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Jul 7, 2014 - Jellystone RV park

Great Park, close to the kids, scraped our plans for Paynetown State Park. Glad we did. Thought the kids in the park would be an issue but we have been pleasently surprised. Its been pretty quite. Full hookup site, nice to have Sat. Celebrated Tuckers 8th birthday here............ Tavelled just 50 miles from Vallonia.

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Aug 28, 2013 - Paynetown CG, Lake Monroe

We arrived here mid day. Temps hoving around 100* We only have a 30 amp site and we are right on the border of goodness. Heat will contiune for the next 4 days then we'll get a break. Saw the grandkids and Mother in law. Gonna see Bobbi and her new boy friend today. Met Roger from Washington In. Don and Steve from Mooresville, and Bob Smith who's brother retired from Allison, his name was Carl............. We have Traveled 1888 miles for far...........

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Jul 2, 2011 - First 2 days

First stop- summersville west Virginia. Saw the new river gorge bridge. That thing is massive. Not a whole lot of teeth in that town though. Went to walmart and got a little nervous. Day two- headed on our way to Bloomington Indiana and on the way passed Louisville Kentucky. Had been there before but decided to stop and take a gander at Churchill downs again. I think that place it really cool but nothing was happening years ago when I was there. This time there happens to be a race going on and they called it red white and blues weekend....

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Jun 8, 2011 - Getting Ready

Friends- Jonathon and I are in the final throes of preparing for our trip. This marks Jonathon's first significant journey since his health issues began two years ago. We considered dozens of destinations before settling on Italy. Neither of us has ever been on a cruise before, but this option seemed an ideal way to visit many locations with a minimum of hassles. Benjamin will be driving us to the airport fairly early tomorrow morning to catch our flight to Barcelona. We will spend a brief two nights there before our cruise begins. The...

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Apr 25, 2011 - Camping at Lake Monroe

We've found a nice campsite at a Corp of Army Engineer camp ground, just 15 minutes from where Jim's mom lives. We'll be here till Thursday. Mom lives in an apt for seniors and there is sure no place for 5 dogs! We can leave them in the camper for a couple of hours while we visit mom. It has rained every day since we left MO! I wish the sun would come out so we could bring mom out here for some fresh air! It is so peaceful here! There are only 3 other campers here. Roxie wiggled out of her collar when we first got here and she chased geese...

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Jul 16, 2010 - Home

After a relatively short 300 mile drive we pulled into our driveway and there stood Frank and Churchill with open arms and open paws. I burst into tears at the sight of them. So many miles and so many days on the road, our arrival was most definitely emotional. We had talked daily (actually multiple times every day) but seeing them in person was so very different and so very welcome. So many hugs and kisses all around! The only disappointment was not seeing Jonathon - he was sound asleep so our welcome home wasn't complete for a couple more...

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Jun 22, 2010 - Bloomington, Indiana

6-24-10 What a great time in Bloomington, Indiana with the trip here being interesting. The latest wild life sighting comes in several colors. The warm weather has brought out the butterflies, and we saw many colors floating across the freeway. Brown ones, blue ones, and yellow ones would suddenly appear, then in the blink of an eye they would explode on the windshield in brilliant oranges, greens, and reds! And as the sun sets this evening, we look out the windshield dreading the job of scrubbing their remains from the glass. With the...

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May 21, 2010 - Getting Ready

Reservations are made(mostly). A new tent purchased. Comfy sleeping pads just waiting for use. The van serviced and ready for driving. And just five days of school left for Abigail. I think we are nearly ready for our summer's adventure. Now it is time to begin packing and preparing our final details. Departure date: June 1. Please let the weather cooperate. When I checked yesterday there was snow in Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Mount Rainier and the Olympic National Park, all on our destination list for June. We are thinking of...

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Nov 1, 2009 - Make a Joyful Noise!

Sunday, November, 1st-We have been home for about 2 weeks, but I just had to share today with everyone. We drove to Bloomington, IN to Fairview United Methodist Church to hear one of our favorite ministers, Rev. Curtis Hurley, preach. It was wonderful! Their choir was really great led by their director who also played the piano like she was born with it in her hands. This was the last day for their organist, a young man who displayed an abundance of talent. Rev. Hurley's message, which was very inspiring, honored those members who had...

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Jul 10, 2009 - Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, IN is an interesting town. It’s about 67 miles south of Indianapolis and VERY much a college town with the University of Indiana having a strong presence in the community. We decided to spend a relatively quiet first day here since we had such a long drive to get here. We slept in and with the time change to the Eastern time zone, it was even later than we thought. We’ve been into town a few times and the town square is very quaint with flowers in planters all over the town. The university is right downtown and even though it’s...

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Oct 10, 2007 - Bloomington, Indiana

Morrie, you have outdone yourself again! Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing visit. Jill had not been to Indiana before and Kentuckians don't get to Hoosierland very often, but if you're not careful, we'll be back for more before you know it! Hope to see you in California next year and thanks again for being such a wonderful host! JyT

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Oct 10, 2006 - Stopped to visit Karen's brother and family.

Well, this is our first official campground stop. Spent the night before in Home Depot parking lot in Beechgrove, IN. (nerveracking!) Anyway, Wagon Wheel camp ground was nice, and about 25 miles to Bloomington. Enjoyed spending time with my brother Roger, wife, Carol, and my super smart nephew and niece, Ben & Annie. Enjoyed canoeing again - didn't get wet either. Pulled up stakes and headed out to Illinois.

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