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Feb 10, 2013 - Alexandria la

Sunday was a lazy day. Thunderstorms overnight and early morning but cleared a bit by 10 so we drove up to Alexandrea for another Mardi gras parade. By the time we got there we had caught up to the storm. Forget parade . We headed to local Walmart and as soon as we arrived the sky's opened. Thunder , lighting , and strong wind . Decided to spend the day relaxing . Had salmon &scalloped potatoes for supper and watched some tv. Rain continued all night.

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Sep 26, 2009 - What a glorious morning...

You have to understand...I AM NOT a morning person. bah humbug! :) I get up for work at 0330, 6 days a week... so on an unexpected day off, I fully expected to sleep til, oh, say... afternoon 0'clock. At the crack of dawn, however, my body had other plans...and boy am I glad. Sitting here at the campsite next to the lake is ...heaven! I have died today and gone to heaven. The ONLY thing that would make this better is if Lula were here with me! nuf said! :))

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Sep 26, 2009 - This will be the last entry in this relocation journal...but

This will be the last entry in the relocation journal...but: I am going to start a new journal for general RV living...as opposed to the trip from Tx to La. I hope you are enjoying keeping up with my adventures!! If you would like to know anything specifically, just let me know... See ya in the next journal...

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Sep 18, 2009 - Have arrived in Alex with...

Have arrived in Alex with...
...all wheels still on their respective axles, and the steering wheel still on the inside of the RV!!! ...all in all, it was a good trip. :)

It was a learning day(s), that's for sure. But the trip was great!!! Learned that not all trailer ramps are created equally...the stubbies that came with the trailer (~ 3ft) were magically calibrated to catch the only bolt sticking too far down on the transmission. :(

Then, there were the highways...this was a neat challenge. After driving a little...

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Mar 22, 2008 - Meandering Around Louisiana

Ever have one of those days when you just want to sit around and do nothing? We had one of those days yesterday… so that is exactly what we did…basically nothing. We simply stayed on an extra day at the Country Livin’ RV Park outside of Natchitoches, LA, and enjoyed the quiet and tranquility of the park. We took some relaxing walks, played a little Blongo Ball, read our books and I prepared yummy homemade meals. The only downside to the last couple of days is that I got sunburned and am now a bright red. (I made sure to buy sunscreen today...

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Dec 8, 2006 - Alexandria, Louisiana

Dec. 7/06 This morning we left for Alexandria, Louisiana with temperature at 17 C. When we stopped at the visitor centre we found out that Best Western Hotel has a few RV spots with power and water, so we went there as it is close to everything.. In the afternoon we went to do a downtown walking tour following a map. This was disappointing as most of the spots only had markers and the buildings had been replaced with modern businesses. There was a Java Café so we went in and talked to some students and found out that the next night a band...

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Nov 16, 2005 - Alexandria, Louisiana

Obviously New Orleans had been on our original plan of places to go. We had missed most of the news of the hurricane at the time because we were pretty much cut off from any media in a tent somewhere in Montana. It was days after it happened that we discovered how awful it had been. We really just cruised through Louisiana on a mission to get back to Atlanta now. Over the last few days the cold at night had really been getting to us and when we saw a weather forecast that said another week of sub zero temperatures at night we decided...

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Jul 22, 2005 - New Orleans to Alexandria

Didn't wanna go this far (due to the pain!) but the first town we stopped at all hotels were full - heart sank! Had to ride another hour to Alexandria where we then got lost in the ghetto (some very hostile looks) then couldn't find the exit for our hotel - we could see it, but couldn't get to it! Slightly dodgy Days Inn, got pizza and passed out - long day! No rush to come back here ever!

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Jun 26, 2005 - Alexandria

Were supposed to be stopping in Dallas but sdecided to push on towards new Orleans - we did stop for a couple of hours in Dallas tho, to look at the grassy knoll etc etc, lots of conspiracy theorists selling pamphlet type thigns, it was a good laugh. mad how much it all looks exactly the same as when he got shot tho, seriousl, identical to allteh pictures. it was pretty cool. anyway yeah, mostly driving all day!

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Mar 29, 2005 - Into Arkansas

The pictures are of last night's sunset. I realize that Little Rock is almost directly north. If I take state highways, I don't need to go to Shreveport, so that is what I do, especially since I've become very partial to the state roads. Today is no exception. The country side is lovely, and although standing water (swamps) are still seen, it is more rare. The forested areas turn into pine and the trees are big enough to use for lumber. I pass several logging trucks and see a Weyerhauser Plant. Herds of cattle are spotted. Both the...

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