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Apr 12, 2016 - Memories- Good and Bad

Good and Bad Memories-determine how we move forward in our life. Memories can be about events or of people that are still with us, or have passed on. Saturday afternoon Don and I were privileged to be at our son’s house to see our granddaughter get ready for her first prom. We met the very nice young man, and there were lots of pictures taken before he opened her door to the car and a very fun filled evening began for them. While we were there, we shared lots of stories with Kylie about some of our memorable proms and dates we had in high...

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Mar 23, 2016 - Traditions, Fried Chicken, and the Empty Tomb

Traditions weigh heavy in the Schweikarth household, as I’m sure you all have some of your own. Don and our son Derek were talking not too long ago about how when we were still living on Apraw Rd. back in the 70 and 80’s, every Sunday after church Don fixed old fashioned simple fried chicken. The side dishes were mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans. My parents often joined us for this weekly traditional fat-filled meal, that was oh, so delicious. That was the last time we fried chicken. In fact, very rarely do we fry anything, and if...

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Mar 18, 2016 - Our Flag Represents Our Country & other things!

Thoughts for today: I will not discuss politics on this site, but I can lift up our country! As I sit on my couch in our living room, I can see our American flag displayed at two locations in our neighborhood, one being in our yard. What dawned on me was how it portrayed the shape our country is in right now. The one flag is floundering in the wind on a not so strong pole, being held by only one cleat and the rope that raises and lowers it is also blowing in the wind. Our flag should represent our proud country, but this flag had one cleat...

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Mar 14, 2016 - I'm back!!!!!!

Well, Hello, hello, hello. I'm back on my journal site. I think Facebook took over my mind and somehow detoured me away from my journal site, and for that I apologize. I've had several people ask me when I was going to start back up, so here I am. As most of you know, I do have a lot of headaches, so this site may be sporadic, but I hope what you read will be worth your time. I hope to give you information, inspiration, some laughs, and travel sites perhaps some of you will want to venture to. Life is good for Don 74 and me, 70, but golden...

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Mar 12, 2014 - Another entry with my newest poem

A minister's wife here in town was called to her heavenly home very unexpectantly, and as I was coming from the showing, this poem came to me. Came right home and wrote it down. I want to share it with all of you. Too Soon? She got her car keys and her purse, Set out to run her errands, not too far. Smilin' about yesterday About her time with family while driving her car. As she started across the highway, Still remembering her family with a happy sigh, God stepped in, for it was her time And she didn't reach the other side. So,as she was...

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Mar 12, 2014 - An update to all of our friends and family

Hi to all, I haven't been on here for a while, and have had some requests from some very dear friends to just let everyone know what's going on in our lives. Yes, I have missed being in the warm sunshine, although where we usually go has had its share of cool weather. Don has missed it too, but has thoroughly enjoyed the snow, and was glad he had to be home to see and enjoy it. After the first snowfall, I was ready to say "mother nature, stop it". I guess you would say I really did get a bad case of winter blues, can't say cabin fever...

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Oct 29, 2013 - Visit with Bob Fischer N0BIX

Another one of those special visits along our Route 50 trek. We met up for a short visit with Bob N0BIX in his home town of O'Fallon. It was a rainy drizzly day so we invited him into our RV (which was road towable). Which means all the slides were in. Jean his wife had just gotten home and did not want to go out into the rain again. I don't blame her, so we missed her. See her in Orlando for the hamfest, hopefully. After our visit we continued on and stayed the night at a local Walmart. Mileage: 33,376.2 ending 33,683.2

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Oct 25, 2013 - Cleveland, Ohio

Update to My Trip Journal followers: We got to experience our first snow here in Cleveland. The plane trip here was uneventful if you call packed into a long tube like sardines a comfortable plane trip. Wow, on the second leg from Detroit Don got a charlie horse in his leg Tests were all day, then we were joined by Don's brother Bob and his wife Becky and we ate at a bar called Panninies on restaurant row. Good food with lots of loud music. As we were walking in we noticed the beautiful picture of the mums covered with snow outside the...

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Oct 21, 2013 - Fall in Washington, IN. at home

We have had a very busy time at home this fall, attending grandchildren's sports events, Don making repairs on the camper and small repairs on our house, yard care, and getting ready for a trip to Cleveland Clinic for Don to have an ablation on his heart to hopefully correct his A-Fib. Please keep him in your prayers. The actual procedure will be Oct. 25. Don's brother, Bob, and his wife Becky have graciously volunteered to come up and be with me while he has his procedure. Lots of upcoming events--continuing a Wed. night bible study class...

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May 20, 2011 - Catching up with the Schweikarths in Southern Indiana

Hello to everyone and hope you are having a great Spring! I know it has been wet and a lot of nasty weather has moved all around us, but there is always a brighter day tomorrow. Both of our kids neighborhoods in Celestine and Evansville were hit with tornadoes, but both were spared with very little damage. Derek's neighborhood had houses destroyed. Since we have been home, we have been doing repairs around our house, going to doctors for physical body maintenance, and catching up with church, friends, and our family. Easter was great with...

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Sep 2, 2008 - Home in Washington, IN

I think God moves in many different ways. Around 7:30 Tuesday morning, our cell phone rang and it was our son Derek calling to just check in. We were still in bed very soundly asleep. While Don was talking to him, we both noticed a strong electrial hot wire smell. After he hung up, we checked all possible sources and decided it might have been a low voltage problem. We were on 30 amp service running both air conditioners and were also heating our water with electricity which we had forgot to turn off. After turning everything off, the smell...

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Mar 23, 2008 - Back Home in Washington, IN

Tomorrow, March 24, we head to Washington after spending one week in the Vanderburgh 4-H Center campground about 1 mile from our daughter's house. It has been good to have a great visit with our daughter, her husband, and our grandsons. We went home for one overnight on Wednesday to do some tax and legal business, and had another great visit with our son, his wife, and our grandaughters. Families are Great!!!!! We had several visits with Don's mom and had coffee with the Heegers, a couple we met last year in Florida that lives here in...

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