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Jul 16, 2016 - River Road to Quincy, IL

We made a reservation for an RV Resort in Missouri from one of our memberships, so we are heading that direction. We need to stop overnight to cut out trip in half. We decided on Quincy, ILL at the Elks Lodge even though it will be boondocking with no utilities. Before we left the Corp of Engineers campground we saw a Tug pushing it’s barges up river. From what we have read, this barge is covered so has dry cargo. These barges carry solid cargo such as dry cement, fertilizer and farm products that need protection from the weather. We were...

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Aug 6, 2011 - End of the Adventure (for now)

Today was the final day of the Alaskan journey. We toured the U.S. Grant home in Galena, Illinois, after walking up a steep hill to it. The house is filled with original furnishings and decorations. Why, grant even had a favorite chair, like mine back home. The tour guides were informative with plenty of anecdotes about the family. The walk up the hill did in the old-woman so we drove the RV thru the old downtown and looked at the sites from it. There was no place to park it downtown. We left Galena heading south on the Great-River-Road...

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Jun 19, 2011 - Leaving Farm

The kids left this morning around 09:00 and Val and I finished cleaning the RV and packing to leave the farm for Quincy about 17:00. All the rain we had the last 2 weeks had made the ground real soft and I stuck the RV when turning at the side of the old farm house. Luckily Steve (the guy I bought the farm from) and his Dad were there fishing and got the tractor out and helped pull me out. I am letting him fish and use the place all summer, for cutting the grass. Old Brown looked lonely under the cottonwood tree when we left.

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Jun 6, 2010 - The big day -- We are on our way! But not without a restart or two.

This is the big day; we are off to Alaska again today. We are up at 6:30 and ready to take the last items to the motor home. Fresh foods, personal items and our traveling funds are the last things to go in. Next, we will have to take care of all the tasks on the list to get the house shut down. By 7:30 most everything is out to the coach and as we go through the list of home tasks, we try to remember the things we may have forgotten to pack. By 8:30 we are ready to close the doors and lock the house down. We know we will remember some item...

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Jun 5, 2010 - We Are Off Again To Alaska

Even though our 2009 trip to Alaska was a bit less than totally successful in accomplishing all our goals due to weather conditions and Arlyce's back problems, we thoroughly enjoyed every mile and moment of the trip. So much so that we have decided to repeat the journey in 2010. A few corrections to the plans from 2009 and we will plan to be on our way the first week of June. The big changes will be to drop the Top of the World Highway from the route and to route the return leg down the Cassier Highway in Western BC. Friends and family who...

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May 25, 2009 - We're On Our Way At Last!

Up and at 'em for the first day at 7 AM. No need for the early start since we only need 3 hours on the road to get to the Quad Cities. The sky is dark and just before we are ready to take the final items out to the motorhome, it starts to rain. It shows no sign of letting up and weatherunderground shows lots of rain to our West so we will have to get wet. By 10 AM the last few things get loaded, the garbage set out for Tuesday pickup, and the motorhome disconnected from shore power. We have a light breakfast from peanut butter what bread...

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May 24, 2009 - Tomorrow we are underway!

Well we are down to the wire. Tomorrow is the big day and the start of our Alaska adventure. As you might expect we have a million last minute things to do and dozens of last minute items to locate. One of which is the charger for the Ryobi hand drill. Could not find it anywhere and it was last used just a couple of weeks ago. We spent two hours searching for it with no luck. The gremlins are at it again! The drill is dead and so we cannot finish the sign for the sign forest at Watson Lake. We'll have to finish it at our first stop. With...

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May 17, 2009 - We are nearly ready with a week to go. Will it all fit in there?

With a week to go, much has been accomplished but we have much left to do. Most of the food is packed except for the perishables, wine, the canned Pookie food and some additional canned veggies. Perishables will wait until we are ready to leave Albert Lea. Passports and Pookies rabies vaccination records are in. The new telephoto lens for the A700 arrived as did the new GPS recording tracker. Left to buy are things we could not find in small quantities on our most recent visit to Sam's Club. We did find canned Pepsi on sale at Walgreen's...

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