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Jan 11, 2010 - Creole Nature Trail

From Whispering Meadows RV Park, in Westlake, Louisiana (at I-10, 3 miles from Lake Charles, 27 miles east of Texas). THE SETTING: A beautiful Sunday afternoon, full of bright sunshine that had been AWOL for what seemed like a couple of months, our second day after arriving here in SW Louisiana. THE OPTIONS: Option A – Do the laundry so that we have clean clothes, linens, etc, & enjoy the sunshine through Phae’s windows, or…… Option B – Postpone doing the laundry for a day, find some clothes tucked away somewhere & tolerate another day of...

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We're Wingin' It

May 16, 2005 - Lake Charles, LA

The trip so far is going well and the country side is changing. We saw our first oil well as well as miles of rice paddies or more like huge fields. Meeting a lot of nice people from all over the country. We followed some blue signs off of I-10 for a rest area and ended up on a long narrow and winding road with a Dead End sign. The locals played Banjos with green teeth and said something about squealing like a pig. I didn't know an RV could turn around in such a short distance. You never know.

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May 9, 2005 - Lake Charles, LA

We stayed at the YogiBear RV Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Finally, we had some trees. This was a nice park - places to walk (hiking trails) and also a couple of ponds. Kallie liked that - can't keep that dog away from water. Besides, it was hot and muggy - 90 degrees or more, and about that with the humidity. We thought we were so smart planning our trip not to be in Minnesota when this kind of weather hit. But no, we decided to travel in the deep south first... Air conditioning is a wonderful thing! Glad our little house (our RV) has...

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