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Oct 2, 2017 - Laundry Day

Michael had today off, so we got to spend an extra day with him. Hooray! We went to his house to do laundry and just hang out. After breakfast at my place of course! And he actually showed up at a reasonable hour, with gifts for each of us. New shirts, KSU shirts of course. I don't dare wear mine anywhere near Oklahoma! He had already started his wash so I waited until he was finished to start mine. Nice machine, but it took forever to wash and dry each load. For a while we looked at some of his pictures. He really has some neat ones of the...

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Oct 1, 2017 - A Little Sightseeing

We all slept in again this morning and enjoyed a late breakfast. Then piled into the truck to go check out Mike's yard for a possible move, but it was a no go. Then we got back into the truck to drive around a bit to see what had changed since we had been there last. Michael suggested we take a walk on the Konza Prairie hiking trail, so we did, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Don't ever let anyone tell you how flat Kansas is; we hiked up some fairly steep hills! After a summer of riding around all day it was a pleasure to finally do some...

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Sep 30, 2017 - Finn's

Trixie let us sleep in and Michael didn't show up for breakfast until 10:00 o'clock so it was a lazy morning. Around noon we went to Mike's house to check it out for an RV spot. Unfortunately it was a no-go as it was too rough and uneven to make it feasible. Sou we elected to stay in our prime spot. This was the first time we saw Mike's new place. An old house, but really cute with lots of room and in MUCH better condition than the last one. Makes a mom feel so much better! Afterwards we went to Finn's, the bar that has been his second home...

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Sep 29, 2017 - On our way to Manhattan

Trixie decided it was time to feed the kitty fairly early this morning, so we got packed up and at the trailer repair place a little early. We had an appointment to check the trailer brake controller because Don did not feel like it was working well. And sure enough, we had to have it replaced. Obviously this made us both feel a little safer! Next stop was Lawrence, Kansas to get new tires on both the truck and the trailer. This was considerably more expensive than the brake controller, but nephew Chris helped us out with his discount. Now...

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Oct 11, 2015 - Michael

We left Calhan on October 1st. It was hard to leave, but we were ready to continue our trip. We had just gotten into Kansas good when we had a blowout of the right rear trailer tire. It damaged the skirting but nothing essential. Don fixed it on the side of the road; we bought a new tire at the next town, Colby. Then we were on our way again, with plans to spend the night in the Walmart in Hays. Neither of us was entirely comfortable with the parking there so ended up in a small and run down trailer park. We took the last available...

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Sep 11, 2015 - Kansas

2015-09-11. Kansas Miles and Miles and Miles of huge windmill farms and generally, vast, flat, featureless fields of sorghum, corn and pastureland populated by cattle – that is Kansas. Did I forget to mention the wind that, no matter in which direction you are traveling, always is a headwind? Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas are not much different in topography; dry and harsh. It is amazing that anyone can make a living here. This is the first time through Kansas that we have seen the fields of huge windmills dominating the skyline in...

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Aug 1, 2013 - K State

From Lincoln we headed South to Manhattan, Kansas. Shocked at the facilities at KSU. Amazing. They must be doing something right. Exterior is under construction, but the overall size and scope are amazing. Plus, we had great access to the field. I get the sense we could have camped out on it. Rowan got a chance to run around and even hit some tackling dummies. Tried to get into the adjacent basketball arena, but was denied by a man with keys. He wasn't as interested in our story as the guy in Lincoln. On our way to Rock Chalk land and...

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May 2, 2013 - Manhattan, KS

Not up until 8:00 probably because it was dark, cold and rainy. Really the only people in camp so shower access was no problem. Went to Amanda’s Bakery and Bistro for a breakfast sandwich and coffee. Was a cute little place with all sorts of interesting local knick knacks, cards etc. for sale beside comfortable tables and chairs. Spent the next 2.5 hours at the DDE Center. We first toured his home where he, his parents and 5 other brothers lived. Dwight’s mother, Ida, was the real motivator for all of the boys who went on to become very...

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Apr 17, 2013 - Wild Weather!

Impressions: Blooming redbud trees, blankets of purple ajuga covering the fields, sheets of rain being swiped away by the windshield wipers, lightening bolts over the lake that seem to be suspended in mid-strike, Dixie trying to find a place to hide from the storm, hoping that we are not in the path of a tornado, listening to the clatter of hail on the roof, midnight at 4:00 p.m., drinking what we hope will NOT be our last bloody mary…. Safe for now...

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Aug 26, 2012 - Manhattan, Kansas

It rained cats and dogs all night! It was touch and go whether the Randalls were going to have house guests again tonight, but the rain stopped around 10 am, and by 11:00 the bikes were dry. We said our goodbyes to everyone, and headed North, with all intentions of riding through Iowa. By the time we reached Clarinda it started to rain again, and dark clouds were hovering in the North. Soooo, we changed our minds and headed into Nebraska, and then on into Kansas. We rode some pretty awesome secondary highways, with farmland on both sides....

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Jun 19, 2011 - A Night In Manhattan - Manhattan, KS

We were quite pleased with ourselves because we pulled out of Estes Park at 6:20 a.m. Sunday morning. Our goal had been to leave at 6:30 and it's always great to begin a 1,418 mile journey by leaving on time!! We had a long travel day of 557 miles ahead of us and knew as the day wore on that we'd be glad of the early start. Our first stop was in Boulder where we were sitting at Whole Foods when it opened at 7:30. Well, actually our first stop was at McDonald's for Bill to get a couple of gut-busters (a.k.a sausage biscuits)with which I had...

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Mar 12, 2010 - Packed and Almost Ready!

We're almost ready to go! WOO HOO!!! The car is packed. We have four digital cameras, one video camera, one computer, two GameBoys and 7 games, four iPods, two portable DVD players and 14 movies, 3 cell phones, maps, trip itinerary, food, first aid kit, suitcases......*sigh*....YES, the kids all have good ol' fashioned BOOKS to read, too. (You didn't think I'd let them out of the house without those, did you?) DOUBLE CLICK on the photo to enlarge it!

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