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Jul 22, 2015 - Peru (...Indiana)

We spent last night in the driveway of a friend Emily made at the basket convention. They live on a 200 acre farm and employ 16 people. The wife is a master basket maker, jewelry designer and owns a gallery in their town where she also teaches cooking classes. She designed and works out of a 48' x 48' foot studio. She has done a cooking show on PBS and has written two books. They kind of overwhelmed us but were lovely people and parked a trailer with a port-a-potty on it next to our camper. We all had a good laugh over that.

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Takin the Slow Road

Jun 16, 2011 - Can't load pics yet....

Pictures will have to wait for a better connection!! .... And so onward on the journey.... we had originally toyed with the idea of being in Minnesota for Father’s Day but since we were at aluminum capitol of the US, we decided to have everything fixed on our little soup can!!! It looks SO much better with the new “mouse fur” on the living room walls!!! It had been stained dark from the time we got it and was worse by now. You really can’t clean it with normal wall/carpet/general cleaners... I know I tried them all!!! And of course, in the...

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Aug 15, 2010 - Down The Road In Indiana

We drove down from Elkhart to Peru on state road 31 which is a nice road to be able to see the people go down the road, on horse,in a vehicle or walking. Norma enjoys taken picture of just about anything that is in the picture lens while ridding down the road of life. We stopped for a few days of camping at Miami S.R.A. on the lake Mississinewa. There was a few caches in the park and of course we had to drive around town to visit all the out of way places. We have added geocaching as part of the vacation, we had gone camping to all the...

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Aug 8, 2010 - Down By The River

We left Elkhart,Indiana and headed on down to Peru,Indiana, to stay on the lake Mississinewa at the Miami State Rec Area, which is one of the three places to camp on the lake. We like to arrive some time early in the day, to set up camp and look around the lake, maybe swim if it is a hot day or walk the trail if the day is cool. Then the next few days would be going around the town area ,looking for odd,old things in the city and the caches in the area. We would not have know about the seven pillars down by the river or a lot of the other...

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Jun 16, 2008 - Day 8: West Burlington, IA to Peru, IN

On Day 8, we left Iowa, got completely across Illinois and ended the day in Peru, Indiana. Once again, high water was very evident at the river crossings. We still had very good weather - almost cloudless sky. Watching the local news tonight, we're seeing that the Mississippi at Burlington, IA (where we were last night) is 10 feet above flood level and still rising! We were lucky to have stayed on higher ground. Like Nebraska and Iowa, Illinois has very nice rest areas, usually with some historical interest noted. We stopped at the Mackinaw...

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