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Aug 10, 2018 - Wichita, Kansas

We headed to our last stop in Kansas and it was only 45 minutes away. Normally we don’t plan our stops this close together, but we’ve never been to Witchita and wanted to see what it was like. We found a great RV park that’s all concrete with beautiful grass between the spaces, as well as a nice grassy area to walk Rocky. Definitely our kind of place. We headed out to lunch to Tanya’s and found a very trendy restaurant with great salads and great peach tea. Then because we had salad for lunch, we decided to head to Churn and Burn a very...

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Jun 10, 2018 - Hello Kansas, Goodbye Kansas

Kansas, you look a lot like Nebraska, with your miles and miles of farmland. As we left Nebraska, we were looking at cornfields as far as our eyes could see. Not much to say about Kansas. We had a little longer day of traveling leaving Nebraska, going to Kansas. Stopped in Wichita, Kansas and stayed at Air Capital RV Park. We only needed the 1 night so we never unhooked the 5th wheel from the truck. On an amusing note, Bob read all the reviews before booking the rv park. Most said it was a good rv park but a couple of the reviews said the...

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May 17, 2018 - May 17, 2018 – Fort Worth, Texas to Wichita, Kansas

May 17, 2018 – Fort Worth, Texas to Wichita, Kansas It was another long day today. I drove 380 miles, and it took 8.5 hours. The 1st 2 hours I was in Fort Worth traffic with LOTS of road construction. I made all of 40 miles in those 2 hours. Once I got clear of Fort Worth, the driving was easy as it was all interstate. There was traffic from just south of Oklahoma City to the Guthrie exit. After that there wasn’t much traffic. This morning when I tested the turn signals, the ones on the car weren’t working. I kept plugging and unplugging...

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Apr 12, 2018 - Fort Sill , OK to Wichita, KS

Because I needed to get clearance from the DOD to visit Fort Sill, I had to get to the Visitor's Center early and make application. It took about 25 minutes ( valid driver's license, SS#, and application required). The place was crawling with people because Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters and girlfriends were all needing permission to attend graduation ceremony today. There is a huge artillery installation and a Field Artillery Museum. Another museum concentrates on the hisory of the fort ( a very informative 20 minute movie is shown) . Also...

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Oct 20, 2017 - October 17-20, 2017 – Stillwater, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas

October 17-20, 2017 – Stillwater, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas I took my computer in on the 17th and picked it up on the 20th. Roger had cleaned it up and got all the old programs and junk off of it. On the 17th, I got the tubs of clothes inside the coach so that I can start work on getting things sorted out. I met Guyla for coffee in the afternoon, and she agreed to come over and help me sort and get rid of things on the 19th. On the 18th, I had lunch at Patsy’s house, and then we went to a presentation at the Stillwater Public Library on...

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Oct 1, 2016 - Wichita, KS and Memphis,TN

On our way to HW's (Harrison Wallace) birthday party in Atlanta we stopped in everyone's favorite city, Wichita, Kansas. What would a trip back east be without a stop in Wichita? Well, for one thing, quicker. There is an intriguing statue of the Keeper of the Plains and some educational and memorial structures with it on the river that dissects Wichita. The native American heritage and culture are profoundly evident in the area. Then it was on to Memphis, Tennessee where the trees are beautiful and the ladies are shady. We hung out on...

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May 1, 2016 - Glen Haven to Wichita, KS

5-1-16 Glen Haven, CO to Wichita, KS Still snowing and 28 degrees in Glen Haven when I hit the road at 7:07 AM. Traveled down HWY 43 which is still under repair from the flood several years ago. Saw a gaggle (gang, flock?) of wild turkeys crossing the road. If they weren’t wild, there has been a major jailbreak from some turkey farm somewhere. The weather is not great, snow, rain, and bad visibility that kept travel on I-25 slow. To add to these conditions, there was apparently an "Honor Flight" leaving Denver International AP this morning....

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Oct 26, 2015 - Visiting family in Kansas

I got to Wichita on Thursday to visit my sister and cousins. My sister Barbara has had a few things for me to help her with. Had a real good visit. On Saturday my cousin Linda and her husband Marty came up. We had a good visit and played some Mexican Train. On Sunday we went down to Greg and Shari's to visit. They were having an early Halloween Party. My cousin Pat and her husband was there. Three of their children were there. And their children were there and their children were there. Plus a few friends and Barbara and I. I would guess...

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Oct 24, 2015 - Tornado Alley

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”
Dorothy in Wizard of Oz Many years ago, on my first trip through Tornado Alley, it got really windy. We hid in the concrete restroom until the storm passed. The next day we heard that a tornado had touched down just west of us and then touched down again just east of us. Too close! On my last trip through Kansas (in 2004) the weather forecast warned of possible tornadoes. I asked at the office; they had no shelter and no suggestions! It was windy and we saw funnel clouds in the distance....

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Sep 26, 2015 - headed south

Saturday, September 26, 2015 We did our last flyer distribution of the season for Camping World. Last week we had another Good Sam campout up near Sheboygan. On Monday we went downtown Chicago to pick up some tools and machinery that our son Peter bought from an auction. I had forgot how bad the traffic could be going through the Chicago loop at rush hour. Then Monday afternoon we went to a funeral for my sister in law Beverly. She had suffered for about 7 years with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). It was a wonderful ceremony and we enjoyed...

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Sep 11, 2015 - Wichita, KS

Traveled from Andover to Wichita, all of about ten miles. Checked in to a great campground, set up, got the air-conditioner turned on then spent the rest of the day shopping, etc. Got home and the air was still up, and still doing well today. So we will leave in the morning for Abilene, KS to visit the Eisenhower Library and some early western museums. It's all good. Cheers,

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Aug 14, 2015 - Day 38

We are in the homeward stretch but we didn't want the vacation to end just yet, so instead of pressing forward the whole day we stopped in Wichita, Kan. We were pleased to find Wichita to be a very pleasant city. We are not big on museums, but decided to try the Museum of World Treasures in Old Town Wichita. It was such a wonderful museum we spent two hours roaming its three floors. We viewed dinosaurs and mummies, a chronology of American history and items of pop culture. It was a wonderful place. After a wonderful barbecue dinner we...

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