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Jul 26, 2018 - AT Hike Days 154 - 162. Rangley ME to Monson ME 105.9 miles

7/19. Stealth 1985.9 15.4 7/20. Stealth 1999.3 13.4 7/21. Stafford Notch 2013.1 13.8 7/22. East Carry Pond 2029.5 16.4 7/23. Caratunk ME Sterling Inn 2039.7 10.2 7/24. Stealth. 2054.3. 14.6 7/25. Lake Hebron (Shaw’s) 2073.1 18.8 7/26. Nero Shaw’s. 2076.4 3.3 We had a good time at the Hiker Hut in Rangeley - it was a random collection of small wood structures completely off the grid. It was too windy for the propane to stay lit to heat water for a shower when we arrived so the owner drove us to a rec center in town for showers and then...

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Sep 29, 2013 - No pain, no Maine

Well, we made it through The Whites and into southern Maine...what some people consider to be the most difficult part of the trail. We completed the longest and most exciting mile... Mahoosuc Notch...a long field of boulders as big as cars and caves with openings only big enough for us to crawl through. Everything felt slower. If we weren't climbing mountains, we were navigating mud, roots, and boulders. We run out of daylight earlier every day, and we were further slowed down when I got sick from drinking bad water. After hiking with it...

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Dec 3, 2005 - Visiting the Baimontes: Dover-Foxcroft

IT's time for another road trip, this time a closer destination, near Dover-Foxcroft. We are on our way to visit Heather Duffy and John Baimonte and their children Hillary and Matthew. They live outside of Dover-Foxcroft; we get lost on our way their driving down the country roads at night; thanks to a cell-phone we pull off and call for directions. We have never been to their home which they have been in for only 6 months; they tour us around their beautiful home and we get to see the remodeling John has been working on to make a room for...

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