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Jul 4, 2017 - Exploring Indy on the cheap

Indianapolis has so many fantastic museums that we did not have a chance to see them all. For example, apparently the Children's Museum is the biggest of its kind in the country and, no longer able to BYOC (Bring Your Own Children, the title of my book about our sabbatical in South America), we never did make it there. Instead, I googled "free" admission and figured out when some of the museums waived their entrance fees, which prompted us to check out the museum on those particular days. Three big museums nearby offered free or discounted...

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Jun 14, 2017 - On the road again!

We are on the road again! We left Delaware on Monday, June 12 and stopped in York, Pa to tour the Harley-Davidson assembly plant where they assemble trikes and then on to Gettysburg and took a bus tour of the battlefield. The tour guide was very knowledgeable so we learned a lot about the Battle of Gettysburg. We spent the night in Gettysburg and then headed to Dayton, Ohio. On the way, we passed through Columbus, Ohio where we lived when Angie was born. We went by the old house. It had not changed a lot in 40 years, but the whole area had...

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Jun 1, 2017 - Welcome to Indy!

What a welcome to Indy! We kicked off our time in the capital of Indiana with the Pride parade and festival, followed by a diversity celebration in Monument Square, right down the street from our new apartment! Given our trepidation about moving to a conservative state, we were delighted by the outpouring of love for the gay community by politicians (including Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett and Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly), local churches, and a very wide range of organizations. For over two hours we had parade-side seats at 45 Degrees, which...

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May 31, 2017 - Dubious Start

We started our adventure on Wednesday. Lots of work on the RV, Car and selling the house delayed us. It was 4 degrees as we started down the road. 24 miles down 70 we are stopped by a nasty wreck. We sat for a few hours. We turned off the RV. Guess what, that also turns off the heat. Did I mention it was 4 degrees outside? So blankets came out as well as knitting for Emily. Dale worked on the new GPS system. The nice thing about traveling in your home is you have a bathroom. The CB got turned on so we could keep up with what was going on...

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May 30, 2017 - Indianapolis IN

We got out of bed just a bit earlier than usual Sunday morning...at 4:30 to be exact and were on our way to the track by 5:15. Based on what we had read and been told, getting there early preserves your sanity and actually gives you the opportunity to be parked and inside with over 300,000+ of your newest, bestest friends before the race is over, so early was the obvious choice. We pulled into the muddy but navigable parking lot at about 5:35 and headed off on our 30ish minute hike to the gate. We walked past throngs of cars waiting in line...

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May 29, 2017 - Indianapolis IN

Thursday was errands in the morning followed by a little lunch, a tour of the state capitol, an elevator ride to the top of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in the center of downtown, some uneventful wandering and a ride home. The capitol tour was only about 30 minutes so we didn’t get to see too much, but since the governor was publicly signing bills in ceremonies on the first floor and there was also a small high school graduation going on it was a busy – and noisy – place. The tour was not quite as impressive as some of the others but...

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Sep 25, 2015 - What to do while our rig is painted?

7 Weeks Without our Rig! We delivered our home to Pro-Custom, Inc. in Elkhart – one of the best RV paint shops and interior renovation companies around. We left Elkhart, feeling like our home was left in good hands, and drove to Indianapolis to find some family who would put up with us……err we mean put us up…..for a few weeks. Just like any renovation, the timeline for completion was extended, and we soon realized we were looking at 7 weeks living outside of our home – YIKES, what have we done? But we decided to settle in, and take...

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Sep 17, 2015 - Detroit to Indianapolis

It's been five months since I made my last entry in this journal. During that time I visited friends and family in Detroit, Chicago, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. I took an overnight trip to Toledo and discovered the many interesting places there -even got to eat at Tony Packo's ( made uber famous by Jamie Farr in MASH TV show.) Did the IMAX thing, and had three separate visits from RV friends which translated into 3 more trips to the Motown Museum, 3 lunches at the Firebird, 3 visits to Belle Isle, 3 tours of the GM building and 3...

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Aug 9, 2015 - Leaving Indianapolis

Pete left for Hong Kong today, via Toronto, on a 6 AM flight. When we arrived at the Indianapolis airport at 4 AM, we were very surprised to find it super crowded. On closer inspection, we discovered that, since most of the people were young musicians who had been in Indianapolis competing in the Drum Corps International competition, we had lots in common with them, including the fact that many of them were travelling with musical instruments. Also, as we waited for Pete to complete his check in process, we ran into several Tech band...

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Aug 2, 2015 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Pete arrived back in Indianapolis late this evening. The Royal Caribbean Compassionate Leave policy allows for up to two weeks away from the ship but, in order to accommodate the strict policies about American sailors in Asia, he will be returning in about 10 days.

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Jul 17, 2015 - July 16 - Second Stop - Indianapolis, IN

Arrived at Indy Lake RV Park at 2:30pm. Nothing special about the park except that they have a lake for campers and the public to fish. They keep it well stocked and their office is filled with fishing gear for sale. We are here to visit my daughter, Lauren. Had dinner with her and her husband, Steve at their house. Sookie Had a great time playing with her part Yorkie dog. Kay spent an hour on the phone with Direct TV to try to get the wiring correctly hooked up to the satellite receiver box so the living room TV works with the new...

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Jul 16, 2015 - Leaving Indianapolis

After a couple of months running around Indianapolis, Peter flew out of Indy today, stopping in Chicago, heading to Hong Kong. He spent the last few days picking up items he needed for the contract, including new dress shoes and tux shirts to replace the ones that were so worn out after the last contract that he just threw them away, rather than take up room in his suitcase to bring them home. Although he was not quite ready to leave Indianapolis, he was ready to get started on the new contract which will last until February.

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