Moon and stars tonight before the rains came down. What, you say? Back up and tell you how I saw planets during the day? Oh – that’s easy. I had read that there was a project by individuals, companies, and students in Aroostook County started in 2000 and completed in 2002. They made 3 dimensional replicas of the planets and placed them along Route 1 on a scale of 1 mile to 93 million miles! There are 40.1 miles from the Sun to Pluto and that’s...

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Aug 24, 2007 - In Presque Isle Maine

Mileage70429 We drove 10 miles. We moved the RV over to the WalMart(that is new too). We are going to go to the base and Limestone and Caribou. The base is gone. It is now a commerace center. Not really much life there. We took a ride and saw 2 moose. We stopped at a cafeteria and talked to several people. Bob went into an area that was set up for taking care of what was left of the base and the sub leasing to companies. The schools are gone. Our trailer is gone and the house is remoddled.They are still growing potatoes here. Potatoe barns...

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May 27, 2005 - Maine Lakes and Forestry Industry

Maine’s main industry is forestry and wood products. The lakes and mountains area of Maine is mainly wilderness with a huge industry of logging out the forests. Huge semi-trailers operate on numerous private roads transporting the wood. We explored the area’s many lakes and spotted a number of moose.

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